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    Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

    • 2009-08-26 All My Children image

      This is a complete listing of ins and outs or comings and goings for All My Children:

      * Walt Willey, who plays the popular Jackson Montgomery, will air once during the week of August 17, and then will be off screen for an unspecified amount of time - due to storyline reasons. For further info see our Spoilers!

      * Anna Koonin will reprise the role of David Hayward's sidekick, nurse Gayle, the week of August 24.

      * Joel Fabiani will appear the week of August 17 as Adam's attorney, Barry Shire.

      * Jennifer Bassey's character, Marian Colby, is said to be headed off canvas after appearing on August 7. For more information see our Spoilers!

      * David Canary will reprise the role of Stuart once again on August 5. There is more information in our Spoiler section!

      * Actor Lorenzo Pisoni will be playing North's replacement, D.A. Willis, beginning the week of July 13!

      * Chrishell Stause (Amanda Dillon) has opted to extend her contract and is staying in Pine Valley! Her contract has been extended until the end of 2009!

      * Stephanie Gatschet joins the AMC cast as Madison North, wife of the D.A. on June 19! Read more about that here.

      * Amanda Baker returns as Babe in May! Babe was killed after the tornado last fall but has learned that Amanda Baker will return as a ghost on June 4 and June 29, to deal with both David and JR!

      Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

    • 2009-08-24 General Hospital image

      * Kristina and Michael run into a few problems with tourists Allison and Chad, played by Molly Beucher and Derek Craigle on August 27 and 28.

      * Kelly Monaco has reportedly re-signed with GH for another year.

      * Jessica Rey (ex-White Ranger, "Power Rangers: Wild Force") plays Marita, who meets Michael at the resort he and Kristina stay at on August 17.

      * The new Assistant District Attorney, played by Cara Pifko, will show up again on August 11.

      * Rick Marcus plays Jerry’s henchman who is guarding Michael and Kristina’s door on August 10 and 11.

      * Steve Burton has re-signed with General Hospital where he will continue to play mobster Jason Morgan.

      * Davin Ransom will take over the role of Spencer Cassadine beginning August 13. The young actor will also be seen in the upcoming film, “Iron Man 2.”

      For more information on the goings on at GH, check out the spoilers and cast list.

      Monday, August 24th, 2009

    • 2009-08-19 The Bold and the Beautiful image

      * Ian Buchanan reprises his role of Dr. James Warwick, who works with Brooke and Taylor from August 17 – 20.

      * Lisa Canning (ex-Adreinne, The Young and the Restless) plays Chanel, a news anchor on August 19 & 20.

      * Dan McVicar appears again as Clarke on July 27 and 28.

      * D.C. Douglas portrays a minister on July 30, 31 and August 3.

      * Steve Blalock plays a motorcyclist on July 30.

      * Morgan Fairchild sparks some competition in the fashion world August 10 – 14. For more on her appearance, read our article in the B&B News Room.

      * Joining Fairchild for the week of August 10 will be Alan Thicke, who will return as Rich Ginger, Jim J Bullock, who returns as Sergie, Melissa Rivers, who will play herself and Samantha Potter from “America’s Next Top Model,” who will play a Jackie M model.

      Don't forget to check out our Spoilers section and Cast List for more information on what's happening on B&B.

      Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

    • 2009-08-01 Days of Our Lives image

      * Little Theo, Terrell Ransom Jr. will be seen these dates: August 7, 12, 13, 20, 24 and 26.

      * Sister Claire will be played by Rusty Schwimmer starting July 28.

      * Lindsay Hartley will be taking over the role of Arianna while Felisha Terrell has been let go. Read the story, here. Felisha's last airdate is August 25th. Though the show originally released that Lindsay's first air date would be September 28, she'll actually first appear on August 28.

      * Kate’s assistant Chris, played by Ross Matthews, has been seen again this month.

      * 'T,' Will's friend, is played by Brendan Coughlin. He'll be seen July 20 and August 6.

      * David Leisure will appear as the new District Attorney. Stay tuned for his air date as it's released! Read more here.

      * Past writer returns! Michelle Poteet Lisanti has made a return to writing for all those characters in Salem earlier in the month. She has worked as a staff writer with the show in 1987-1994.

      * "Judge" is played by Alan Fudge, August 10.

      * "Bartender" is played by Carlos Arellano, August 11.

      * Dr. Baker, (John Callahan) is returning August 12.

