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    Friday, November 3rd, 2017

    • Y&R's Jess Walton Photographed Back at the CBS Studios image

      Updated November 3: Fans can expect Jess Walton to return to "Y&R" as Jill in the coming weeks. Co-star Daniel Goddard (Cane) posted a photo, welcoming the actress back to the CBS studios. Stay tuned for her return date.

      On October 5 we reported that Tristan Rogers would return as Colin beginning on Monday October 9.

      On March 21, Jess Walton responded to fan reaction about her exit from "Y&R" by clarifying that she is merely taking time off and not leaving the role of Jill permanently. Tristan Rogers also took to Twitter with an update that he had learned the couple would indeed return down the road.

      Jess Walton is back! Please show this beauty some ❤️! #yr

      A post shared by Daniel Goddard (@thedanielgoddard) on earlier reported that actor Tristan Rogers took to Twitter to thank fans for their feedback on Colin's recent reconciliation with Jess Walton's Jill, and revealed the duo has left "The Young and the Restless" for the foreseeable future. Colin and Jill were headed off to travel the world and fulfill her bucket list, and apparently there are no plans for them to return as of right now.

      Friday, November 3rd, 2017

      Jill Johnson/JPI

    • Morgan Obenreder Returns to Y&R As Crystal image

      Updated November 3: Morgan Obenreder returns to "Y&R" as Crystal during the week of November 6.

      On July 19 it was announced that actress Morgan Obenreder ("NCIS") had been cast in the role of Crystal. Soap Opera Digest reported that Crystal will make a call to Sharon (Sharon Case), via a crisis line, to report a sex trafficking ring. Look for her to first appear on July 31.

      Friday, November 3rd, 2017

      Howard Wise/JPI

    • Ron Leath Back on Days As Henderson at the Kiriakis Mansion image

      Ron Leath is back in the Kiriakis mansion as the butler, Henderson on November 8. Leath hasn't been seen on "Days" since February 3, 2017

      Friday, November 3rd, 2017

      Howard Wise/JPI

    • Chris Van Etten's General Hospital Air Date As Amy's Brother Chet image

      Updated November 3: Christopher Van Etten will first appear on "General Hospital" on November 8.

      Back on October 23, learned that Christopher Van Etten had been cast as Chet Driscoll, the brother of Amy Driscoll (Risa Dorken) on "General Hospital," as reported by Soap DigestAmy has been writing her Ask Man Lander's blog in order to pay for Chet's medical expenses after he was wounded in Afghanistan, a storyline similar to Van Etten's real life. readers may recognize Van Etten, who is no relation to General Hospital co-headwriter Chris Van Etten, as a United States Marine Corps vet and double amputee who has become a successful model and motivational speaker.

      Friday, November 3rd, 2017

      Jennifer Tanner Photography/Van Etten's Facebook

    • Bold and the Beautiful dayplayers & recurring roles cast in upcoming episodes image

      Franco Barberis plays as a firefighter on “B&B” on November 3 and 6. He appeared on “Days of our Lives” as a bailiff in 2016.

      Ryan Stroud makes his daytime debut on “Bold and the Beautiful” as a firefighter on November 6.

      Innis Casey will play a doctor on “B&B” on November 7.

      Michelle McGinty appears on “B&B” as a nurse on November 7. She also played a nurse on the CBS soap back in 2002.

      Maxfield Lund, Amielynn Abellera and Kamal Khan will play architects on the October 9 episode of "B&B."

      "Big Brother 19" winner Josh Martinez will guest star on "The Bold and the Beautiful" on October 24 in scenes with John McCook (Eric Forrester).

      Dan Martin returns to "B&B" as Lt. Baker in upcoming episodes. We last saw Baker in July episode of Bold and the Beautiful after RJ and Coco's car accident.

      Carlos Arellano is no stranger to soaps. For those who were asking, he was seen as the 'Fire Captain' on "B&B." The actor also had previously booked General Hospital as a bartender in January, and has been seen on "Days of our Lives" various times from 2009 to 2015.

      Tom Lind will return to "B&B" as Michael, a Spencer pilot, on October 6. He's played the role on and off since 2011 and also appeared on "Days of our Lives" as Galen in 2014, on "All My Children" as an orderly in 2011 and on "Y&R" as a fireman in 2010.

      Kevin Ashworth plays a "B&B" Spencer employee on October 5. The actor appeared as Keith Thomas on "Y&R" in 2011.

      Carl Zauner appears as an 'Il Giardino manager on "B&B" on October 2.

