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    Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

    • 2009-01-13 Days of Our Lives image

      * Bryan Friday is playing the part of the masked man, stalking Marlena, starting August 5. This comes directly from my pal at DAYS. Interestingly enough, Bryan is well known for his work as a stunt man, stunt driver or stunt double. Perhaps this is evil Bart?

      * Susan Seaforth Hayes, Julie, returns for Hope and Bo's wedding, August 6.

      * Brandon DeShazer will play Harry, the detective we've seen work the computer at the Salem PD.

      * The role of “Young Stefano” is going to be played by Davide Schivone. He will air Wednesday, August 20th

      * There have been rumors flying around that Eric Martsolf is coming to the show as 'Brady Black. I spoke with a pal at the show today who tells me there is no truth to this. I contacted Eric's publicist. Direct quote from Eric himself, "First I've heard about it." (Few months down the road, the show actually did contact him! Your letters must help!!)

      * Several have asked who Eddie is. Jeff Chase played Ava's goon, Eddie Friday July 25. He shot Phil!

      * Linden Ashby is on his way back as "Paul"! Tune in July 30, or read our article on Linden's return to find out what really happened to him.

      Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

    • 2009-01-05 The Bold and the Beautiful image

      * Yvette Cason appears as Evelyn on January 6.

      * Cynthia Kirchner returns as Grace December 30 - January 2.

      * Jarrett shows up again when Andrew Collins reprises the role on January 2 & 5.

      * Kara Rosella plays a Forrester employee on December 30.

      * Has Pam been rehabilitated? We’ll find out when her portrayer Alley Mills returns on Friday, December 26.

      * Drew Tyler Bell continues his return as Thomas on December 23 and December 24.

      * December 23 & 24 will be big days for the kids as Cameron and McKenzie Carr return as Jack (December 23 only), Amanda Pace returns as Hope, Ridge Perkett returns as R.J., Harley Graham returns as Aly and Andrew and Jacob Scotto return as Felicia's son Dominick.

      * Robin McGraw will appear as herself on January 14.

      * Grace makes another appearance when Cynthia Kirchner plays the Donna look alike again on December 16, 17, and 18.

      * Stephanie Wang returns as Madison on December 16.

      * Meghan Benafield is Sherri on December 16.

      * Carly Steel plays a flight attendant on December 19.

      * Thomas shows up again when Drew Tyler Bell reprises the role on December 16.

      * Dan Martin will appear as Lt. Baker on December 9, 10 and 12.

      * Beth and Stephen finally show up again, as Robin Riker and Patrick Duffy appear as their alter egos on December 4, December 5 and December 8.

      * It was previously reported that Phoebe would return in November, however it is now confirmed that MacKenzie Mauzy returns as Ridge and Taylor’s daughter beginning December 2.

      * Drew Tyler Bell pops up as Thomas once again beginning December 4.

      Monday, January 5th, 2009

    • 2009-01-05 The Young and the Restless image

      * Tom Virtue will appear as a judge on January 6 - who will be getting their time in the courtroom? Gloria? Katherine? Perhaps it's Adam?
      * Y&R continues to make long time fans happy by bringing the Abbott clan to the forefront. Watch on January 6, as Beth Maitland appears as Traci again!

      * Watch out Neil and Karen! Tonya Lee Williams is back as meddling ex-sister-in-law Dr. Olivia Winters on January 6!
      * Lisa Waltz appears as a sex therapist on January 8! Who in Genoa City would need her services? Oh, right, our resident sex addict - Jack Abbott!
      * Sarah Buehler appears as a female prisoner on January 8. Guess the drama will continue for Gloria and Katherine behind bars!
      * Mieko Hillman appears as Mariel on January 9.
      * Another update in casting news. Rumors are going around, making us work harder! We found out today that Lauralee Bell (ex-Christine Blair) is not returning to the show as you're hearing. This from her agent.

      * Update on Don Diamont, (Brad Carlton). As we posted earlier, he was let go from his role and will be seen on canvas until February.

      * Vail Bloom's option has just been picked up, so she'll be staying on at Y&R as Heather Stevens!

      * Hayley Erin has been cast as the newly-aged Abby Carlton. Her first airdate is December 29!

