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Monday, July 26th, 2010

    James Scott & fan. Julie Kilpatrick/

    The shirts come off at the Days Of Our Lives Charity Event!

    Saturday July 24, 2010, six of your favorite stars from the hit daytime soap, Days of Our Lives, took time from their busy weekend, packed their bags and flew all the way across the country to attend the annual Taylors Youth Association Charity Event Days Into Night, located in Greenville, South Carolina. On hand from the show were Eric Martsolf (Brady), Galen Gering (Rafe), James Scott (EJ), Mark Hapka (Nathan), Shawn Christian (Daniel) and finally, the lone lady in attendance, Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe). All the fans were ecstatic from the get go, with the five male celebrities on the stage answering the fan questions from the crowd's shouts. The fans wanted to know everything from how the stars prepare for their scenes to the kind of car(s) they drive. More screams and shouts erupted from the crowd as the announcer proclaimed that Nadia, who had been delayed at the airport, was ready to join them on stage. All the hunks stood up in their charity event jerseys as Nadia came running up in a blue summer dress, while holding her jersey over her chest.

    Galen Gering Julie Kilpatrick/

    Nadia explained briefly to the crowd about how difficult it is for her sometimes when she travels. Unfortunately, because she is half Middle Eastern, she is required to go through additional searches and screenings, nine out of ten times that she travels. Nadia kept her spirits high though and picked up immediately on the event and proclaimed to the crowd, as she pointed to the boys from her show, all huddled around her on the stage, "I’ve had a dream about this before!" The entire room erupted with laughter over that one. I could have sworn I saw a few ladies and two men start fanning themselves at that moment! You know, daytime is famous for having a good looking casts of characters, and NBC is even more famous for the men in daytime to be running around with their shirts on! I guess I should have expected the same demand from the fans at this event.

    Nadia Bjorlin Julie Kilpatrick/

    As we rounded out the final chapter of the question and answer segment, the stars had a few things to auction off to the highest bidder. First up were the Jerseys that they each were wearing on stage, with their names printed on the back. The bidding got hot and heavy there for awhile. Galen ended up tucking his shirt in his pants to attract higher bids, and boy did the crowed ever go wild over that! The average bid was around $700 until Nadia’s turn came up to auction hers off. Personally, I expected it to bring in the least amount simply because of the large amount of ladies in the audience, when compared to men. It finally came to a head with Nadia’s Jersey, as two men battled it out, and the final selling price ended up being $900 for hers alone! There was a brief amount of personal drama when the lady from the front row looked backed and realized that her husband was one of them men involved in the bidding of this shirt that Nadia had been rubbing all over her chest to compete with Galen and his tucking. She couldn’t stay mad for too long though, because she had to focus on her bidding that was ready to start with Eric Martsolf and his shirt. I don’t know about you, but I think that argument will probably just be drooped, at least until the credit card statement comes in!

    Mark Hapka was up next and couldn’t risk the chance of letting Nadia's shirt go for more than his. Mark worked the crowd and added things to go along with his, such as his Twitter photos and love letters. His shirt wound up selling for $1000.50. The stars then auctioned off their name labeled director style chairs that they were sitting in up on stage, with the same competitive tone. The chairs overall brought in a little less money than the jerseys, but it was still a lot of good money raised for charity!

    After all of the bidding was done the stars were delivering the goods to the winners and interacting with the crowd. James Scott (EJ) had been wearing a ball cap this entire time, but when he went to take off his shirt, he had to remove the cap. What do you know! James had a completely shaved head underneath that cap. He wouldn’t say much about it, just a quick joke, "You know, it may have something to do with an upcoming storyline, or it may not!" As fans may be aware, generally, actors are not always permitted to change their look without consulting with the show for story continuity. I’d be willing to bet that there is some storyline coming up that corresponds with this hair cut. What could it be? Any thoughts or suggestions? What would you do if you were the writers? Leave your comments below. I do have one theory that I would love to have play out! I will leave that in the comments for you. Please keep in mind that it is 100% speculation.

    There are more quotes to come and more photos!

    - Shannon Burrell

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