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    The Bold and the Beautiful News Room, Daily Updates & Cast

    A word from the Recap/News Writer of The Bold and the Beautiful

    First airing March 23 on CBS in 1987, The Bold and the Beautiful storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of the beautiful and affluent people of the fashion world in Beverly Hills. Soap fans are invited to read comprehensive daily recaps/updates, most recent news about the actors/actresses and the show, the latest spoilers and join our entertaining message boards!

    The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Updates

    B&B Recap: Have A Heart.
    Friday, April 18 2014

    Karen makes a decision, Maya records a conversation, and Katie and Justin face off.
    At the outdoor cafe, Brooke works on Karen to try to get her to let Bill return as CEO and run Spencer Publications. Karen remarks on Brooke being willing to fight for Bill despite what it would do to her sister. Brooke soothes that Karen had the right intentions with Katie, but it's simply not fair to Bill. Karen thinks personal issues shouldn't affect business. Bill questions why he's not in his office then. He wants Karen's... » read more

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    The Bold and the Beautiful News Room

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Brooke's Question.
    Friday, April 18 2014

    You know me.

    On Monday's episode of "B&B," Hope and Brooke have a heart-to-heart about Hope's situation, and the drama with Quinn, Wyatt, and Liam continues. Watch the sneak peek below. » read more

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    B&B Breakdown Weekly Blog. - 2014/04/18 » read more

    Star of the Week

    Zach Conroy (CBS)
    Name: Zach Conroy
    Character: Oliver Jones
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