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    Forrester Has A New Owner

    Wednesday, November 29 2006
    The Forresters leave the company, and Nick asks Bridget to join the new Forrester!

    Stephanie clears the last box out of the Forrester office. She finds some paperwork, and again drifts off to the childhood memory she had the day before, where she broke a glass and her father was angry. Taylor interrupts the memory by entering the room. Stephanie remarks to Taylor, “I didn't realize you could fill boxes with some many personal things” Taylor asks Stephanie if she wants to continue their conversation from the day before, and Stephanie tells her, “Not today.”

    Eric comes in, and Stephanie tells him she has started counseling with Taylor so she can work on their marriage. Eric tells her that he thinks talking to Taylor is a good start. After he leaves, Taylor tells Stephanie that she has to change, or Eric will probably leave her.

    Brooke and Ridge come into the office, having finished packing up their portion of the building. Stephanie approaches Brooke and tells her that she knows she didn't have to sell her stock to Nick and it's a gesture she'll never forget. Ridge adds, “We're all in this together, as family!” The rest of the family comes in along with Sally, and the family gathers one last time in Forrester. Stephanie recalls memories of her children growing up in Forrester, and tells them “The four of you have turned out to be wonderful adults!” She goes on to say, “I know you all sacrificed your life's work for me. I'm sorry it had to end this way!”

    Everyone leaves the office except for Eric and Stephanie. Stephanie tells Eric, “I'm very proud to be your wife. I'm very proud to be Mrs. Eric Forrester!” The two turn to walk out of the office, and Eric takes one last look at the empty room before turning off the lights and leaving.

    At home, Nick tells Jackie that he is the new owner of Forrester Creations. When Jackie asks about Brooke, Nick tells her, “Brooke sold her stock to me. She chose the Forrester's. She chose Ridge!” Nick tells Jackie he instead wants Bridget to be part of the new Forrester Creations.

    Later, Nick comes into the empty Forrester office and sits down at Eric's desk. Bridget comes in and asks Nick one last time, “Please don't do this!” Nick tells her that Stephanie needs to be held accountable, and her family has forgiven her to many times. Nick goes on to tell Bridget he wants her to be part of the company, and will provide her with flexible hours for her, and for her baby that's on the way. Bridget turns and tells him, “I don't need you, or your flexible hours. I lost the baby!” Bridget starts to leave, but turns to tell him, “That honest man I fell in love with. God, I hope he's in there somewhere. Don't lose yourself in all of this!”

    Downstairs at Forrester the family gets off the elevator to a round of applause from their employees. Eric gives a speech and tells them “Someday, I'm going to get this company back!”

    Later, Stephanie comes upstairs to see Nick. Stephanie tells Nick that he's made an enemy for life. Stephanie asks Nick what "F" stands for in his business, and then offers suggestions to him, knocking the F out of the glass windows with each one. ”You may have our name on the outside of the building. You will never have talent in this building!”

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    Posted by tashagh at Wednesday, November 29 2006 11:46 AM

    way to go stephanie! she has her faults but she will protect her family at any costs, the fact that she knocked the F out of the glass windows as she wastalkin to nick shows that stephanie has no fear! =) I will be glad though if she and Eric are going to be able to reconnect I can';t rememeber the last time their was a romantic scene between stephanie and eric. I hope she finally does open up to him and this therapy with taylor helps her.

    Posted by jjrios78 at Wednesday, November 29 2006 11:56 AM

    Why was Sally there?

    Posted by seeemilywrite at Wednesday, November 29 2006 12:09 PM

    She is part of Forrester (the company), and i think is regarded to some extent by the Forresters as family now.

    Posted by Chrissi at Wednesday, November 29 2006 12:12 PM

    What a great episode!! I see good things for B&B!!