      * has just learned from his talent agent that Kevin Spirtas will be reprising his role as Dr. Craig Wesley for three days, starting August 28.

      * August 16, Brenda will be played by Nikki Deloach.

      * One of the thugs that works for the Kiriakis clan, we've been seeing, 'Carlo' is played by Taymour Gahazi. Carlo isn't long for Salem. August 4 he returns.

      * Wally Kurth is back as Justin Kiriakis! Read that story here.

      * Who was that? We received a few emails asking who Bev, the nurse was at the hospital. Bev was played by Mary Jo Catlett.

      * Owen, Wes Ramsey, returns in a fantasy sequence with Stephanie, (Shelley Hennig) June 15.

      * 'Joyce,' Carlo's widow, is played by Catherine Wadkins. We'll see her August 4.

      * Many want to know who the stalker is! Ex-Sunset Beach star, Nick Stabile has been seen lurking around Salem and he'll be playing a character named, Dean. Could he be hiding behind his badge as one of Salem's finest?

      * Former Days actress Judi Evans (ex-Adrienne/Bonnie) has been cast on As The World Turns! Read more here.

      * Catherine Wadkins will play a widow on August 3 and 4. Read more here.

      * Ciara goes for a play-date with her friend Tracy, played by Harley Graham, on July 9. (Remember her? Cute little blond girl from Bold and the Beautiful as Alexandria Forrester?)

      * ex-The Young and the Restless star, Rachel Kimsey (ex-Mac) will come to Salem as Meredith, a woman connected to Rafe, July 17.

      * Ex-Sunset Beach star, Nick Stabile will arrive in Salem June 25.

      * Ross Matthews returns as Kate’s assistant Chris on Tuesday June 23.

      * June 10, Rachel Melvin returns briefly as Chelsea.

      * Yvette Freeman (Nurse) will be coming to Salem again to take care of Grace when she falls ill.

      * Owen, played by Wes Ramsey, will be leaving the show the week of June 1, when he is arrested.

      * I've been sitting on this one for a while... Mark Hapka comes to Salem to play Nathan Horton, Melissa and Pete's son and Maggie's grandson. He's an intern at the hospital and is a pairing for Melanie. He will first be seen June 17. More on that here! Read an interview about him here.

      * Jacoby Ellsbury, from the Boston Red Sox in the background of Java Cafe, Thursday June 18! I don't believe you'll see much of him, so be prepared!

      * Casey Jon Deidrick comes to Salem as Chad, Mia's ex-beau, Friday June 19.

      * Nick Stabile "may" be joining the show as a Horton. Waiting for confirmation from the show. (Confirmation above.)

      * Who plays the pretty Java Cafe Waitress? Alany Curry, who has been with the show since 2006.

      * Update on Gordon Thomson: and a news piece on him. He'll be first seen May 18 and will be coming to the show with a recurring role as Walter, Owen the gardener's father.

      * New babies on the show! Ailisha and Julia O'Connor are now playing Grace, as per a studio rep!

      * The studio let me know that the good looking doc that Nicole spoke to May 8 was Donnell Turner!

      * Mia’s cousin Jamie, played by Brie Gabrielle, interrupts a tender moment between Will & Mia on Friday May 29.

      * Doc Baker (John Callahan) leaves town after a fall in the DiMera mansion. Updated: He leaves May 13, but he will return at some later date! Look out Nicole!

      Saturday, August 1st, 2009

    • 2009-08-01 The Young and the Restless image

      * Actor David Wells appears as the Minister on July 28.

      * John Nielsen appears as a doctor on July 27.

      * Sean Kanan will bring his character Deacon Sharpe to Y&R! He is first seen on July 9!

      * Actor Wilson Bethel is playing in scenes with Sean Kanan's Deacon Sharpe - he's the young sidekick!

      * Ed Stanley appears as Summer's doctor on July 10.

      * That's Samantha Bailey now playing Summer Newman. Find out more here!

      * Steve Richard Harris reprises his role of Aidan the bartender at the Club on July 14 and 15. To see who he shares scenes with, click here!

      * John Driscoll, formerly of Guiding Light, has been cast as Nina's (Tricia Cast's) son, Phillip Chancellor IV. He will first air on July 16! Take a peek at him on set here!

      * Actress Tammy Barr will portray a young Patty Williams on July 2. Read about it here!

      * Andy Umberger appears as Judge on July 1.

