2010 Daytime Emmy Awards Red Carpet Interviews.

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

    Tonya Lee Williams (Joel Amos/Soaps.com)

    Daytime stars dish on Emmy night!

    Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia Barber)Y&R

    I love the awards being in Vegas! Look at all the fans. It gives them chance to see their favorites and to lose a lot of money!

    Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis) DOOL

    Soaps.com: Welcome back to Days of Our Lives. A kind of unexpected return, how long can we expect to see Adrienne around for this time?

    Judi: I have no idea. They haven’t told me and I’m not asking! As long as they’ll have me, I’ll be happy to play the role!

    Soaps.com: What is the atmosphere like on DOOL, being that it’s the only soap on NBC?

    Judi: It’s such a hard working group of people. We do seven shows in five days. We come in and do our best and hopefully the fans are liking it!

    Greg Rickaart (Kevin Fischer) Y&R

    Soaps.com: How do you like the Emmys being held in Vegas this year?

    Greg: Vegas is a great place to celebrate the work that we’ve done all year. It’s been a fun weekend, and we came to party!

    Judith Chapman (Gloria Fisher Bardwell) Y&R

    Soaps.com: How do you feel about the Emmys being held in Vegas this year?

    Judith: Vegas is a lot of fun, but I’m a person that goes to bed at 10 o’clock. It’s very hard for me to stay up late; I just did a double espresso to help me through tonight! I wake up early (naturally), but I managed to sleep in until 8 am this morning. You know, Y&R is the number one soap and I believe it is our turn to take that little puppy home. It’s Y&R’s year!

    Judi Evans (Joel Amos/Soaps.com)

    John Hensley (Holden Snyder) ATWT

    Soaps.com: What memories are you going to have of your time at ATWT?

    Holden: We had a rehearsal here for the show, and it was hard to watch the tribute montage. Knowing that it’s over is tough! I mean, what do you do? You just have to let it go, move on and look for new opportunities. It was wonderful working on ATWT, but it’s even more personal to me because that’s where I met my wife (Kelley Menighan Hensley, Emily Stewart) and started my family. As sad as it is, all good things do end! I look forward to whatever is next and the fact that ATWT has given me an incredible life (my 2 kids, my wife)…it’s been a great run!

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester) B&B

    Wearing: Versace Couture

    Soaps.com: What is it like with the Emmys being in Vegas this year?

    Jacqueline: Oh my god, what is it not like? It is absolutely amazing being here! I mean, who doesn’t want to go to Vegas?

    Soaps.com: When did you all come in?

    Jacqueline: I came in yesterday (Saturday). I was actually in Toronto for another awards show, so it has been non-stop for me!

    Soaps.com: Any big parties last night or tonight?

    Jacqueline: Last night I kinda mingled around the hotel, but tonight we are actually having a CBS party with a DJ and all that good stuff. Tonight should be a lot of fun!

    Soaps.com: Thank you so much and best of luck tonight to you all at B&B!

    Judith Chapman (Joel Amos/Soaps.com)

    Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers Newman) Y&R

    Soaps.com: So have you won any money since you’ve been in Vegas?

    Michelle: Oh no! I have three rules. No gambling, no alcohol and no prostitutes!

    Soaps.com: Now that’s a sure fire way to stay out of trouble!

    Marnie Schulenburg (Alison Stewart) ATWT

    Soaps.com: Congratulations on your nomination tonight. Well deserved indeed!

    Marnie: Thank you so much!

    Soaps.com: Who are you wearing?

    Marnie: Kara Janx from Project Runway.

    Soaps.com: How do you like the Emmys being in Vegas?

    Marnie: I love it! It has a fun, dramatic feel to it. I like that a lot!

    Soaps.com: When did you get in?

    Marnie: I got in at like 9:00 AM Saturday. So, I got a really early flight so I could get here, go to the pool, relax and try to gamble (which I did poorly at)!

    Soaps.com: Did you win anything?

    Marnie: No! But, my boyfriend did win $40 at playing poker.

    Soaps.com: Well, maybe he’s your good luck charm and will ensure you bring home the big award tonight. Best of luck to you!

    Marnie: Thank you so much!

    Beth Chamberlin (Beth Raines) Guiding Light

    Soaps.com: What would it mean for you to win the Supporting Actress Emmy tonight and close out your time at Guiding Light?

