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    Old Memories

    Tuesday, November 28 2006
    Bridget confronts Nick, Nick hires Donna as his head model, and Stephanie thinks back to her childhood.

    Ridge and Brooke wake up in bed together. Brooke rolls over and tells Ridge to wake up. Ridge responds, “Go away, I'm dreaming.” He tells Brooke that he had a dream where he met a magic genie, and the genie allowed him to pick one thing he wanted to have. He tells Brooke that she was the one thing in the world he wanted more than anything else, and now that he has her, and it wasn't a dream, he is never going to let her go. The two kiss, happy that they are now together. Ridge tells Brooke that he needs to head to work, but happily promises to come home to her, and their children later.

    Bridget stops by to see Brooke and tells her that she thinks she wasn't cut out to have children and that is why she lost the baby. Bridget blames herself for everything that has happened. She tells Brooke, “If I hadn't slept with Nick, your marriage would have never been on the rocks, and none of this would have happened!” Brooke tells Bridget that she was meant to be with Ridge, and she never stopped loving him, just like Bridget has never stopped loving Nick.

    Bridget tells Brooke she couldn't be with the man who took their company away from them. Brooke tells her “I know you'll do the right thing,” and tells her she loves her before leaving to go get ready to go out. Once Brooke leaves the room, Nick calls Bridget and asks her to come over. Bridget reluctantly agrees to stop by, but only for a few minutes.

    Nick gives Donna an employment contract, and asks her to be a permanent part of the staff at the new Forrester. Nick tells Donna she is going to be his main model, and a spokes model when needed. He also plans to use her in some management capacities, since she stood up for him and his mother when he needed her. Excited about her new important role in the company, Donna excitedly asks Nick “Where do I sign?”

    Bridget arrives quickly at Nick's. Bridget tells Nick that she is angry with him for what he did to her father, and that taking the company was mean and unnecessary. Nick tells her, “I don't care what your family thinks. You matter to me. You matter!” He goes on to tell her, “I value your opinion, and I want your respect. I want to be in your life somehow, and I want you in mine!” Bridget simply tells him 'Thank You” and walks out.

    At Forrester, Sally, Felicia, and Eric go through the office, cleaning out their personal belongings and company paraphernalia. Eric looks through some papers and sadly remarks to the two women, “Our rights to use Forrester in a fashion related house, are gone.” While going through a box, Sally finds an invitation to one of their best fashion shows ever, “ La Villa Este.” Felicia looks at the invitation and hands it to Eric. He briefly reminisces about the event, and remarks that it was one of his and Stephanie's greatest moments.

    Later, Ridge stops by Forrester and tells Eric he and Brooke are back together. Eric tells Ridge that he is happy for him and happy that “One relationship in the family can be healthy”

    Taylor arrives at Stephanie's house, and Stephanie tells her that she is having marital problems. She tells Taylor “I'm scared to death and I don't know why” When Taylor asks about Stephanie's childhood; Stephanie describes her growing up as “A Norman Rockwell painting.” She then goes on to say, “It was perfect, except for one thing. My father wanted a son!” Stephanie tells Taylor that her father wanted a son to pass his company down to. Her sister Ann was very girly, and would always spend time with her mother, leaving her to spend time with her dad. Stephanie recalls having bruises from playing football with her dad, and him throwing the football too hard.

    While in Taylor's office, Stephanie drifts off and starts to think back to other memories of her childhood. One memory was of her asking her father to read a book with her. When he refused, she got angry and broke a glass. Angry, her father told her she needed to learn to be “More careful” and takes his belt off in an intimidating manor. When Stephanie comes back to reality, Taylor asks her what she was thinking about. Stephanie tells Taylor “My childhood was no different than any other child's!” Deciding not to tell Taylor about her violent memory.

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    Posted by cheryl69 at Tuesday, November 28 2006 12:11 PM

    I guess now Bridget and Nick will get back together. I knew there had to be a reason Stephanie was so hard. Now the story will be about her being abused as a child for a while.

    Posted by toosweet at Tuesday, November 28 2006 12:19 PM

    I must comment, I must. I am so sick of Brook and Ridge so sick of them. I must say that I have to stop watching this show I must.

