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    The Bold and the Beautiful - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

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    Friday, September 21 2007

    Brooke and Ridge share a kiss. Rick gets close to Ashley. Donna and Eric share a mutual flirtation! » Read More

    C'est La Vie!

    Thursday, September 20 2007

    Ashley and Ridge argue about Brooke. Brooke tells Nick what happened to her. Thorne and Donna have a bittersweet meeting. » Read More

    "Destiny's" Child

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    Brooke is talking about destiny again. Nick tells Bridget to stay quiet about his and Taylor's baby. Ashley and Ridge hit the sheets. » Read More

    Nick's No Egghead!

    Tuesday, September 18 2007

    Brooke tells Ridge she's missed 'them'. Taylor gives Ashley some advice. Nick visits Bridget to get some answers. » Read More

    Calling All Mothers!

    Monday, September 17 2007

    Taylor's baby may have more mothers than most. Brooke's family is brought up to date on Stephanie's role in her rape. Donna encounters Eric at the bar. » Read More

    This Little Letter...

    Friday, September 14 2007

    Eric finds the napkin with Andy's phone number. Ridge and Brooke try to digest the fact that Stephanie helped Andy. Stephanie leaves a letter for Brooke and does a runner. » Read More

    It's Mother!

    Thursday, September 13 2007

    Ridge gradually comes to the incredible conclusion that his mother helped Andy get to Brooke. Eric finds out about the rape and Stephanie's role. Brooke has a touching moment with her daughter, before her world is rocked. » Read More


    Wednesday, September 12 2007

    Eric reveals his candid opinion to Ashley, Brooke reveals the rape to Felicia, and Stephanie's number is revealed to Ridge! » Read More

    The Phone Knows...

    Tuesday, September 11 2007

    Katie visits Stephanie but is hostile company! The phone lines are burning up today as Stephanie calls Ridge, Ridge calls Ed, then Brooke, Katie gets a mysterious call, and Ridge finds Andy's cellphone. » Read More

    Wedding Crash!

    Monday, September 10 2007

    Thorne can't go through with the wedding. Katie's role is exposed, and Stephanie and Donna have it out! » Read More

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