    Beth: That would…(an emotional Beth pauses to hold back the tears)... That would be so very special for me. The show has been such a significant part of my life, and the thought that I could somehow be a small, but significant part of its life is overwhelming. The nomination is exciting for many reasons. Guiding Light is over and this is the last Emmy nominations for the work we did, and yet at the same time it’s my very first nomination.

    Soaps.com: It would be a perfect way to close out this chapter in your life. Best of luck to you tonight and on your future projects.

    Beth: Thank you so much!

    Dylan Patton (ex-Will Horton) DOOL

    Soaps.com: Congratulations on your nomination for your work on Days of Our Lives!

    Dylan: Thank you.

    Soaps.com: So tell me, are you looking for another soap role?

    Dylan: Another soap role, another anything really. A soap role would be good since that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s much easier to jump from soap to soap vs. soap to film or something like that.

    Soaps.com: Have you been hanging out with many of your former co-stars from DOOL since you’ve been in Vegas?

    Dylan: I’ve seen a few of them, but they are all over 21 years old….So, they are kinda MIA here in Vegas.

    Soaps.com: Imagine that! Best of luck to you tonight, Dylan!

    Leann Hunley (Anna Fredricks DiMera) DOOL

    Soaps.com: Please tell me that they are not going to kill Anna off!

    Leann: I don’t think so.

    Soaps.com: Oh good! That was one of the online rumors that I read a while back.

    Leann: Oh really? They haven’t told me anything about killing the character off.

    Soaps.com: Was this kind of a surprise come back for you? Like a call you didn’t expect at all?

    Leann: At the time, yeah. Very much so! But, I’m having a great time and they keep stretching it out and keeping the story going.

    Soaps.com: How do you like the Emmys being in Vegas?

    Leanne: I love it! I think it’s fun! For me, I just have to show up, get dressed, we’re all together and go out to a party.

    Soaps.com: Are they having a DOOL post-Emmy party?

    Leanne: Yes!

    Beth Chamberlain (Joel Amos/Soaps.com)

    Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) Y&R

    Soaps.com: How do you like the Emmys being in Vegas?

    Kate: I think it’s a terrific idea! I am a co-chair member of the Emmy committee and when they told us that they were going to do it in Vegas, I was like, WOW! - hoping that the fans would come. But, as you can see, I didn’t need to worry about that! It’s going to be a fabulous evening. We’ve got entertainers, we’ve got Las Vegas, celebrating Daytime; what could be better than that?

    Soaps.com: It is fabulous! This is my third year covering the show and I must agree that this is the largest, most excited fan crowd I’ve seen yet! There’s lots of energy going around and it looks like it’s going to be a wonderful evening for Daytime!

    John Driscoll (Chance) Y&R

    Soaps.com: How do you like the Emmys being in Vegas?

    John: I love it! Its always good to change things up. It’s like getting a new shirt. You always wanna put it on, try it out and see how it fits. The Emmys have always been in New York and LA, and I love both cities. I lived in NY for seven years, but having the Emmys in Vegas kinda shakes it up a little bit. Everyone has been here but they’ve never experienced the Emmys here.

    Soaps.com: Right. Let me ask you, John. How was the transition for you when you left Guiding Light and their modern production model and went to the The Young and The Restless and a more structured set model?

    John: Guiding Light was absolutely incredible because it trained me to work quickly, think fast on my feet and to always be able to adapt. I loved everyone that I worked with; everyone is super talented! They made it work and they had to, to keep the show running. When I got to Y&R, it was slowed down a little bit, we rehearsed and created the scenes. Still fabulous actors, but I was ready to take whatever changes they were ready to throw at me. And, if they needed to rush something, I could do it. I heard someone say that I was a bit of a trailblazer because I joined the cast, and then Marcy Rylan and Jeff Branson came on board. So, it’s great to kinda have that New York feel since I worked with both of them on GL.

    Lindsay Hartley (Arianna Hernandez) DOOL

    Soaps.com: How was the transition for you to Days Of Our Lives from their former sister soap Passions?

    Lindsay: I love DAYS! I was so fortunate to know a lot of the cast since we were both on NBC at one point. So, when I got the job, I was so grateful for that and the fact that I have known most of these people for about ten years.

    Soaps.com: What is it like being the only soap on the NBC network?