      * Tatyana Ali ­appears as Roxanne hangs out with Devon in Crimson Lights on December 29. She'll be on the scene when Lily has an important conversation with Colleen!

      Monday, January 5th, 2009

    • 2009-01-02 One Life To Live image

      * Jack Rovello played Matthew's rival Justin starting on January 23! More on that in our News Room!

      * Dana Sipovich played Becca beginning on January 21.

      * The rock band The Plain White T's performed in Llanview on January 21, 2009! More on that in our News Room!

      * The little boy who appeared in Brody's (Mark Lawson) visions is played by Syam Lafi!

      * Kyle Klaus returned as a Navy Seal in a flashback on January 19.

      * Michael Easton (John McBain) renewed his contract! Read all about it in our News Room!

      * Charlotte D'Amboise appeared as Vice Principal Dickinson (Llanview High) on January 16. More on that in our News Room!

      * Lea Delaria returned as Delphina on January 15. More on that in our News Room!

      * Scott Clifton (ex-GH Dillon Quartermaine) has been cast to play Schuyler - a teacher at Llanview High, originally to be played by Brett Claywell! His first air date was on January 9. More on that in our News Room!

      * Justis Bolding (Sarah Roberts) exited the show on January 7. More on that in our News Room!

      * Justin Paul Kahn (Wes Granger) will be sticking around Llanview a while longer! Visit his profile in our OLTL Cast List!

      * Clem H. Cheung appeared as a Master in some upcoming scenes with Tuc Watkins (David Vickers) on January 5.

      * Tonja Walker (Alex Olanov) briefly returned beginning on January 2, 2009! More on that in our News Room!

      Friday, January 2nd, 2009

    • 2008-12-29 All My Children image

      *Colin Egglesfield is returning to Pine Valley in January! Colin was moved to recurring status in October; "Josh" was last seen when Kendall helped him escape from Zach!

      * has learned that AMC is casting the role of Carolyn, Jake's wife!

      Coming to Pine Valley:

      *Welcome Adam-Jon Fiorentino who will play Reese's ex-fiance Simon on December 30. Adam-Jon is starring in the Broadway production of "Mary Poppins" as Bert.

      *Francesca James will make a special appearance as Kelly Cole Tyler on December 19, the episode dedicated to Eileen Herlie (Myrtle).

      *Agnes Nixon the creator of All My Children, will return as Aggie in December during the special episode dedicated to Myrtle!

      *McKenzie Westmore will play Dr. Sinclair beginning in December. Read about that here.

      Monday, December 29th, 2008

    • 2008-12-29 General Hospital image

      *Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) and Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) leave town after their screen daughter (Robin Scorpio) gets married.

      *Dylan Cash reprised his role as comatose Michael Corinthos on December 29.

      *Mike Muscat is on tap to play Santa on December 23. He's been on "Golden Girls," "L.A. Law,"The Practice" and many other TV shows.

      *Finally, official word that can count on! ABC reports that Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily Quartermaine) is indeed returning to General Hospital as another character. She will play a seductress named Rebecca starting on January 8, 2009! Welcome back Natalia!

      *Sandra Hess (Sasha) will leave Port Charles (and Earth!) the week of December 22.

      *Senta Moses appears on January 2 as Winnifred. She is set to cross paths with Spinelli and appear in five episodes.

      *Special Agent Rayner's (Mark Pinter) work in Port Charles is done for now!

      *According to Ingo Rademacher's website, he has inked a new contract with General Hospital.

      *Scott Clifton (ex-Dillon Quartermaine) has joined the cast of One Life to Live. He'll play a faculty member named Schuyler. Clifton's role will first air on January 9.

      *Sarah Brown has signed her contract for another year according to her official website. (Her existing contract was set to expire on January 14, 2009.) Looks like being Mrs. Sonny Corinthos appealed to her! Congrats Sarah!

      *Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks) will return for a 'handful of appearances' according to one source.

      * already reported that Nadine's Aunt Raylene will be played SNL alum Mary Gross beginning on December 4. The new information is that Jack Wallace (Nadine's Uncle Vance) and Brian Turk (cousin Bo) come to Port Charles on December 3. On December 12, Ian Reed Kesler appears as Eric Holt, Aunt Rayleen's lawyer.

