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    Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

    • 2009-05-05 General Hospital image

      * There's a casting call out for an older Morgan. He needs to have dark hair and appear to be 12 years old. The new actor will debut in early summer.

      * Another casting call has gone out for strong-willed sixteen year-old Kristina. The new character will appear in early summer.

      * There are no immediate plans for Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) to come to town even though she has ended her time on Style Network's "How do I Look?".

      * Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio) will be on a three-week vacation when her character goes for help with PPD.

      * Head Writer Bob Guza just signed a new six-month contract and his wife, Meg Bennett, is now on staff writing dialogue.

      * The show is currently casting for real-life women who have personal experience with PPD.

      * Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing) and Megan Ward (Kate Howard) have been taken off contract and are now on recurring status. The word is that they will still be a big part of the show, however.

      * The role of Robin's therapist, Dr. Brown, is being played by Amy Hill.

      * Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks) returned on April 7 and is departing on April 24. FYI, his stint on Fox's "24" didn't last long because his evil character was killed. He has already finished shooting his 'eight or nine episodes' according to Sebastian Roche in an interview with with's Julie Clark Robinson.

      * Also coming back for a brief visit is Constance Towers as evil Helena Cassadine. Her first air date is April 13 and she reportedly is very happy with her first scene!

      * Senta Moses (and Winifred Leeds!) will be around, "through April and beyond," according to ABC.

      * Actor Steven Moreti shares on his MySpace page that he is up for a role General Hospital this summer. He's worked on "Heroes", "Journeyman", "Charmed" and many other TV shows.

      Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

    • 2009-05-04 The Young and the Restless image

      * James Handy appears as the Governor on May 8.

      * David A. Kimball appears as Dr. Lurie on May 8.

      * Karen Hensel appears as Sharon's mom, Doris Collins, on May 5.

      * Actress Della Reese joins Y&R beginning May 18 as Neil's Aunt Virginia.

      * Camryn Grimes will return for one episode on May 6, when Cassie appears to her mother Sharon! Read her comments here!

      * Jerry Douglas returns as John Abbott on May 5!

      * Tricia Cast reprises her role of Nina Webster May 1, 4, and 5, and will be sticking around Genoa City on a recurring basis! Yay! Check the Y&R News Room!

      * Michael Graziadei has re-signed his contract with the show and will remain as Daniel Romalotti! Read about it here!

      * David Lago is set to reprise his role of Raul Guittierez! Read about it here! May 22 he airs! Read what David has to say about his return here!

      * Looks like this duo is found - David Leisure and Marcia Wallace appear as Roger and Annie Wilkes respectively on April 30!

      * Beau Kayser is back as Brock on April 30 and May 4!

      * As the intrigue heats up with Ashley, Tonya Lee Williams appears as Olivia, and Anne Betancourt as Estella on April 27, 28, and 29.

      * John Colton appears as Grant Peterson on April 28.

      * Jonathan Hayalkar appears as Brandon on April 28.

      * Actor Sandy Martin appears as Jimmy on April 23.

      * Karen Hensel appears as Doris on April 10 and April 22.

      * Kerrie Keane plays the judge that appears on April 17 and April 20

      * Actor Tim Snay appears as the Judge for Kevin and Amber on April 13.

      * William Wintersole makes another appearance as Mitchell Sherman on April 13, when Katherine gets some news!

      * Bob Morrisey is the actor playing the Administrator on April 14.

      * With all of the buzz in the Chancellor Mansion lately, we wouldn't be surprised to see Tricia Cast turn up before too long as Nina!

      Monday, May 4th, 2009

    • 2009-04-22 One Life To Live image

      * Timothy D. Stickney returned as RJ Gannon on April 22!

      * Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio Vega) made a return during the time BethAnn Bonner (Talia Sahid) last aired.

      * Although there were rumors stating that Jerry verDorn (Clint Buchanan) had been bumped to recurring status, this was not true. He is still under contract with the show.