    Posted by chloe at Wednesday, November 29 2006 12:52 PM

    Thank God for this site so I don't have to waste my time or my VCR recording Brooke and Ridge ONCE AGAIN! I want to gag every time I have to look at them. What happened to Taylor and Thorne, there romance just started to blossom and here we go again, they are on the back burner for those two saps Brooke/Ridge and their undying love, they really make me sick. Why is Bridget so upset with what Nick did, she never goes near the company and knows nothing about it except for her inheritance-must be what the problem is. I thought she would be ecstatic, she can finally be by Nick's side since she succeded in help destroying her mom's marriage, she's another one who needs a shrink, just like her mom, can't find her own man have to steal someone elses. I'm not a fan of Donna's, but I hope she and Nick get together, that should tick Brooke off a bit

    Posted by Courtney Bea at Wednesday, November 29 2006 02:20 PM

    I have to comment on a certain E-mail about Brooke and Ridge. I am a Bridge fan since inception and I love all the cast members even Stephanie, who I didn't used to like. Brooke and Ridge are main characters on the show since it's beginning. No other soap couple light up the screen the way they do. Despite the fact that Brooke's character has made a complete change, some of the viewers still speak very disparingly about her. Brooke and Ridge are the reason I watch the show.

    Thanks for a great show!!!!

    Posted by msthang21 at Wednesday, November 29 2006 02:32 PM

    Brooke and Ridge stink. This whole everybody hugging episode is sickening. When will Brooke learn? Stephanie changes her loyalties with a drop of a hat. Once Brooke steps out of line they'll drop kick her out of the company completely. How is it that no one sees all of this is Brooke's fault? Had she stayed with Nick and I mean completely stayed with him(not just talking about loving him and then kissing Ridge in a linen closet at the hospital) none of this would have happened. Or if she had refused the stock Stephanie was bribing her with all of this could have been avoided. Brooke wants what she wants and it doesnt matter who gets hurt. She made a big deal about how much owning Forrestor meant to her and refused to separate herself from Ridge.Now she sells it without blinking an eye? Why didnt she offer her stock vs Eric and the family's? why wait until the family made the first move? And Bridget has some nerve. She knows zip about fashion. She broke up Felicia's wedding claiming she loved Dante so much and then casts him away w/out a second thought. She slept with her mother's husband purposely and had no problem breaking up their marriage. Now she wants Nick to be stop and think about her family? That's all anyone on this show does is think about that family. I hope Nick kicks their butts and I hope he recruits Amber when she's done with her Y&R role. How can Sally stand by the Forrestor's knowing Stephanie and Taylor lied boldly about Darla's death? Knowing they covered it up and lied to her face? I'm glad Nick is going to be their competition. Stephanie should learn to never say never. Everytime she does the competition runs over them. How many times has she called Brooke trash and said she'd never be a part of the family or the company? How many times did she tell sally they would never be real competition? She told Nick he'd never own Forrestor. Someone should tell her to keep her mouth shut.

    Posted by msclay01 at Wednesday, November 29 2006 02:33 PM

    So do I, CourtneyBea. I've been a fan of the show from the very beginning and I love Brooke and Ridge, especially together. It's a soap though and you expect them to mix it up every now and then!

    Posted by deloresmarie at Wednesday, November 29 2006 03:13 PM

    I though Stefanie was going to hit Nick with the fire pole.

    When she asked Nick what the F stood for I have a feeling what he really wanted to said.
    I can't understand how Brooke can just jump in bed with Ridge without a divorce. Stefanie loved Brooke today, but I have feeling in the near future she will be blaming Brooke for the family losing the company.
    Bridget is blaming Nick for what happened to her family but she too dumb to realized it started with her slepping with Nick, because she wanted him back. Let wait and see how long it will be for dog come back wagging her tail for some maintence from Nick. I wondered what Nick could have believed that he could gain fron taking this company from the Forresters. Its like that book, Nick Brooke is not into you so let it go. Nick has to learn he can't keep running from mom to daughter and daughter to mom and back to daughter. Now that Dante is leaving the show and Nick has had sex with everyone but Taylor, who is the next one on the list from the Forrester. I thing him and Bridget will end up back together she will tried to persuade him to give the company back.

    Posted by chloe at Wednesday, November 29 2006 03:26 PM

    Amen msthang21!! Thanks for your great post. I'm glad someone else finally agrees with me on the sickening Forrester fiasco. All they know how to do is lie, cheat, scheme and and swap family bed partners. Brooke better enjoy the ride while she can, it sure ins't going to last long and once again we will hear the "poor me" routine and "why can't you respect me" line. Boo Hoo!

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