      * Tatyana Ali appears as Roxy on July 1.

      Saturday, August 1st, 2009

    • 2009-07-30 General Hospital image

      * Leslie Charleson has signed on to play Monica Quartermaine for another year.

      * Brian Norris will play a cop who slows down Jason and Sam on their way to find Michael and Kristina on July 31.

      * Amy Castle (ex-Viki, Passions) played the part of Tara, the girl on Keifer’s lap, on the July 20 episode.

      * Assistant District Attorney, Louise Addison, was played by Cara Pifko on the July 10 episode and is on recurring status.

      * Greg Vaughn's status has not changed as he stated (in all caps) on Twitter, "I HAVE NOT BEEN PUT ON RECURRING STATUS!!! BUT, IT FEELS LIKE IT! HAHA"

      * Christian Alexander will continue to play Kristina's friend Kiefer, who punched Michael at Jake's, on a recurring basis.

      * In a recent interview with Lisa LoCicero (Olivia), the actress stated she would be taping scenes with Megan Ward (Kate) on July 13 for future episodes. Keep an eye on the GH News Room for the full interview!

      * Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) has been officially placed on contract! With her son Dante now in town and her red-hot affair with Johnny heating up, it seems Lisa will definitely have her plate full.

      * Watch out Port Charles! Anthony Zacchara, played by Bruce Weitz, is returning on July 10.

      * Alexis Pullos joins the cast as an older version of Ric and Alexis' daughter Molly in early July.

      * Lexi Ainsworth, who just started as the SORASed Kristina, has been placed on contract with General Hospital.

      * Ronnie Marmo is joining the cast of GH as an undisclosed character on July 9.

      * Sebastian Roche will return as Jerry Jacks this July for a short stint.

      For more information on the goings on at GH, check out the spoilers and casts list.

      Thursday, July 30th, 2009

    • 2009-07-14 One Life To Live image

      * Chris Stack (Michael McBain) returned briefly starting on July 14 to help wrap up the Leukemia storyline! Sorry, fans, Marcie (Kathy Brier) won't be returning with him. More on that in our News Room!

      * Kearra Giovanni appeared as Dr. Wright during the week of June 29. More on that in our News Room!

      * Though Dina Manzo ("Real Housewives") was spotted at the studio, there is no official word that she's joining the cast. Stay tuned!

      * Terrell Tilford landed a role as Dr. Greg Evans and first aired on June 23! Get the scoop in our News Room!

      * Kathy Brier left her role as Marcie McBain on June 17, as the show decided not to renew her contract. More on that in our News Room!

      * Chris Stack left his role as Michael McBain on June 17, as the show decided not to renew his contract. More on that in our News Room!

      * Although there has been talk that GL's Gina Tognoni (Dinah) may be coming back to the show as Kelly Cramer, as of yet, she's still on contract with CBS. will keep you posted should a return to Llanview become official.

      * Ada Maris first appeared as Aurelia Rivera (Markko's mom) on June 12. More on that in our News Room!

      * David Pinon first appeared as Ernesto Rivera (Markko's dad) on June 12. More on that in our News Room!

      * Forbes March (ex-Nash Brennan) has joined the cast of As The World Turns as Mason! More on that in our ATWT News Room!

      * A Martinez (Ray Montez) left the show on June 10. More on that in our News Room!

      * Though rumors have stated that Brandon Buddy (Cole Thornhart) would be leaving the show, the actor is staying - so is Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning)! More on that in our News Room!

      Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

    • 2009-07-14 One Life To Live image

      * Kim Sullivan returned as Judge Runyon on August 31.

      * Michael Lowry (ex-Jake Martin, AMC) appeared as Ross Rayburn on August 28! More on that in our News Room!

      * Theis Weckesser returned as Officer Keaton on August 21.

      * Lea DeLaria returned as Madame Delphina on August 19. More on that in our News Room!

      * Patrick Allen Cole returned as Jeff - the manager of Rodi's on August 17.

      * Nicholas Rodriguez appeared on August 17 as Nick! More on that in our News Room!

      * Amanda Setton appeared as Kimberly Andrews on August 14! More on that in our News Room!

      * Kevin O'Rourke made an early return as Mayor Stan Lowell on August 12.

      * Although rumors have stated Guiding Light's Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis) would be joining the show as Joey Buchanan, at this time this was just a rumor.

      * David Gregory appeared as TV producer Ford on August 11.