      Michael Patrick McGill will play Alex, the head of Bill's demo crew, on "B&B" beginning November 2. He's appeared on "Days of our Lives" as a prison guard from 2011 to August 2017 and on "Passions" in various roles from 2003 to 2007.

      Newcomer to daytime, Josh Archer has booked an unnamed role on "B&B."

      Friday, November 3rd, 2017

      Sean Smith/JPI

    • General Hospital November Day Player Roles image
      gh exclusively brings you "General Hospital" day players for November. These roles may be recurring or for one episode only. Air dates may vary due to past show pre-empts, or if the scenes were cut.

      West Liang plays Cliff on November 2 and 3. He previously played a waiter on "Bold and the Beautiful" back in 2009.

      Michael Scovotti plays Officer Jones from November 1 through 3. He's played the role before in 2015 and 2016. He was also resident #1 on "Days of our Lives" in 2006, and played a Crane security guard on "Passions" from 2003 until 2004.

      Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

      Michael Bezjian/GETTY

    • William Utay Returns to Days of our Lives As Diabolical Dr. Rolf image

      William Utay is set to return to "Days of our Lives" as that dastardly, yet incredibly intelligent, Dr. Wilhelm Rolf. rolf-sees-hope-days-nbcWhen Salemites heard from Ben Weston that Will was alive, Kate vowed to get to the bottom of it. She questioned Clyde Weston and learned that he's the one who heard that Will was alive from Dr. Rolf, who was an inmate with him in Statesville prison. Weston told his son Ben in order to ease his self-disgust that he murdered his own friend. Utay will be seen October 20, 23 and October 31 for the big Halloween episode, and then in flashbacks November 21.

      Monday, October 30th, 2017

      Paul Skipper/JPI, NBC Universal Inc.

    • B&B's Aaron D. Spears Recurring to Contract Status Change image

      Actor Aaron D. Spears has been placed on contract at "The Bold and the Beautiful," according to a report by Soap Opera Digest. anticipates that this could mean more airtime for his alter-ego, Justin Barber, who is Dollar Bill Spencer's right hand man. Spears recently finished a stint as DOOL’s Lt. Raines, which began in 2016 and during that time he also made intermittent appearances on "B&B." Spears, who first appeared in daytime as Officer Washington on "Sunset Beach," joined "B&B" in 2009.

      Monday, October 30th, 2017

      Jill Johnson/JPI

    • The Young and the Restless day players image
      yr exclusively brings you "The Young and the Restless" day players comings for July and onward. These roles may be recurring or for one episode only. Air dates may be vary due to past show pre-empts, or if scenes were cut.

      Margarita Franco returns as "Y&R's" Mrs. Martinez, the Abbott family housekeeper, on November 31.

      Casey James Phillips will play a firefighter named Tom on November 3.

      Gregory Thompson will appear on "Y&R."

      Kiva Jump ("Mad Men") has booked a role on "Y&R."

      Friday, October 27th, 2017

    • William deVry's General Hospital Return Date Announced image

      Updated on October 27: has learned that William deVry will return to "General Hospital" on November 6.

      On October 17, announced that William deVry is back in the "General Hospital" studio taping scenes today as Julian Jerome. The actor posted various photos of welcome back gifts received from his fans and stated, "Wow!!! Look what I got today!!! #JulexisArmy rocks!! Balloons galore!! Thx #JulexisArmy !!! Thx everyone!! We have the best fans over here at @GeneralHospital !! Thanks to #JulexisArmy !!"

      On Friday August 11 "General Hospital" Executive Producer tweeted good news for William deVry fans. It looks as though the actor reached a contract agreement and as Valentini says, "is staying in Port Charles."

      We learned on August 4 that at a recent General Hospital Fan Club event, William deVry told fans that a contract with the show still has yet to be reached. Though his last tape date was June 30, the actor stated that Julian’s exit would air open-ended and that he would love to return at some point. Stay tuned.

      Back on July 3, we reported that "General Hospital" was on a three week hiatus, and before the studio closed down on June 30, William deVry and the show had failed to negotiate a new contract for the star. According to Soap Opera Digest, deVry may have taped his final scenes as Julian Jerome last week. deVry joined "GH" in July of 2013, and together with Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) became part of the popular couple Julexis. For weeks fans have taken to social media urging "GH" and Executive Producer Frank Valentini to re-sign deVry and keep him on the show. will continue to keep you updated on the situation as more news is made available.

      Friday, October 27th, 2017

      Craig Sjodin/ABC

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