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    Brooke Relives the Attack!

    Thursday, October 25 2007
    Eric and Ridge worry about Stephanie seeking out Brooke. Katie tells everything to Thorne. Brooke relives the rape with Stephanie present in the room.

    As Stephanie stands just inside Brooke's home saying she's sorry, Brooke tells Stephanie that she's only sorry because neither she, Ridge nor Eric can stand the sight of her. Stephanie steps toward Brooke and she shouts, "Get out of my house! I don't want you anywhere near me!"

    Thorne tells Katie he can't imagine why his father has left his mother for Donna. He asks if Donna has said anything to her. Katie replies that, "Donna doesn't really talk to me much these days, and anyway, it's not really my place to say anything." Thorne picks up on her words, "So you do know something." He begs Katie to tell him, "I lay in bed at night trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Donna could be my step-mother!" Katie says, "Okay, but Brooke really wanted to keep this quiet." He is confused. She tells him Brooke was raped.

    Eric is at work, leaving a cellphone message for Stephanie that she shouldn't go see Brooke after all - she's not ready. Ridge comes in and they agree that Stephanie is the last person Brooke needs to see right now.

    Brooke tells Stephanie that she is responsible for what Andy did - she might as well have given him the key herself. Stephanie tells her she can see that she's in alot of pain and says, "..if I can help you.." These words trigger a memory of Andy, who offered to 'help' Brooke with the custody case. Brooke turns on her, "Help me?! By taking my kids?! You gave Andy information to blackmail me with - that bastard never would have raped me if it wasn't for you!" Stephanie's face shows her struggle to realize what role she truly played in all this.

    Katie finishes telling Thorne about the circumstances surrounding Brooke's rape. Thorne asks how the guy knew so much about Brooke, and what does it have to do with his mother? Katie tells him that Stephanie had his number and called Andy, encouraging him to go after Brooke. "Are you saying that my mother is responsible for Brooke's rape?!"

    Stephanie tells Brooke she accepts full responsibility for her role in her being attacked, but she needs her to understand that it was nothing deliberate on her part. Brooke asks Stephanie if she's ever been raped. Stephanie says no. Brooke says thanks to you I wasn't so lucky. Stephanie asks her to tell her what happened. Why should I, when you heard I was raped you probably laughed out loud, that tramp finally got what was coming to her! Stephanie says she could never laugh at something like that. Brooke tells her she has no idea what her hatred set in motion. Stephanie says she's right, so maybe Brooke needs to tell her...

    Ridge tells Eric that Brooke needs to confide in someone - definitely not Stephanie. They both agree that Stephanie should not step foot near Brooke, now or in the future. Ridge confesses that the counselor told him that Brooke is in denial completely, she's filled with so much rage and she refuses to confront it, that stuff just builds up and builds up, and when it comes out, it's gonna' be dangerous!" Eric concurs, "For your mother too..." Ridge muses, "If mother goes over there even to apologize, God only knows how Brooke's going to react..."

    Brooke begins to recount the events that led up to her rape to Stephanie. She flashes back in her mind as she describes it. She stops, saying she can't do this. Stephanie encourages her to continue, saying she thinks Brooke desperately needs to talk about it.

    Katie tells Thorne that maybe Stephanie didn't mean for the rape to happen, but at the very least she should've checked Andy out to make sure he was who he said he was. Thorne says he now understands why his father is so disgusted with his mother. He expresses upset at the pain Brooke must be going through because of her. Katie tells him she's getting help.

    Eric and Ridge attempt to discuss designs, but both their minds are on Brooke. Ridge says, "She's had her 'game face' on for weeks." He tells Eric how much it bothers him. He voices relief that at least mother can't get in if she goes over there. Ridge rages to Eric that Stephanie can't keep invading Brooke's privacy whenever she pleases...

    Brooke continues to relive the attack, describing to Stephanie how Andy followed her up to the bedroom and took her by surprise. She goes through all of it again, the chase down the stairs, the physical attack, "He hurt me, he hurt me so bad. I tried to get him to leave, he wouldn't. He said we were just getting started. I mustered up all the strength that I had..." Brooke tells Stephanie how she stabbed him with the letter opener and he finally ran out the door. Brooke is shaken and sobbing as Stephanie draws close to her. They look at each other intently, each searching the other's face...

    Katie apologizes for laying this all on him. Thorne tells her, "There's no way you could've kept it from me." She says she never thought it would've all led to Eric being with Donna. Katie tells him that Brooke needs to talk to someone, she's keeping it all inside...Thorne reiterates his offer of help. Katie says when Thorne says he wants to help he sounds like he actually means it. He says he does, but this conversation is getting too depressing. They laugh and attempt to lighten the mood. They exchange some banter about the weather and baseball. They joke about trying to talk about nothing. He tells her, "You're very sweet." She laughs, "Sweet huh?!" She notes that he's never used that word to describe either of her sisters. She wonders why he isn't showing her the door, with her being a Logan sister. He says maybe the third time's the charm, and she might be very good luck for him. She grins, "Well, Mr. Forrester I will try very hard to live up to that prediction!"