      * Tuc Watkins (David Vickers) made another return to Llanview on August 10! Stay tuned! More on that in our News Room!

      * Matt Walton debuted as Elijah Clarke, previously released as Elijah Kent, on August 7! More on that in our News Room!

      * David Vadim arrived as a drug lord named Serge on August 6. More on that in our News Room!

      * Salsa singer Frankie Negron performed August 5! More on that in our News Room!

      * Richard Topol appeared as a rabbi on August 3. More on that in our News Room!

      * Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport) returned on July 30. More on that in our News Room!

      * Lea DeLaria returned as Madame Delphina on July 27.

      * Jon Prescott appeared as Chad on July 14.

      Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

    • 2009-06-29 The Bold and the Beautiful image

      * Victor Alfieri returns as Giovanni on July 16.

      * Will Andrew Collins’ Jarrett be friend or foe to the Forresters during his next appearance on July 15?

      * Madison shows up on July 16, when Stephanie Wang returns to the role.

      * Daniel McVicar’s Clarke is never far away, as he will make his presence known on July 17 and July 20.

      * Bryan Genesse finally has another scene as Rocco on July 10.

      * Shakeera Kelly portrays a Forrester Model on July 10 and 13. Lauren Gish and Erin Guzowski will join Shakeera as Forrester Models on July 10.

      * Nic D'Avirro plays a Banker in scenes with Eric on July 10 and 13.

      * Tyrone Power, Jr. will play the role of Mr. Penhollow and David Kono will play Mr. Howard, both of whom are Forrester Creations buyers, in scenes with Donna on July 10 and 13.

      * Henderson Wade portrays Glen Perkins, an "Eye on Fashion" reporter, in scenes with Katie and Bill on July 10 and 13.

      * Kipp Shiotani portrays Chaika on June 29, June 30, July 2 and July 6.

      * Daniel McVicar returns as Clarke Garrison on June 29 and July 2.

      * Donald Li plays an Hawaiian minister on July 3.

      * Manny Castillo appears as Kamalu on July 1.

      * Kimiko Rojas will show up as an island girl on July 3.

      * Anthony Begonia is ukulele player Akoni on July 3.

      * Tom Schmid portrays a minister on June 24 and June 25.

      * Rick Hearst returns as Whip Jones III on July 17.

      * Kipp Shiotani portrays Chaika on June 29, June 30, July 2 and July 6.

      Don't forget to check out our Spoilers section and Cast List for more information on what's happening on B&B.

      Monday, June 29th, 2009

    • 2009-06-25 General Hospital image

      * Rick Hearst’s last day as Ric Lansing on GH will be June 25, not July 17 as we previously reported. However, you can still catch the actor on the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful beginning July 17! Read more about his role as Whip Jones here.

      * Martha Byrne’s first episode as Andrea Floyd will air on June 18. For more on her character, read our interview with the actress in the GH News Room.

      * Christian Alexander plays Kristina’s friend, Kiefer, who gets into it with Michael on June 18.

      * Dakota Mitchell plays Callahan, from whom Jason defends Sam on June 15.

      * Kathryn Condidorio will play the role of the Mayor’s mistress, Brianna Hughes, when she turns up unconscious on June 10.

      * Lexi Ainsworth will appear as the SORASed Kristina on June 4.

      * Dominic Zamprogna comes to GH as Dominic to assist Claudia with one of her schemes on June 22.

      * The Arizona Diamondbacks’ first baseman Conor Jackson will play Michael’s physical therapist on June 3.

      * Emma Samms is sticking around until June 2 to finish her stint as Holly.

      * The truth about Rebecca may finally be revealed, as Helena, played by Constance Towers, returns to Port Charles to confront Emily's look-a-like on June 4.

      * Scott Damian’s Fredo interacts with Jason on May 29.

      * Rick Hearst’s last day as Ric Lansing will be on July 17. However, you can still catch the actor on B&B!

      * Although Tony Geary takes a long summer vacation every year, viewers will miss him less in 2009. He's been pre-taping episodes that will air into June and will return by mid August.

      * Older Morgan has been cast! He'll be played by Aaron Refvem who has appeared on "Grey's Anatomy" and "Two and a Half Men". Aaron will debut in early summer.

      * Also filled is the roled of strong-willed sixteen year-old Kristina. Lexi Ainsworth, ("iCarly" and "Gilmore Girls") will appear in early summer.

      Thursday, June 25th, 2009

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