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    I Choose...

    Friday, October 27 2006
    Ridge and Nick anxiously wait to hear their fate, a tragedy forces everyone to the hospital and Phoebe turns eighteen...

    Ronn Moss

    Ridge and Nick look to Brooke, asking which of them she's chosen. Just as Brooke is ready to give the men her answer, the phone rings… Ridge gets the news about Jackie. He hangs up, tells Nick there's been an accident involving Jackie, says they need to get to the hospital now! Brooke tells Nick she's going with him.

    Stephanie screams, runs down the stairs, calls 911. Donna comes in, checking to see if Jackie is alive. Donna thinks back to seeing Stephanie and Jackie argue. Stephanie tells Donna to take the kids home before they walk in. Jackie's head is surrounded by a pool of blood…

    Phoebe visits with her mother. Taylor wishes Phoebe a happy 18th birthday, trying to get her spirits up. Suddenly, Thorne is outside of her jail cell, watching the two of them. Thorne apologizes for interrupting and wishes Phoebe a happy birthday. Phoebe leaves Thorne and Taylor alone…

    Thorne tells Taylor he can't stop replaying what Shane said about Darla's death. He tells Taylor he has questions, ones she can only answer. Thorne explains that he needs to protect Darla, that he couldn't let people think that Darla was stupid. He admits that deep down, he is furious with Darla for changing the tire. However, after Shane's testimony, even though his heart doesn't want to believe it, he asks, "Was it really an accident, Taylor?" Taylor tells him yes, says she wishes she would have told Thorne the truth a long time ago. She turns her back on Thorne, cries… Shockingly, Thorne comes to her, puts his hands on her shoulders.

    Jackie arrives at the hospital, and Stephanie watches as they roll her into the emergency room. As Stephanie thinks back on the accident, Nick and Brooke come in, demanding to know what happened. Stephanie says that Jackie followed her up the stairs, then fell. Bridget comes in, informing Nick that Jackie has swelling and bleeding around her brain. Bridget takes Nick to see Jackie…

    Nick leans over Jackie, telling her everything is going to be fine.

    While Stephanie explains to Brooke what happened, Nick comes upon them, tells Stephanie to go ahead, to tell him what happened! Stephanie says it was an accident. Nick goes back to Jackie…

    Ridge pulls Brooke aside, says that too many things have happened to them, that he wants her, needs her, that he can't wait any longer for her answer. Ridge kisses her, asks her to please tell him she's ready to be with him.

    At Taylor's house, Shane, Harry, Thomas, Eric, Dante and Felicia await Phoebe with a surprise party. As they all scream Happy Birthday, Shane goes to Phoebe, kisses her, wishes her happy birthday. Eric gets a call about Jackie, tells everyone that it's serious. Everyone rushes out…

    Out by the pool, Shane tells Phoebe that her eighteenth birthday is a very important event. Phoebe again talks about how Shane came forward for Taylor, says that she wishes there was something she could do to repay him. Shane looks to Phoebe, says, "Maybe there is…"

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    Posted by Susan0529 at Friday, October 27 2006 10:27 AM

    I want Ridge and Brooke together, always have and always will. Nick can hook up with Felicia or Bridgette after Dante leaves the show. That way he can play daddy.

    Posted by watchsoaps at Friday, October 27 2006 10:40 AM

    Ridge and Brooke need to hook up.. Nick, can fall back in water he came from.

    Posted by ridgefan at Friday, October 27 2006 10:52 AM

    I want Ridge and Brooke back together! They belong together with their son RJ!

    Posted by Misteeblue60 at Friday, October 27 2006 11:00 AM

    I don't care anymore who Brooke picks just tired of her leading them both on. Pick one and get it over with.

    Posted by Blackbarbie at Friday, October 27 2006 11:02 AM

    If Ridge loved Brooke he would not have dumped her so many times for another woman and further more she has slept with everybody what man in their right mind would want this woman as a wife. Ridge and Brooke get over it I hope she does not choose Ridge because Ridge belongs with the woman he really loves and that's Taylor or maybe even Donna the Ridge Booke storyline has played out.

    Posted by Blackbarbie at Friday, October 27 2006 11:04 AM

    Just because you have a baby with someone does not mean you have to be married or dating the father. Ridge just recently started paying attention to RJ and I think the DNA was still rigged. Ridge does not spend as much time with RJ as he did with Thomas or the twins when they we're little and Brooke should be able to so that. Darn you all are real stupid to want Ridge and Brooke together. Please step your game up.

    Posted by soapbox at Friday, October 27 2006 11:06 AM

    I have checked in on this soap since it's inception. Apparently, all the writers know how to do is put ridge and brooke together and take them apart over and over and over...those poor's like "Groundhog Day". Maybe the show is just a training ground for beginning soap writers....

    Posted by trish_mathis46 at Friday, October 27 2006 11:15 AM

    ridge need,s to be with brooke from the beging unstead of takeing taylor back all this is justed like real life around here.eventhough i think ridge is cute but he need,s to get his life strighten out ridge go back to brooke and stay with her that,s where you belong in the fristed place.

    Posted by mobiecarol at Friday, October 27 2006 11:21 AM

    This storyline is stupid, put Ridge and Brooke together finally

    Posted by Countrygirl22 at Friday, October 27 2006 11:38 AM

    Well i don;t think Jackie will die because i read they are bringing in a top notch brain surgeon. Because Stephanie does not like Donna..Donna knowing that will blackmail Stephanie that if she does not help her get Brooke from Ridge..then she will fabricate the truth about what she saw. I really don;t think Stephanie meant to do that to Jackie...she was trying to get her off of her and Jackie feel. Wonder what Massimo will think about it. See all of this stuff would not even be going on if Brooke were not such player with men. How can she be so judgmental about Bridget sleeping with Nick..when Brooke did it with Deacon and Nick and Ridge. I just don't get what these men like about her so much to fight over her. Does anyone know??

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