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    The Bold and the Beautiful - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

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    Off The Hook!

    Tuesday, December 04 2007

    As Ridge tells Nick he's 'off the hook', Katie finds out the truth about Jack's maternity, and Brooke rushes to the baby's side after an upsetting phone call! » Read More

    Ridge Confronts Nick!

    Monday, December 03 2007

    As the Logan sisters argue about whether or not they believe in their father's innocence, Ridge confronts Nick - demanding to know where he and his mother were at the time of the shooting! The forensics come back and Stephen is implicated, but his phone call to Stephanie leaves her wondering if they're wrong again! » Read More

    Stephen is Arrested!

    Friday, November 30 2007

    As Brooke and Ridge reconnect, and Stephanie sticks to her theory that Donna was the shooter, the police arrest Stephen Logan! » Read More

    Brooke's Promise.

    Thursday, November 29 2007

    As Donna tries to get the Forresters to believe she didn't shoot Stephanie, Brooke makes a promise to Ridge that she will never think of Jack as her own! » Read More

    Donna Meets Tiny!

    Wednesday, November 28 2007

    Eric tells Donna that he knows in his heart she didn't shoot Stephanie! Brooke flips when she discovers that Taylor isn't breastfeeding Jack! pam and Donna have a run-in! » Read More

    Twisted Sister?!

    Tuesday, November 27 2007

    As Stephanie continues to drowse and recover, Eric goes home to find Pam cooking pot roast! Brooke and Ridge have an uncomfortable difference of opinion. » Read More

    Stephanie Names Donna!

    Monday, November 26 2007

    As the Logans continue to exist in a cloud of suspicion, a groggy Stephanie names Donna as the shooter! » Read More

    B&B Pre-Empted 11/23

    Friday, November 23 2007

    CBS Daytime programming is pre-empted today due to the Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States. Regular programming returns Monday! » Read More

    B&B Pre-Empted 11/22

    Thursday, November 22 2007

    CBS Daytime programming is pre-empted today due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Price is Right and NFL Football will be seen instead. » Read More

    Who Shot "Mother"?!

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    Felicia goes ballistic on Donna when she finds out her mother has been shot! Lt. Baker and his son, Detective Charlie Baker are on the scene! » Read More

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