    Posted by gemini030 at Tuesday, November 28 2006 12:32 PM

    Brooke and Ridge is old news, their story is so boring. They end up together time and again and you just don't get no satisfaction from seeing it over and over again. Bridget and Nick are about to go down that same path but that trampy Donna gone put her two cents into it. She will mistake Nick's kindness towards her for something else and go out of her way to get him. They are all nasty.
    Seems like Brooke was giving Bridget the ok to be with Nick. Are they even divorced???

    Posted by Petdays at Tuesday, November 28 2006 12:39 PM

    I try to ignore Brooke and Ridge cause that's the only way I can stop myself from throwing up.
    For every action there is a re-action it was Stephanie's childhood abuses that made her so cold and hard and even non romantic. I really did not want her going to Taylor but only she can help her.
    I hope bridgette gives Nick a chance, remember he is not like his mother and he made to believe that Stephanie really push his mother down the stairs and almost killed her any son would react the same then that couple with the fact that he had really wanted the Forresters to stop taking advantage of Brooke so he thought he and Brooke would own the Co. together.

    I wonder what Donna is going to do when he finds out the truth. she definately will lose everything she so happy to sign for.

    Posted by ladyk at Tuesday, November 28 2006 12:41 PM

    2 things:
    1) Need new men and women on this show. Everyone has slept with everybody and their mama on this show.
    2)It needs to be longer than 30 mins. Can you switch it with ATWT and let them have 30 mins, it's not fun to look at anyway!

    Posted by Petdays at Tuesday, November 28 2006 12:43 PM

    You know for Brooke that does not matter she has no class and no regards for marriage vows.

    Posted by gemini030 at Tuesday, November 28 2006 01:09 PM

    You are right about that Petdays, and her daughter is following right behind her

    Posted by Rimma at Tuesday, November 28 2006 02:13 PM

    Why is Steph's childhood being brought up? That was forever ago! Are they trying to imply that because she was abused violently by her father, she's so controlling today? Is that the basis for the Brooke, and Jackie attacks? What the hell are these writers trying to pull? I am so glad that I only read the spoilers. I am so over this show. Ever since Taylor was brought back and NOT reunited with Ridge, I quit. This show is impossible to watch with trailer trash like Brooke and Donna strutting around all the time fawning over men who are complete idiots. All these storylines are pointless and BORING! I am sick of Bridget feeling sorry for herself. In the end, everything is ALWAYS Brooke's fault... why doesn's she just b!tch slap her already? I just don't understand Bridget. No wonder the ratings are so low. Thank you for letting me vent.

    Posted by msthang21 at Tuesday, November 28 2006 03:21 PM

    Fast forwarded past Ridge and Brooke..Boring!!!...Why in the world would Stephanie go to a drunken, hypocritical, lying murderer for psychiatric advice? Puhleese....Taylor shouldnt be practicing at all any longer. Who in their right mind would take any advice she has to offer after her episode with Darla's death? She's a liar plain and simple. B&B could have taken this opportunity to introduce a new woman as a psychiatrist on the show. But nooooooooooooo here we go with Taylor, the so called saint again. Why in the world would Bridget ever consider going back to Nick?Regardless of him taking the company, the man has kicked her to the curb twice for her mother. Thank u for giving Bridget a backbone. Thank you for Bridget telling her mother she will no longer play second fiddle. Its about time. However I think she'll eat those words and get involved with Shane who has feelings for the younger Forrestor daughter. Brooke makes me so ill. Giving her daughter permission to be with her ex whom she stole right after Bridget lost her baby? Who is Brooke to ok that? I cannot wait for Ridge to dump her like a bag of rocks.

    Posted by Petdays at Tuesday, November 28 2006 04:14 PM

    come on don't be so hard on Taylor, under the circumstances it could have been worst. The way Ridge treated her then to had pain to injury look how Stephanie (who was her best friend) treated her she had no one to go to and was so hurt she started drinking, (and is a poor drinker)She went to save her daughter and the whole thing was a accident she was willing to speak the truth but the pressure from both Pheobe and Harry she just could not look at the way it affected her to be lying the whole time until she had to talk. It shows she has a conscience and a backbone unlike the spineless Stephanie, Brooke and Nick's mother. If she did all that and acted as if nothing wrong them you could condemn her, give her a chance to redeem herself.

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