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    Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

    • 2009-12-04 The Bold and the Beautiful image

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      * Stephanie Wang brings Madison back on February 18.

      * Fashion photographer Brio, played by CeCe Tsou, returns on February 18 & 19.

      * Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Justin Baldoni's last day as Graham Darros was February 3.

      * Lt. and Det. Baker will return on February 2 and 3, as Dan Martin and Mykel Shannon Jenkins reprise their roles as father and son.

      * Zev returns when Nate Witty brings his character back on January 29 – February 2.

      * Rachel Montez Collins will play Lori on January 27.

      * Daniel Ross portrays Clyde on January 27 and February 1.

      * Another Jarrett sighting occurs when actor Andrew Collins inhabits his alter ego once again on January 5.

      * Justin Baldoni will portray fashion photographer Graham Darros beginning January 15. Read more about Graham Darros' in the B&B News Room.

      * Zach Conroy (ex-James, Guiding Light) will play a character who interacts with Hope. Read more about Zach Conroy's character in the B&B News Room.

      * Kimberly Matula will begin airing as a SORASed Hope on January 11. Read more about Hope being SORASed on the show in the B&B News Room.

      * Serge, played by Jim J. Bullock, pops up again on December 16 & 17.

      * Dean Cochran will play Detective Scott on December 29.

      * Nate Witty portrays Zev on December 30.

      * Yvette Freeman will play Dr. Lewis on November 20 and 23.

      * Jacqueline Hahn returns as Dr. Caspary on November 17.

      * Winsor Harmon (Thorne) recently re-signed with the show for four more years.

      * Joanna Johnson will return as Bill’s sister Karen on November 12 & 13.

      * Jarrett’s never far away, which means Andrew Collins will resurface as his alter ego on November 12, 13 & 16.

      Friday, December 4th, 2009

    • 2009-12-03 One Life To Live image

      * David Gregory (Ford, Reality Show Producer) returned on December 29! More on that in our News Room!

      * Lizzie Yousko appeared in a photo as a young Dani on December 17.

      * Michael Lowry exited as Ross on December 14.

      * Donna Bullock played an AA meeting leader on December 9.

      * The All-American Rejects performed their hit songs “I Wanna” and “Mona Lisa” on December 4 and 7! More on that in our News Room!

      * Donovan Patton (ex-Joe, "Blue Clues") made a guest appearance as Dan starting on December 3! More on that in our News Room!

      Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

    • 2009-11-24 As the World Turns image

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      * Amani Emanuel will play Davy on Tuesday, December 1.

      * Gary Wilmes plays Glen on Friday December 4

      * Bill Massof will portray Reverend Price on Monday, December 7.

      * Paulina Porizkova arrives as Clarissa on Tuesday January 5.

      * Helen Wagner will be back as Nancy for Thanksgiving.

      * Meredith Hanger (Liberty Ciccone) is leaving. Read more here.

      * Alexis Keeling plays a girl at the food bank on Tuesday, November 24.

      * Daniel Cosgrove will be joining the show. Read more here. Look for him in January.

      * Christopher Durham plays Congressman Silas Whitman on Tuesday, November 17 and Wednesday, November 18.

      * Danny Johnson will appear as Office Joe Rayburn on Wednesday, November 18.

      * Tony Crane will play a psychic named Thomas Jones a psychic on Thursday, November 19.

      * Paul Leyden is back as Simon Frazier. See him on Friday, November 20.

      * Mike Houston returns as Officer Grady on Monday, October 23.

      * Jeffrey Lawrence plays Peter on Monday, October 23.

      * Mark Collier is back as Mike Kasnoff starting on November 11.

      * Peter Parros is back as Ben Harris on November 6 and 9.

      * Forbes March's time in Oakdale is running out. He'll be exiting this month.

      * Paulina Porizkova will be coming to town. Read more here.

      * Tom Pelphrey will be arriving as Mick Dante on November 10.

      * Nicholas Calhoun will play officer Bridges on Wednesday, October 28.

      * Lesli Kay will be back as Molly on November 17.

      * Anthony J. Gallo and Gino Caccavale appear as Sal and Fin on October 19 and 20.

      * Nick Lawson shows up as a graffiti artist who gives Brad a fright on Friday October 23.