      *The more things change, the more they stay the same. That's about all we can say about whether or not Vaness Marcil will finally return as Brenda Barrett now that "Lipstick Jungle" has been cancelled. Bob Guza still wants to lure her back and she is still interested in working something out. To read more about Vanessa's acting load, click

      *It's not official, but all signs indicate that the direction of Sonny Corinthos has pleased Maurice Benard so much that signing a new contract will not be a problem.

      *Also not official is the word that Sonny and Olivia's son Dante will be played by David Lago, most recently Raul on The Young and the Restless. The actor has been seen at the studio however. Look for Dante to come to Port Charles early in the new year.

      Monday, December 29th, 2008

    • 2008-12-29 The Young and the Restless image

      * Another update in casting news. Rumors are going around, making us work harder! We found out today that Lauralee Bell (ex-Christine Blair) is not returning to the show as you're hearing. This from her agent.

      * Update on Don Diamont, (Brad Carlton). As we posted earlier, he was let go from his role and will be seen on canvas until February.

      * Vail Bloom's option has just been picked up, so she'll be staying on at Y&R as Heather Stevens! Read about it here!

      * Hayley Erin has been cast as the newly-aged Abby Carlton. Read all about it here! Her first airdate is said to be December 29!

      * Tatyana Ali ­appears as Roxanne hangs out with Devon in Crimson Lights on December 29. She'll be on the scene when Lily has an important conversation with Colleen!

      Monday, December 29th, 2008

    • 2008-12-15 One Life To Live image

      * Puddle of Mudd performed on December 30! More on that in our News Room!

      * Phil Carey (Asa Buchanan) made another ghostly appearance on December 29! More on that in our News Room!

      * Tia Dionne Hodge returned as 'Mel' on December 26.

      * Look for Tuc Watkins returned as David Vickers on December 26! More on that in our News Room!

      * Henry Yuk appeared as Yogi in a flashback scene of David Vickers' on December 29.

      * A. Martinez resurfaced as Ray Montez on December 23. More on that in our News Room!

      * Tari Signor (Margaret) appeared to Todd (Trevor St. John) on December 18.

      * The show had a casting call out for the part of Talia's rebellious sister.

      * Robert (Wortham) Krimmer returned as Andrew Carpenter on December 10! Find out what he's been up to since leaving the show in our News Room!

      * Stephanie Schmahl took over the role of Bree on December 9. More on the recast in our News Room!

      * Florencia Lozano returned as Téa Delgado on December 5! More on that in our News Room!

      * Maureen Mueller (Dr. Joplin) last appear on December 4.

      * Jeb Brown appeared as Dr. Bonner on December 3. NOTE: This is what is written on the ABC Site, that Dr. Bonner appeared, who was played by Jeb Brown in past epsiodes. We'll be sure to bring this to the attention of our contact at ABC about this misinformation.

      * Tia Dionne Hodge appeared as 'Mel' on December 1.

      * January LaVoy (Noelle) and John Rue (Moe) made another return on December 1 - this time maybe for good! Get the scoop in our News Room!

      * Olga Merediz appeared as Sister Mary Claire during the week of November 24. More on that in our News Room!

      * Although Andrea Evans' (Tina Lord) publicist, Paul Shefrin, told, on October 12, "The rumor that Andrea has decided to leave the show is not true…" Andrea has now officially decided against relocating to New York on a full-time basis and last aired on November 25. More updates on that in our News Room!

      * Triplets, Tess, Madeline and Molly Sullivan played in some of the upcoming baby scenes surrounding Starr (Kristen Alderson) and Tess' (Bree Williamson) births. More on that in our News Room!

      Monday, December 15th, 2008

    • 2008-12-15 The Young and the Restless image

      * 80's pop star, Tiffany, will be making an appearance on the show December 22! Read about it here, and check out the video clip!

      * Mickey Maxwell, Deborah Kee, and Harrison Crenshaw will appear as a Christmas Carolers­ on December 22.­­

      As Katherine continues her amnesia-fuelled run as Marge, June Squibb will appear as Pearl, and Louis Mustillo as Joe Jr. at the diner on December 23.­­

      * Ric Cramer will appear as a Jail Guard on December 23 - goodness knows he's been plenty busy the past few weeks!­­

      * Rafael Torres will have his hands full representing Adam! Yani Gellman reprises his role as the hot, young lawyer on December 23!

