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    Filled With Suspicion

    Monday, October 23 2006
    Harry and Stephanie become more suspicious of Shane and Thorne makes a sacrifice for Taylor...

    Ben Hogestyn

    Thorne questions Shane about being there the night Darla died. As Stephanie begs Thorne to listen to Shane, Taylor screams that she already confessed. Shane admits that he was there, that he saw the whole thing, Phoebe's car broke down on PCH, Darla showing up to help Phoebe… Shane says that Darla fell back into the road just as Taylor came around the curve, that there was no way that Taylor could have missed Darla.

    The judge orders Thorne and both counsels to meet with him in his chambers. Phoebe jumps up and throws herself into Shane's arms, thanking him profusely. Reporters question Shane, and Stephanie tells them to back-off. Hector and Harry arrive. Stephanie fills Hector in on what's happened, says that if Taylor goes to trial Shane's testimony is essential. Taylor screams that she won't put Thorne through a trial, that she's already confessed.

    While Phoebe is talking to Harry, Shane asks Stephanie what she thought of his speech, says that they have a deal, that he better get what he wants.

    In the judge's chambers, the judge asks Thorne if he believes Shane. Thorne says he doesn't know what to think, but if Darla's death was really an accident he wonders if Taylor really deserves to go to prison for 15 years of her life. Both counsels go over Taylor's case, her confession, until the judge stops them. The judge asks Thorne for his opinion, asks him what he'd like to see come about as a result of Shane's statement.

    The judge comes back into the room. Taylor thanks Stephanie for bringing Shane here, but she can't put Thorne through anymore hurt. Stephanie tells her not to give up. When Thorne and the lawyers take their seats, the judge says that the hearing will continue. The prosecutor asks if Taylor wishes to change her plea. Taylor stands up, looks to Thorne… Stephanie tells her that Thorne wants her to fight this, and Thorne nods yes to Taylor! She tells the judge she wants to change her plea to not guilty.

    Ridge thanks Shane for helping his family, but Ridge worries about whether or not Phoebe and Hector will be charged. Eric comes over and thanks Shane, too. Stephanie comments that because of this, Thorne may be able to have some peace.

    In her jail cell, Thorne comes to Taylor. She thanks him for helping her today. Thorne says he doesn't want Taylor's family to suffer like his daughter is. When Thorne goes to leave, Taylor reaches out to him, thanks him again for talking to the judge. Taylor breaks down and cries, hugs Thorne before he's led out of her cell.

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    Posted by watchsoaps at Monday, October 23 2006 10:30 AM

    I am glad Thorne understands. But, what is up with Shane.

    Posted by soapydish at Monday, October 23 2006 11:13 AM

    I think Shane wants something that Stephanie can't promise him, Phoebe maybe? He has had something up his sleeve since he stepped into town. How will Harry factor in to this? He wants to have a relationship with Phoebe too. Or will something from his past throw a wrench in it?

    I want the trial to be over, I am tired of Taylor playing the victim role, she needs to get her dignity and backbone back and get on with life! I'd like to see Ridge turn his back on Brooke and beg Taylor to forgive him instead. Then both Ridge and Throne can vie for Taylor's attention and she can decide who to spend her life with for a change.

    Posted by metra at Monday, October 23 2006 11:16 AM

    I think that whatever deal Shane and Stephanie have has something to do with Phoebe. Im glad Taylor changed her plea

    Posted by black01 at Monday, October 23 2006 11:46 AM

    I hope they dont put Taylor behind bars because it really was an accident. I want to know what DEAL Shane and Stephanie has with each other for real!!! But Im glad that Thorne is coming around. I wonder if they will be a couple again once everything is over.

    Posted by chloe at Monday, October 23 2006 12:20 PM

    Has Brooke forgotten that she's still married? She's clinging to Ridge in the courthouse like a dutiful wife and still part of the family. I dont understand her, the second she's having marital problems she's running over to Ridge's throwing herself at him, and he dumps Donna like a hot potato. Does she know how to try to work things out instead of falling into Ridge's arms every chance she gets. I knew deep down she didn't really love Nick, normal people would not acts as she does. The whole Brooke/Ridge storyline in sickening already, how many more years do we have to keep looking at these two saps drooling over ech other

    Posted by Mika at Monday, October 23 2006 12:36 PM

    I think Shane wants to be a part of the Forrester clan and to be able to be infiltrated into the family so he can see how the rich live. I also think he is creepy and should not be allowed to get his grubby hands on Phobe she is young and innocent and should remain that way. you know Stephanie will find away around his plot like she did this time.

    Posted by Countrygirl22 at Monday, October 23 2006 12:37 PM

    I have never seen soap where #1- a mother and daughter sleep with each others men. A mother has slept with a man and all of his sons. this is crazy. I hope Bridget's baby is Nicks afterall...Ridge will want Taylor back..she will want Thorne...and Brooke and Ridge for once...neither one will have anyone. Felicia is boring along with Dante.

    Posted by Mika at Monday, October 23 2006 12:42 PM

    You said a mouthfull country girl 122, Amen to that.

    Posted by Nadeen at Monday, October 23 2006 03:17 PM

    Brooke has got to be the most selfish person ever... it's interesting that everyone forgives her no matter what she's done.... she forgives her daughter and is treating Nick as though she's never done anything to jeopardize the relationship... If she's always going to run to Ridge, then the writers should just let her stay with him..all this going back and forth is quite annoying.. this is so unrealistic that men would still find her attractive when she has slept with every man she's come across..
    Taylor needs to stop being this self righteous person.... it was an accident.. get a grip!!!

    Posted by msthang21 at Monday, October 23 2006 04:02 PM

    Thorne is as weak as water. This whole storyline is beyond stupid. I am so sick of Taylor and Ridge. Both of them need to go somewhere for about a year. If I hear Taylor whine one more time I will turn the tv off. And why is Brooke defending this woman? She comes into town, doesnt give anyone any details of where she's been for the past few years, lies about knowing Dante for some reason and on and on and on. I had hoped the writers would make Brooke smart enough not to go back to Ridge knowing he will cast her aside sooner than later. Taylor is not in love with Thorne and if he's hoping they will end of together by supporting her, he's in for a big surprise. No one seems to get that Taylor is not the nice person she's always pretended to be. She's a Caroline wannabe. She continues to show that she is liar and a hypocrite. I hope the police come for Stephanie this week. I read that an argument b/t her and Nicks mom ends abruptly. I'm not altogether sure that Shane actually saw the accident. His comment to Stephanie that the DA make poke holes in his story really stuck out today. I hope Stephanie gets whats coming to her nosey tail. I think Phoebe should also suffer some form of punishment. They can cry victim all they want but they lied for wks on end. Didnt Darla's life count for something?

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