      * Dawn McGee will play Renee on Tuesday October 6.

      * Brian Cromwell appears as Detective Brown on Friday October 7.

      * Maura West (Carly) is currently back from maternity leave and is taping. You should be seeing around Oakdale again on November 2.

      * Soap vet Stuart Damon arrives in town as Ralph starting on Friday September 18.

      * Frank Clem is playing the role of Ebb.

      * It looks like Guiding Light's Tom Pelphrey will be coming to Oakdale soon.

      * Tamara Tunie will be back as Jessica for one episode on October 15.

      Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

    • 2009-11-03 One Life To Live image

      * Bobby Moreno played Jim starting on December 3.

      * Walter Belenky appeared as Eric starting on December 3.

      * Wayne Maugans played a Pennsylvania Attorney General starting on December 2.

      * Marc Kudish played a minister on December 1.

      * John Brotherton left his role of Jared Banks in November. More on that in our News Room!

      * Chris Stack (Michael McBain) returned starting on November 12. More on that in our News Room!

      * Will Chase appeared as Dr. Nance on November 11. More on that in our News Room!

      * Roscoe Born (ex-Mitch) brought his character back from the dead on November 9! More on that in our News Room!

      * Kathy Brier (Marcie McBain) made a brief return starting on November 6, to carry on through November 12 and 13!

      * Ann Hamilton returned as Rex’s Aunt Corrine on November 3.

      Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

    • 2009-10-31 All My Children image


      * Liza's baby's biological mother, Bailey, will come to town on October 2. She will be played by Sofia Black-D'Elia. Read more here!

      * Actor Aidan Turner, who plays hottie Aidan Devane, will begin airing again on September 21!

      * Michael Malone will once again play Erica's assistant, Val, during the month of September.

      * The girl posing as Kendall in prison will be seen again September 28 week. She is being played by actress Aryn Elaine Cole.

      * Actor Drew McVety is David's attorney, Jay Stark - he will also appear in September!

      * Kieran Campion has one more appearance slated in September as the late Henry North!

      Saturday, October 31st, 2009

    • 2009-10-31 The Young and the Restless image


      * Tammin Sursok is out as Colleen Carlton. Read about it here.

      * Kristoff St. John addresses online rumors regarding his absence from Y&R. He says, "I do not plan on leaving Y and R anytime in the near or distant future! The internet is plagued with rumors! Do not listen to false gossip! I have no desire to leave the landscape of Genoa City! Realize that story telling is cyclical, and my non-presence on the show is merely a 'Vacation!'"

      * Victoria Rowell dishes on a return to Y&R!

      * Watch for beloved Jerry Douglas, to appear as John Abbott's ghost on September 30!

      * Scott Klace appears as Dr. Swift on September 28 and October 1.

      * John Rubinstein appears when Adam summons Dr. Taylor on September 21, and also on September 29, 30 and October 1.

      Saturday, October 31st, 2009

    • 2009-10-30 One Life To Live image

      * Wortham Krimmer returned as Rev. Andrew Carpenter on October 30.

      * The show hired one hundred extras to play brides, grooms, reporters, protesters and cops for an upcoming scene surrounding the mayoral election. More on that in our News Room!

      * Erin Cronican played a stylist on October 28.

      * Kate Miller returned as Nadine Lovett on October 23.

      * Kelley Massal was cast as Daniella and arrived onscreen on October 23. More on that in our News Room!

      * Daniel Manche (As The World Turns' ex-JJ) first appeared as Tom on October 22. More on that in our News Room!

      * Kathleen Chalfant played a headmistress starting on October 22. More on that in our News Room!

      * Christine Jones returned as Pamela Stuart on October 19. More on that in our News Room!

      * For details surrounding a possible return for Laura Bonarrigo (ex-Cassie Carpenter), please visit the News Room!

      * Lea DeLaria returned as Madame Delphina on October 14.

      * Bethany Butler played a reporter on October 8.

      * Tia Dionne Hodge returned, this time as a lesbian campaign manager named Amelia on October 5. She previously played Angel Mel.

      Friday, October 30th, 2009

    • 2009-10-26 General Hospital image

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      * John Burke will play Everett Dawson on February 24.

      * Someone's going to court as Dakin Matthews will portray Judge Carroll on February 24.