      * The show was not commenting on the exit rumors surrounding BethAnn Bonner (Talia Sahid), but the actress is in fact leaving - and taped her last scenes on March 2. Her character met her demise on April 17.

      * David Forsyth appeared as a priest on April 16. More on that in our News Room!

      * Though many are reporting that Florencia Lozano (Tea Delgado) was leaving, she is in fact staying in Llanview! More on that in our News Room!

      * Former Passions actress Daphnee Duplaix (ex-Valerie) appeared as the new Rachel Gannon on April 7! More on that in our News Room!

      * Rachel Yamagata performed a song off her CD at Capricorn on April 2. More on that, as well as a video clip, in our News Room!

      * Nathan Purdee returned as Hank Gannon on April 1! More on that in our News Room!

      * Josh Phillip Weinstein returned as Zach Rosen (one of Marty's rapists) on April 2. More on that in our News Room!

      * Doc Dougherty returned as Jackie McNaughton April 1. More on that in our News Room!

      Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

    • 2009-04-20 The Bold and the Beautiful image

      * Diana Morgan plays a reporter on April 20.

      * Stephanie Wang's Madison returns on April 20.

      * Alan Pietruszewski portrays a pilot on April 21 and April 22.

      * Ian Buchanan reprises his role of Dr. James Warwick on April 15.

      * Dan McVicar returns as Clarke Garrison on April 15, 17 and 20.

      * Andrew Collins is back as Jarrett on April 8, 17 and 20.

      * Bettina Adger appears as Arielle in scenes with Jackie and Owen on April 6.

      * Liselotte Pettersson, Danika Thompson and Jessica Shelton play Jackie M Models on April 6.

      * Francois Giroday portrays Fabrice on April 9.

      * Thomas played by Drew Tyler Bell will appear on March 30.

      * David Grant Wright portrays Mr. Williams on April 1.

      * Bryan Genesse's Rocco shows up again on April 2.

      * Stephanie Wang plays Madison again on April 2.

      * Todd McKee returns as Jake on April 2.

      * Felice Monteith plays Gretchen, a realtor, in scenes with Lesley-Anne Down and Brandon Beemer on April 2.

      * Sarah Smick shows up as a young Stephanie opposite Chad Evans' young Eric on April 2.

      * Cary Adams plays a waiter in scenes with Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) and Brandon Beemer (Owen) on Friday, March 27.

      Monday, April 20th, 2009

    • 2009-04-20 The Young and the Restless image

      * Actor Sandy Martin appears as Jimmy on April 23.

      * Karen Hensel appears as Doris on April 10 and April 22.

      * Kerrie Keane plays the judge that appears on April 17 and April 20

      * Actor Tim Snay appears as the Judge for Kevin and Amber on April 13.

      * William Wintersole makes another appearance as Mitchell Sherman on April 13, when Katherine gets some news!

      * Bob Morrisey is the actor playing the Administrator on April 14.

      * David Lago is set to reprise his role of Raul Guittierez! Read about it here!

      * With all of the buzz in the Chancellor Mansion lately, we wouldn't be surprised to see Tricia Cast turn up before too long as Nina!

      * Scott L. Schwartz appears as Amos Slaughter on April 8.

      * Brian Cousins appears as Detective Sloan on April 8.

      * Beau Kayser appears as Brock Reynolds on April 6 and 9.

      * Jess Walton has re-signed her contract with the show and will remain as Jill Abbott!

      * Scott L. Schwartz appears as Amos Slaughter on March 30.

      * Tonya Lee Williams appears as Dr. Olivia Hasting" on March 30. What will Olivia become involved in this time around?

      * Actor Brian Cousins appears as Detective Sloan on March 31. Will Amber and Kevin get deeper into trouble?

      * Beau Kazer appears as the beloved Brock Reynolds, son of Katherine "The Duchess" Chancellor on April 1. He hits town to submit to DNA testing!