      * As Paul heads to Mexico to get the goods on Adam and Jack, fans will get to see Danny Trejo as the bartender, and Kimberley Perez as his daughter again on December 19!

      * Yani Gellman shows up on December 15 and 19 as Rafe, the hottie lawyer helping the Winters clan!

      *Looks like Papa John Abbott is dropping in for another round of offering sage advice, as Jerry Douglas returns on December 11, 17, and 19!
      * Larry Bagby brings the Frank Ellis character back on December 9, 11, and 16 as the petty criminal wheels and deals with Victor and rats out Adam and Jack!

      * Karen Rao appears as a doctor, and Debbie Campbell appears as a nurse on December 9. Presumably they will treat Chloe in the hospital.

      * Kerrie Keane will appear as a Judge on December 9 and 10. Hopefully this means that Victor's behind will be sprung from jail so he can get on with his revenge!

      * Jeanne Cooper has just renewed her contract, which will keep her on the show for another three years! Lucky viewers!

      * Vanessa Marano has been cast as Eden Garick. Read about her in the Y&R News Room. She will pick up where her predecesoor left off - presumably sneaking around with Noah! Her first air date is December 3.

      * Erin Sanders has left the role of Eden Garick, since the show decided to recast the role. Her last air date was November 19.

      * Tonya Lee Williams appears as Olivia Hastings on December 2. Watch for Olivia to become "Ms. Meddlesome" again as this time she lectures Lily!

      * Cassius Willis appears as Detective Gil Wallace on the week of December 1 and again on December 12, 16, and 19 Can he sort things out with Tyra after the custody debacle? Watch for him to be the one who finally deals with the face cream debacle!

      * June Squibb appears as Pearl on December 2. She is a waitress who works with 'Marge' in the diner and seems to have an eye for fine jewelry!

      * Elena Lyons appears as Marisol Pena on December 1. Marisol is a social worker that interacts with the Winters family.

      * Bobby Hosea appears as Burke Shay on December 2, 9 & 10.

      * Yani Gellman first appears as Rafael Torres on December 1. Get the scoop in the Y&R News Room! This young attorney will be called Rafe, familiarly, and will move to help out with Ana's case as a favor to Billy!

      * Jennifer Sipes is the winner of the casting call held recently by Y&R in Dallas, Texas. Watch for her to appear as Adam and Heather's wedding planner on December 12 and 16! Read about it in the Y&R News Room!

      * Don Diamont will be leaving his role of Brad Carlton in 2009. Read about it in the Y&R News Room!

      Monday, December 15th, 2008

    • 2008-12-10 As the World Turns image

      This is a complete list of ins and outs or comings and goings for As The World Turns:

      Breaking News:

      *Paolo Seganti (Damian Grimaldi) is returning to Oakdale! Last seen in 2006 after trying to have Luke 'deprogrammed', Damian is going to be back with a bang in March! Welcome back, Paolo!

      *Welcome back, Eric! has learned that Eric William Morris (Matt O'Conner) will return from the clink in January. Matt was last seen being carted off to jail after Grey Gerard's plans went south.

      Who's Coming?

      *Carlos Alberto Valencia will play Robby on December 23; Robby makes trouble for Jade!

      * has learned that Kelli Barrett will take on the role of Maddie Coleman in December!

      *Sarah Glendening will take over the role of Lucy Montgomery in December. Read about that here.

      *Maggie Crawford, editorial director and Vice President of Simon & Schuster, will play herself on December 22. Maggie is going to be Henry's book editor; you can read about Henry's novel here.

      *Bailey Harkins has been cast as Johnny Montgomery; he will first appear in December.

      *Lannon Killea returns as Mark, Kevin's campaign manager, on December 9.

      *Daniel Ziskie plays the judge at Jack and Janet's wedding on December 12.

      *Harry Danner plays Father Bernard beginning in December.

      *Marcia McCabe appears as Carolyn on December 8.

      * has learned that Davida Williams will take on the role of Jade! Read more about that here.

      Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

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