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    The Bold and the Beautiful - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

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    One Step at a Time.

    Thursday, August 07 2008

    Ridge, Brooke and Bridget discuss Eric’s condition, while Nick and Katie discuss their baby. » Read More

    Darkness and Light.

    Wednesday, August 06 2008

    Storm freaks Katie out, Bridget and Brooke bond over Katie, and Beth has a session with Taylor. » Read More

    What Will Be Will Be.

    Tuesday, August 05 2008

    Katie tells Nick she’s carrying his baby, Brooke and Bridget discuss Katie’s weird mood, and Katie sees a strange vision while on the Marlin. » Read More

    The Waiting Game.

    Monday, August 04 2008

    Katie processes the fact that she’s pregnant while keeping it from Bridget, Bridget consoles Donna over Eric, and Katie tells Nick they have to talk. » Read More


    Friday, August 01 2008

    Bridget and Nick agree to try for a baby, Marcus and Steffi romp at the beach and Katie gets some unexpected news from her doctor. » Read More

    A Kiss Goodbye?

    Thursday, July 31 2008

    Donna makes her decision and sends Owen packing, Katie enjoys an evening with the Marones and Marcus confides in his Aunt Brooke. » Read More

    Ulterior Motives.

    Wednesday, July 30 2008

    Ridge tries to enjoy his time off from work, Donna tries to take the reigns at Forrester, Owen helps Donna adjust, and Marcus wants Owen gone. » Read More

    B&B Pre-Empted on the West Coast

    Tuesday, July 29 2008

    Because of an earthquake in the Los Angeles area, The Bold and the Beautiful was pre-empted due to news coverage. » Read More

    It Must be the Nutmeg.

    Monday, July 28 2008

    Owen bolsters Donna’s spirits, Brooke tries to make Donna reconsider, the Forrester siblings try to figure out how to overrule Donna, and Rick scrambles to keep the company together. » Read More

    I Am In Charge!

    Friday, July 25 2008

    Donna drops a bomb, Beth notices Katie and Nick's connection, and Bridget spends time with her father. » Read More

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