      * Clementine Ford, will come to Y&R as Mackenzie Browning, Brock's daughter, and Katherine's granddaughter on April 1! Recast! Read about it here!

      * Roscoe Born appears as Tom Fisher on March 31, when he appears to Kevin from beyond! Read about it here!

      * Brian Cousins will appear as Detective Sloan on March 24, as Michael increases his efforts to find Kevin after another robbery.

      * New writer to the Y&R team, Tom Casiello is busy writing his heart out. His first scenes will be aired April 20th, April 28th, May 12th and May 19th! Make sure to watch!

      Monday, April 20th, 2009

    • 2009-03-19 General Hospital image

      * It looks like con artist Ethan Lovett will be sticking around! Actor Nathan Parsons has gone on contract!

      * Dylan Cash has officially been replaced by Drew Garrett in the role of Michael Corinthos Jr. Drew's first air date will be April 24, but he (Michael) won't actually come out of his coma until May. Welcome!

      * Guess who's coming back for May Sweeps? Holly Sutton (played by Emma Samms). It's been three years since she last appeared. Holly (and Emma!) will first appear in May and her visit is open-ended.

      * Constance Towers will reprise her deliciously evil character, Helena Cassidine, beginning April 13.

      * Tony Daly will play a handsome carpenter opposite Robin (Kimberly McCullough) starting on March 18.

      * Look for an older and smarter-mouthed Michael Corinthos to wake up soon! The role is currently being re-cast with top criteria being 'rebelious'.

      * Another casting call has gone out for strong-willed sixteen year-old Kristina. The new character will appear in May. (Morgan and Molly get to remain kids for the time being!)

      * Casting for the role of Dante has been put on hold.

      Thursday, March 19th, 2009

    • 2009-03-11 One Life To Live image

      * Roscoe Born (ex-Mitch Laurence) will not be returning but made a ghostly return to The Young and the Restless as Tom Fisher on March 31!

      * Mandy Gonzalez played a representative named Lauren Hoffman from a drug treatment center on March 26.

      * received official word from Kamar de los Reyes' (Antonio Vega) camp who confirmed that the actor would be leaving the show in March 2009. He taped his last scenes on January 27. More on that in our News Room! Update: Kamar returned briefly to tape some scenes involving BethAnn Bonner's (Talia) exit. Antonio last aired on March 25.

      * Though there were rumors that Erika Slezak (Viki Davidson) is leaving the show, at this point, these were just rumors. More on that in our News Room!

      * Soap actor Real Andrews had an audition with the show. More on that in our News Room!

      * Hadley Delany played a cancer patient named Frankie on March 19.

      * Though a body-double was used for a scene with Evangeline Williamson, Renee Elise Goldsberry will not be returning to the show.

      * Tim Hopper played Dr. Shinseki starting on March 13.

      * Dan Gauthier (ex-Kevin) appeared on the March 11 episode of ABC's LOST as a co-pilot. Stay tuned, as we'll keep you posted with the details! More on that in our News Room!

      * Tuc Watkins (David Buchanan) left Llanview through his revolving door on March 2, but will return in April!

      * Shenell Edmonds appeared as Destiny beginning February 27.

      * Jacqueline Hendy (Vanessa Vega) left the show on February 26.

      * With a cast change-up, Brett Claywell has now been cast as a police Lab tech named Kyle Lewis and first appeared on February 24. More on that in our News Room!

      * A. Martinez (Ray Montez) returned on February 20!

      * Justin Paul Kahn (Wes Granger) exited the show during the week of February 16. More on that in our News Room!

      * Jackie Hoffman played a ticket taker named Eunice at the Go Red Ball on February 12. More on that in our News Room!

      * James T. Lane played a James Brown impersonator on February 9. More on that in our News Room!

      * Crystal Hunt (GL's ex- Lizzie Spaulding) joined the show as a stripper named Stacy on February 6. More on that in our News Room!

