37th Annual Daytime Emmy Gossip!

Friday, July 9th, 2010


    Soapy Gossip!

    There is one thing that ties all of us Daytime Soap Opera fans together. It’s true, whether you spend an hour a day with the Newmans in Genoa City, your lunch break with the Hortons in Salem or you leave work early to join the Quartermaines in Port Charles. Soap fans love drama. We can’t get enough of it! We’ve spent countless hours, year after year, decade after decade (in some cases) following the characters and dramatic events that unfold before our very eyes on our "stories." Lying, cheating, stealing, lusting, back stabbing, crying, loving, greed, money, power, family, friends, enemies…it’s all there and we can’t get enough of it! But what kind of drama goes on with our extended friends/family members from our “stories” once they have gone off for the day? Let’s look at a few real life dramatic instances and see how it stacks up to that we’re used to.

    Oh, the Daytime Emmy Awards are great, aren’t they? The winners are always so grateful and thankful to everyone they’ve ever known it seems. And the nominees - don’t forget them. They’re always smiling in that little box that pops up on the TV screen when the winner is announced and it’s not them. There’s smiling and clapping and waving…all in positive spirits…just happy to have been nominated. Right? Maybe some of them, maybe most of them, but certainly, not all of them! Which brings me to real life drama incident number one. The 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards in Las Vegas. It was a big night. Lots of glitz and glam throughout the Las Vegas Hilton. As luck would have it after the show, my elevator ride up to my room was entertaining to say the least. Yes, I know I shouldn’t listen to people talking about things that aren’t any of my business. And yes, I also know that I shouldn’t repeat what I heard…as that would simply be gossiping; or as we call it where I’m from… "Pouring the tea." Ok. Tea is ready, let me pour!

    A person associated with one of our hit soaps, The Bold and the Beautiful, was ranting and raving about a male star that was extremely upset because he "lost an award." Ok, so it was a big award! Get over it already! This star was apparently so upset that he started missing scheduled interviews that were supposed to be taking place there with press members during/after the broadcast. I don’t know the actors name. I didn’t see anyone that wasn’t in good spirits and on their best Emmy behavior…but, there was apparently at least one of em’ running around there pouting! Ironically, our next drama incident centers around the Emmy awards as well. The Daytime Emmy Awards for 1988 and the final award of the event, Outstanding Daytime Drama Series.

    As we all know, when a show wins the big award, the Executive Producer speaks at the microphone while others gather around him or her. But what happens when you have an EP that was fired during the season, locked out of the studio of the show by the production company, and replaced with another EP? Who accepts the award then? This is exactly what happened in the case of (my favorite soap opera of all time) "Santa Barbara" and their first Daytime Emmy win for Best Show. Ousted EP Bridget Dobson ran up to the microphone before replacement EP Jill Farren Phelps could get to it, and began her speech for accepting the award. To make the situation even more dramatic, Dobson personalized her speech by saying that "Although New World Television locked me out of the studio, they couldn’t lock me out of the Emmys!" Boy Howdy! We got a mess 'o drama here! There are some that say there was no drama here and it was planned this way, and then there are others that think that we were one scratch away from a cat fat right there on the Daytime Emmy stage. Luckily, I have video of this classic event. So, you watch it and form your own opinion. Feel free to share your comments and thoughts below.

    Feel free to check out video footage of interviews at 37th Annual Daytime Emmys on the red carpet.

    - Shannon Burrell

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