      * Dahlia Salem (former Sofia, "Another World") will play Federal Prosecutor Claire Walsh. Salem will begin airing on February 24.

      * Matthew Johnson will show up as a boy in a dream who plays with a young Dante on February 2.

      * Adam Wylie has been tapped to portray Officer Church who interacts with Sam on February 3.

      * On February 5, Claire Mills will appear as Gloria, who brings her son Jimmy, played by Declan Beaty, to the hospital.

      * Constance Towers will be bringing Helena back just in time for February sweeps!

      * Mark Pinter will return as Agent Rayner on January 26.

      * Father Coates, played by Anthony Michael Jones, will return for a few episodes at the end of January, when he christens Josslyn.

      * Josslyn's christening also brings Barbara Tarbuck's Lady Jane back.

      * James Franco wraps up his stint as Franco on January 11.

      * Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and Jason Thompson (Patrick) have re-signed to stay on with the show.

      * In an interview with Soap Opera Weekly, head writer Robert Guza indicated a return by Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) and Genie Francis (Laura) in 2010 is a definite possibility. As he stated, "Nothing is definite yet. Of course, we'd always love to have them back, but at this point, it's still a work in progress. We definitely want them, so stay tuned for 2010."

      * Gavin Houston will play new cop Sly Houston beginning January 13.

      * Alex Hill portrays car accident victim Dean starting January 20.

      * Alex's girlfriend, Chelsea, will be played by Laura Kenley beginning January 20.

      * Brianna Brown has taken over the role of Dr. Lisa Niles. She will begin airing on January 6, 2010.. Read the link to find out more!

      * Natalia Livingston will be leaving the role of Rebecca Shaw on December 22. Read's article here for more information.

      * Scott Reeves will first appear as Steven Webber on December 9. Read more about it in the GH News Room

      * Chad Brannon's one day return as Zander will be on December 22.

      * On December 15, John Brantley Cole, Jr. will play Andrew, the brother of a patient in the ER.

      * Andrew Hillis will portray a city official in scenes with Luke on December 16.

      * Marsha Thomason will accompany James Franco when he shows up in Port Charles in November.

      * Tina D’Marco will play Graciella, Sonny’s housekeeper, on November 11.

      * Julie Mond will play Patrick’s ex-girlfriend Lisa Niles beginning November 18.

      * McKinley Freeman will begin playing the recurring role of detective Roy Williams on October 29.

      * Barbara Tarbuck reprises her role of Jax’s mom, Jane Jacks, on November 9.

      * Jonathan Jackson's first air date as Lucky will be on October 27.

      * In an shocking, yet exciting move, Golden Globe winning actor James Franco is set to visit Port Charles for two months starting November 20. Get all the details in the GH News Room.

      * Sarah Brown’s last day as Claudia will be on November 5, but on November 6 you can see her in her new role on The Bold and the Beautiful! Read more about it here.

      * Lesley Webber, played by Denise Alexander, will join Audrey on October 19.

      * Constance Towers takes Helena out of town on October 20, but is set to return, “sooner, rather than later.”

      * Rachel Ames will appear as Audrey on October 19.

      * Stephen Connor and Joshua Kalender will play Link and Evan respectively in scenes with Tracy and Luke on October 13.

      * Jordi Caballero will play a Puerto Rico nightclub owner named Mo on October 21 and 22.

      * Greg Vaughan's time as Lucky is over as Jonathan Jackson is on his way back to reprise the role he originally played from 1993 – 1999. For more on the story, read our article here.

      * Sal Landi will appear as Joey Limbo on October 15.

      * Another update on Matthew Borlenghi's role has him appearing in Port Charles as Valentin later than mid-October, as originally planned.

      * Helena and Luke finally return! Constance Towers and Anthony Geary are set to show up in Port Charles again on September 30.

      * Amanda Brooks’ Mischa will be a Cassadine and will appear on September 30.

      * Chikezie Eze will bartend at Jake’s on October 9.

      * Sarah Brown will be leaving her role as Claudia in November.

      * David Gianopolous will play Tommy Soto on October 5 and 6.

      * Jamie Lea Willett will play Carly’s daughter in a dream on October 5.

      For more information on the goings on at GH, check out the spoilers and cast list.