      * Eric Martin Brown appeared as Stan in early February.

      * Scott Evans returned as Oliver Fish on February 6.

      Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

    • 2009-03-01 Days of Our Lives image

      * hears from SOD that Jon Prescott (ex-Mike, As the World Turns) has auditioned for a role as a Horton!

      * Days is casting for one bad-boy teen who may be the father of Mia's baby, Grace and a 25 year old medical student who will become Melanie's beau.

      * Gordon Thomson will be coming to the show with a recurring role as Walter, Owen the gardener's father.

      * Roy Vongtama is starting a recurring role on April 20 and 21 as Dr Richman. Incidentally, Roy is not only an actor, but a Board Certified Radiation Oncologist!

      * Darin Brooks (Max) will be leaving the show in early May. His movie, Blue Mountain State, was picked up and that's why we'll see the last of him in May.

      * Kinsey, played by Shelby Young, fills Will in on Mia’s past on Thursday, May 7.

      * The Kiriakis gardener Owen, played by Wes Ramsey, helps Philip set up a romantic evening on Friday, May 8.

      * Mia and Will run into Mia’s friend Tad, played by Brendan Coughlin, on Wednesday, April 29th.

      * The DiMera hitman Masi, played by Frederico Dordei, returns to finish the job on Thursday, April 30th.

      * Nicole is surprised by the new DiMera thug "Marco", played by Steve Bruns, on Thursday, April 23.

      * Kate’s assistant Chris, played by Ross Matthews, alerts her of a crisis on Tuesday, April 14.

      * Felisha Terrell joins the cast as "Arianna" on Wednesday, April 15. She'll know Rafe.

      * DiMera enlists a new hitman, Masi, played by Frederico Dordei on Thursday, April 16.

      * John Callahan returns April 3 as Dr Baker, to stir up more trouble!

      * April 7, a new shady character turns up in Salem. Is this our boy Wes Ramsey?

      * Laura Stone is playing Irene, a girl Maggie tries to set Daniel up with. She'll be in Salem April 10.

      * Weeks ago, we informed you there would be a casting call for a new butler for an influential family. They've cast him and you'll see him on Thursday March 19. We'll share who Alfred is played by, as soon as we get word!

      * Some of you have asked about the babies playing Grace and Sydney. Ava and Grace Greeson play Grace. (Since Feb 24) Hailey and Lauren Sinnema took over for Sydney on Feb 25.

      * Funny nurse, Aloma Wright returns as ‘Nurse Maxine’ Thursday, March 26.

      * Sami questions ‘Sister Agnes’ about Rafe on Friday March 27. Sister is played by Pat Crawford Brown.

      * Leann Hunley, Anna DiMera is departing. More on that here.

      * We're told Wes Ramsey is already taping scenes at DOOL. The role he's playing is not yet known, but some of you may remember his days as Sam, from Guiding Light. Find out what else Wes is up to. Could he be Eric Brady or a new character or ...what are your thoughts? To the boards you go!

      * Mia's back! Taylor Spreitler read her interview here will be back in Salem, soon! No word on which date, yet, but we will keep you posted! We hear she'll have some scenes with Will!

      * In an interview,James Scott (EJ DiMera) says he's staying with the show. He signed for another two years!

      * Ralph Waite returns as ‘Father Matt’ on Monday, March 16.

      Sunday, March 1st, 2009

    • 2009-02-25 As the World Turns image

      This is a complete list of ins and outs or comings and goings for As The World Turns:

      Breaking News:

      *Cady McClain returns as Rosanna Cabot on May 20. Read about that here.

      Who's Coming?

      *Charissa Chamorro plays a woman with psychic abilities beginning in March.

      *Adam LeFevre plays the judge who decides Parker's fate in March!

      *Danielle Ward plays the Oakdale District Attorney assigned to Parker's case in March. Read more about Danielle's role here.