    Lindsay: I like it. I think it’s cool. It doesn’t really feel any different. I will tell you this though. It is really like a family there. They all get along, they all hang out and they all have fun. We are all there to make the show the very best that it can be everyday!

    Soaps.com: I am a huge fan of the show and am so thrilled to see that they’ve had an exciting ratings increase this year, which is a huge win in Daytime right now! Keep up the great work and thank you for all that you do to entertain us!

    Crystal Chappell (ex-Olivia Spencer) Guiding Light, (Dr. Carly Manning) DOOL

    Soaps.com: Crystal, it’s so good to see you again!

    Crystal: Nice to see you again too!

    Soaps.com: What would it mean for you to win the Lead Actress award tonight to finalize your history at Guiding Light?

    Crystal: Well, it would mean the world to me obviously, for a number of reasons. The most obvious being that it is Guiding Light and this is the very last time we are going to see Guiding Light at the Emmys. I grew very fond of that show; I didn’t know anything about it when I first got there. I learned to love all of the characters, the history, the fans, cast and crew. I miss them all everyday! Olivia was a character that I was afraid to play, because the minute Paul Rauch (Executive Producer) said "We’re gonna have Olivia sleep with Alan because she wants to make Josh a wealthy man," I was like "What?" So, we did the scenes, and I later went up to him and said, "You know, people are going to hate me!" He was like, "Really? I think it makes you more interesting!" I sorta kept that mentality. People are gonna like you, people are gonna hate you, but at least let them find you interesting!

    Lindsay Hartley & Shannon Burrell (Joel Amos/Soaps.com)

    Soaps.com: Well you certainly did that with Olivia. She was always “interesting! ” Thank you and best of luck to you tonight!

    Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton) DOOL

    Soaps.com: What do you think about the Emmys being held in Vegas this year?

    Mark: It’s great. The energy here is so awesome; it kicks it up a notch!

    Soaps.com: A few of you from DOOL are going to be coming to the area that I live in Greenville, SC, for an event soon. Is there anything you can tell us about that?

    Mark: Oh yes, that is coming up in a couple of weeks. Are you gonna be there?

    Soaps.com: Yes, I will be there covering the event this year for Soaps.com.

    Mark: Have you been to it before?

    Soaps.com: No, this is going to be my first time going to this event.

    Mark: Oh man! Let me tell you, last year was ridiculous! And, this year we’re looking to top it! They are doing a G-Vegas theme this year. So, we’re kinda taking this party to Greenville!

    Soaps.com: That sounds great for sure! Be sure and remember this face and I’ll see you in July on my home turf!

    Mark: Great, I will see you then!

    Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara Ryan) ATWT

    Soaps.com: I have to say that I am going to miss Barbara, terribly!

    Colleen: You’re not the only one. I’m just devastated!

    Soaps.com: I absolutely can’t imagine what it must feel like! I mean, Barbara is a part of you…you are Barbara. It must be truly gut wrenching! Tell me, what was it like the very last day on the set?

    Colleen: It was horrible! It was actually a very, very beautiful day, but it was so difficult for a lot of us who were there on the last day. As we were doing our scenes there on the set, literally things were being torn off of walls, doors were being taken down and props were being hauled away, because we were done forever once we finished that day. It was rough, very rough!

    Soaps.com: How do you think fans of As the World Turns are going to like the finale that has been put together?

    Colleen: I think that the fans are going to be very, very, very, VERY happy with the whole direction that everything is going in the next few months.

    Soaps.com: Best of luck to you, Colleen. Are you going to another soap … maybe?

    Colleen: No. I’m going back to theatre. I open July 16 in New York, on Broadway in a new show. We’ll send you all the details!

    Soaps.com: Oh yes, please do! I’ll have someone reach out so we can get some more information on the site for your fans to see!

    Louise Sorel (Vivian Alamain) and Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) DOOL

    Soaps.com: What is it like to be working together again?

    Peter: I wish I could work with her. I’m always bitch slapped or something! I always have to be the straight faced man that deals with her funny lines!

    Louise: We don’t get to work together that much now, but he is always such a sweetheart!

    ** Sorry ladies and gents! The announcer called all celebrities to their seats immediately, so the red carpet practically rolled up in 1 minute flat! **

    Feel free to check out video footage of interviews at 37th Annual Daytime Emmys on the red carpet.

    - Shannon Burrell

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