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    Court is in Session

    Tuesday, November 14 2006
    Taylors trial begins, and Bridget tells Dante she lost the baby!

    Stephanie arrives in court with Eric. When Phoebe and Ridge arrive Stephanie asks where Shane is. Ridge tells them that he asked Shane to keep his distance, because he has shown too much interest in Phoebe lately, so he didn't stay at the house last night.

    Phoebe waits outside the courtroom for Shane and frantically calls him on her cell phone. Shane approaches her, startling her. She tells him she was afraid he overslept, and he tells her that he couldn't sleep all night, not able to take his mind off the celebration.

    Inside the courtroom Phoebe tells Storm it is important that Shane testify today, she then tells Harry that she promised Shane she would celebrate with him tonight after the trial. Harry responds with “What do you mean celebrate?”

    Court begins, as Taylor looks at pictures of her family, and the picture Alley sent her the day before. The prosecution begins and tells the jury they plan on proving Taylor is “a liar and a killer”. The prosecution claims Taylor lied about the accident, which makes her guilty, Storm follows by saying that while Alley was robbed of her mother that night, sending Taylor to jail now would “rob three more children of their mother”. The prosecution gives the jury a copy of Taylor's confession. When Shane takes the stand the prosecution brings up that Shane lives with Taylor's family, and would probably do anything to help the family that took him off the street. When Storm stars to cross-examine Shane, the judge is given a note and interrupts, telling the court an important matter has come up, and they will need to resume testimony tomorrow.

    Outside the courtroom, Shane tells Phoebe he is excited about their celebration tonight. When phoebe tries to convince him to stay at home and rest, he tells her he wouldn't dream of canceling their plans.

    Bridget knocks on Dante's door and tearfully tells him there is something she needs to tell him. Bridget tells him that she was bleeding this morning, so she went to get checked, and the doctor couldn't find a heart beat. “I lost the baby” Dante embraces Bridget, consoling her grief. Later, Dante asks her what happened, and she tells him “sometimes these things just happen”. Bridget tells him that maybe it's good it happened under the circumstances and “don't think for one second we didn't want this baby because we did, I did”. Dante tells her not to give up, that lots of women have miscarriages, and go on to have families.

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    Posted by Countrygirl22 at Tuesday, November 14 2006 11:11 AM

    It is always drama for Bridget. I feel sorry for her. Bet sister Felicia will be happy to know she lost the baby. Maybe she can hook up with Nick and get pregnant again.

    Posted by mellis30 at Tuesday, November 14 2006 11:25 AM

    Bring someone new in for Bridget. She has had enough drama. She needs someone her mother can't get her hands on.

    Posted by peachez at Tuesday, November 14 2006 11:38 AM doesn't look good for Taylor,i must say,now that the judge has asked for a recess,Shane might not show up for the trial the next day,or if he does show up,he might change his story around,and for Bridget 2 miscarriages my heart goes out for her,but what goes around comes around she had a good man when she was with Dante' but what did she do pushed him away,because she was still in love with Nick a mommas boy,and Nick was still in love with (Brook) her mother,i hope that she's not tryin to get Dante' back poor guy is doin fine with Felicia,he cant go through another heartbreak with Bridget,and to me it's very strange for her to all of a sudden to have a miscarriage?,don't you all think?..hmmm...something fishy is goin on.

    Posted by Countrygirl22 at Tuesday, November 14 2006 11:43 AM

    Or her sister.

    Posted by cheryl69 at Tuesday, November 14 2006 11:58 AM

    The writers needs to bring in a new character for Bridget to fall in love with. She deserves a man and family of her own.

    Posted by SOAPS_ LOVA at Tuesday, November 14 2006 12:57 PM


    Posted by chloe at Tuesday, November 14 2006 01:28 PM

    does anyone have any idea how and why Dante is leaving the show? i cant figure out how they are getting rid of him. please don't tell me Phoebe is going to sleep with that creep Shane to keep her mom out of jail. I think Bridget needs to leave the show, all her her weekly drama and swapping men with her mom and sister, it's sickening. Also why would the piece of garbage Brooke even say to Nick last week that if he's going to be dictating the way he wants things(when he said he wanted Forrester) she said the marriage wasn't going to work. Didn't she tell him that already before Jackie fell, he did take his ring off in front of her and leave it, didn't he? Once they start up the digusting Ridge and Brooke story again, it's time to stop watching once again till they breakup for the billionth time.

    Posted by SoapBoxJunkie at Tuesday, November 14 2006 01:49 PM

    I hope they lock Taylor up and throw away the key I am so sick and tired of this Miss goodie-2-shoe crap...

    Then shortly after Stephanie will be joining her next door in the clingers...

    Nick needs to get on his ship and sail away...he puched Brook away anyway....

    Donna need to go back where she came from...

    Phoebe needs a reality check...

    Thorn is just crazy to think that Taylor is in love with him...

    Brook has finally lost her mind taking up for Stephanie..

    Eric is such a back bone... sickening...

    Posted by 1moretyme at Tuesday, November 14 2006 01:54 PM

    Gee SoapBoxJunkie, who would be left?

    Posted by soapaddict192 at Tuesday, November 14 2006 02:43 PM

    So wat are u sayin "soapbox junkie"?...dat they shud delete the show den? on...grow up...itz jus a!!!dont get too carried away with it~~!!!

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