      *Tom Kemp plays a judge at Parker and Liberty's wedding in March!

      *Welcome Nicholas Galbraith and Melissa Sullivan - the pair will begin playing twins Zac and Zoe soon! has learned that the pair will be intertwined with Luke, Noah and Casey!

      *Mo Kanekoa plays Cesar, an associate of Lucy's, on March 16.

      *Allen McCullough plays a landlord who discriminates against Luke and Noah on March 16.

      *Patrick McNulty playes Parker's lawyer beginning March 11!

      *Lannon Killea, Mark, returns on March 3. Mark was Kevin's homophobic campaign manager.

      *Anne-Marie Cusson plays Johnny's babysitter, Olga, beginning March 9.

      *Estes Tarver plays Carly and Craig's business partner beginning March 3.

      *Welcome Chloe Cmrada who plays Ashley on February 25. Ashley will help Paul.

      *Welcome back, Sarah! has learned that Sarah Glendening will reprise the role of Lucy Montgomery on February 26! You can read more about Sarah's return by clicking here.

      *Randy Kovitz plays Seigler on February 17; Seigler has information for Craig and Carly.

      *Paolo Seganti (Damian Grimaldi) is returning to Oakdale! Watch a video preview of Paolo's return here.

      *Karl Girolamo (Kevin Davis) returns to Oakdale in February.

      *Laurence Lau (Brian Wheatley) is returning! The recently outed ex of Lucinda returns to the scene in March! Welcome back, Laurence!

      *Welcome back, Eric! has learned that Eric William Morris (Matt O'Conner) will return from the clink in January. Matt was last seen being carted off to jail after Grey Gerard's plans went south. His first airdate is set for February 2!

      *Mark McCormick plays Mr. Jaggers, who helps Dusty, on January 26.

      Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

    • 2009-02-25 General Hospital image

      *Two newcomers will first be seen on Friday, March 6. They are coffeeshop owner Ralph (played by Louis Giambalvo) and a femme fatale named Cassandra (played by Erin Cahill). Both are short-term roles.

      * has learned that Bruce Weitz (who plays Anthony Zacchara) will wrap up his two-year stint by month's end. (His last air date is March 2.) It's like that no one in Port Charles will miss him, but Bruce's fans will. Good luck Mr. Weitz, it's been fun! So fun,in fact, that he has said he would return any time they ask him to.

      *NASCAR driver Jeff Burton will appear in a scene with Patrick Drake in Mid March. For more details click here!

      *Apparently, GH is looking for a strong-willed beauty around the age of sweet sixteen. Are they aging Kristina? Someone new? Stay tuned!

      *To get glimpses of former General Hospital actors Sebastian Roche, Vanessa Marcil and Amber Tamblyn in Primetime, check this out for details!

      *Stephen Macht will be departing his role of Trevor Lansing on February 16. Word is that Trevor will not die of toxins, however! Stephen's been with the soap since 2007 and wishes him luck!

      *Tom Pelhrey is still in the running for a GH role, but not necessarily Dante. Stay tuned!

      *Although Nazanin Boniadi's character (Leyla Mir) has been killed off, the actress is happy with the writing of her final scene. She's happy with what she was able to do during her two-year stint on the soap.

      *Congratulations go out to Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) for his shiny new contract!

      *Claire Coffee (Nadine Crowell) has been taken off contract, but reports are that nurse Nadine will be around when needed. Her last air date (for now) is February 8.

      *Grifter Ethan Lovett is being played by a newcomer to TV, Nathan Parsons. Has Luke met his match? Welcome Nathan and congratulations on your recurring role.

      *Mark Pinter is back on the set to reclaim his role as Agent Rayner.

      *Also leaving for good (although he hasn't been on camera in months!) is Ron Melendez who played anesthesiologist Dr. Andy Archer.

      *The actor who played the devilish Earl Bragg was Kelly McCracken.

      Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

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