      Monday, October 26th, 2009

    • 2009-10-20 The Bold and the Beautiful image

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      * Andrew Collins’ Jarrett returns on October 8 to help Bill move, which you can see in this video clip preview.

      * Dr. Canon, played by Nancy Bell, returns on October 5.

      * Someone is house hunting on October 8 when Felice Monteith appears as a realtor.

      * Even though Bill Spencer, Sr. is dead, Jim Storm reprises his role as Bill’s dad by appearing on a video tape on October 9.

      * Jaime Taite returns as Bill’s assistant Hillary on September 29 and 30.

      * Eric’s attorney Gloria, played by Meeghan Holloway, offers her services on October 2.

      * Nick D’Avirro plays Michael on October 1, 2 and 5.

      * Todd McKee makes an appearance as Jake on September 25.

      * John Everlove and Paul Diaz play EMTs who assist Stephanie on September 23.

      * Dr. Brauer, played by Robin Karfo, shows up on September 23.

      Don't forget to check out our Spoilers section and Cast List for more information on what's happening on B&B.

      Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

    • 2009-10-01 Days of Our Lives image

      * "Benny" will be played by Carmen Mormino December 30.

      * Many still do not realize the actress is pregnant, so we're bumping this note from several months ago. Ari Zucker will go maternity leave before Thanksgiving and will return 7 weeks later. Read more about this, her pregnancy and Nicole, her alter ego, in an interview with Arianne Zucker. Our news feature on Arianne's pregnancy, here.

      * We'll see Theo, Terrell Ransom Jr., back to the show Christmas Day, December 25.

      * Leann Hunley (Anna) has returned to the show. Patton Out on DOOL, here.

      * Dominic Pace plays the "Bus Station Attendant" Thursday December 4.

      * Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) returns Dec 3.

      * Shelby Young (Kinsey) makes a return to Salem mid December.

      * Tim will be played by Roy Jackson on October 19 - change from the show.

      * Gabriela Rodriguez will be playing Rafe and Ari's younger sister. She'll return home for Thanksgiving this November.

      * Many have asked if Bryan Dattilo is leaving the show. He's not. He's just offscreen while Lucas is in rehab. He'll be back, soon!

      * December 2, Jill will be played by Candice Patton.

      * Cleveland Cop will be played by Isaiaha Mustafah on December 2 and 4.

      * Police Commander Hogan is played by Deforest Mapp, December 6.

      * Ashley Moss plays the flight attendant on Carly's flight to Salem.

      * Michael Sabatino is out of Salem as Lawrence Alamain October after he is killed by Carly. He will be seen in flashbacks.

      * Michael Sabatino returns to Salem as Lawrence Alamain October 5. Read more about that here.

      * Show is casting a younger sister for Rafe and Arianna, "Gabby." The teenager will play into the story with Mia/Will/Chad.

      * "Marac" played by Antonio Jarmillo on November 19.

      * "Allie" is played by Carolyn & Campbell Rose starting November 21. (Allie will not be aged. This is from the studio publicist.)

      *"Fay" is played by Valerie Wilman, November 30. Nicole's mum returns to town after 6 years.

      * A 'cop' will be played by Booker Washington. His airdate will be November 11.

      * 'Nurse' will be played by Sascha Alexander, November 13.

      * Rachel Kimsey returns as Meredith Hudson, Friday September 18.

      * Nick Stabile, who plays officer Dean Hartman will be leaving the show, after one final attempt to seek his revenge on Hope. Last airdate is September 11.

      * "Nurse" played by Charito Mertz will be seen in Salem October 23.

      * "Gus" will be played by Kamall Shaikh and he'll air October 30

      * "Stu" played by Jim Meskimen will air October 5.

      * Erick Avari will appear as Omar on October 9. He'll have a connection to Carly Manning.

      * Louise Sorel makes a return to Salem for at least a year, as Vivian Alamain. Read more about her return in an exclusive interview. First airdate TBD. She'll show up before the end of October.

      * Rachel Kimsey (Meredith) leaves Salem August 6. There is room for her to return.

      * Crystal Chappell (Olivia, GL) will come to the show to reprise her character Carly Manning, this September. She starts taping in June. Read more here. Her first airdate is October 5.

      Thursday, October 1st, 2009

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