    Eric asks Ridge about Brooke spending the night in the hospital. He wonders if it has anything to do with the rape. Ridge tells him she's fine and that's all he can say right now. They discuss how Ridge and Brooke are getting closer lately. Eric asks if it's just out of loyalty to the mother of his boy or more. Ridge says he wishes he could answer that. He suggests they call mother again - he'd feel better if he knew where she was...

    Stephanie tells Brooke it's not her fault, she sees that now, "All these years I've been so unfair to you, all the vicious things I've said, you're none of those things Brooke, you're a good woman, why couldn't I just see that?!" Brooke sobs that she fought so hard to get away.. Stephanie implores, "I know that, of course you did, and it's not your fault, you didn't deserve this, no woman deserves this. It's not your fault, it's my fault, all my fault! I brought this on with my hatred, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!" Brooke searches Stephanie's face through her tears struggling to decide whether she is being sincere...

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    Posted by Brendamouse at Thursday, October 25 2007 12:04 PM

    Wow, I didn't see today's episode but if it's half as good as it reads, it's pretty powerful. Brooke in denial is a good explanation for her acting like nothing happened. So are Brooke and Stephanie going to hug or is Brooke going to throttle her?

    Katie and Thorne? Seem a better match than Donna and Thorne.

    Posted by RestlessJune at Thursday, October 25 2007 12:11 PM

    If Brooke lets Stephanie off of the hook this time, then she will never have the upper hand! I guess this is the therapy that Brooke needs???

    Posted by BoatLady at Thursday, October 25 2007 12:11 PM

    I would really like to believe that Stephanie is truly remorseful for what happened to Brooke. However, her track record makes it difficult. I thought the scenes today between Brooke and Stephanie were great, very powerful and moving. Wonderful acting done by both KKL and SF.

    Posted by daisy671 at Thursday, October 25 2007 12:12 PM

    Wow, lots of revelations today! Finally Stefrostie buys a clue! And once again, Thorne is the LAST to know - great communication in that family.

    I wish Brooke would throttle Stefrostie - she deserves it and a good slap too across the face would be good as well.

    Posted by mzdeesg at Thursday, October 25 2007 12:12 PM

    This is riduculos - 1st - where is Brooke's security and why would they let Steph in?? 2nd - please don;t let Steph be the one that Brooke has a break thru with (by the way - kudos to the writers for finally showing the more realistic aftermath of rape) but why did it have to be Steph that triggered it?? I hope this doesn't lead to Brooke & Steph bonding. I know forgiveness is divine but Steph shouldn't be allowed to waltz back in and just be forgiven just like that! that wouldn't be right

    Posted by seasonlee at Thursday, October 25 2007 12:14 PM

    Are you kidding me!

    Brooke is going to fall for Stephanie's lines again. I can't believe this crap.

    If ever there were a time to get rid of Stephanie it is now.

    Posted by Hot2death at Thursday, October 25 2007 12:14 PM

    Whoa! This seems like a pretty good show.

    Posted by luvmyboxers at Thursday, October 25 2007 12:17 PM


    Posted by SoSLick at Thursday, October 25 2007 12:20 PM

    Brooke...Brooke...Brooke...Why does she keep letting Stephanie in. I would have called the cops, filed a restraining order, or something. She just keeps letting Stephanie barge into her life whenever she pleases. It took Stephanie two minutes to break down Brooke's gaurd. Even after this rape, you can tell that Brooke still wants Stephanie's approval, acceptance, understanding and love. Stephanie is just saying those words to Brooke so she can be in good graces with the love of her life Ridge and her husband Eric. She is a sick woman. Were have I heard those words..."Brooke I was wrong about you, your none of those things, your a good woman..." She said those things when she was trying to get Ridge and Brooke back together after his heartattack. Then she turned on Brooke again. Just a few weeks ago she was bashing Brooke in the court room about having different fathers for her children, while she was taking Brooke's kids away. It's just a matter of time before she forgets her apology and what she has done and turn on Brooke again. I just want Brooke with Nick and not Ridge. It's clear that if Ridge gets back with Brooke for real, it's seventy five percent because of RJ. Nick trully loves Brooke for who she is. That Katie just keeps on ratting people out. First Donna (even if Donna is a scheming hoochie) and now to Thorne about Brooke's rape, even though Brooke told her not to. She obviously has no loyalty to her family. As for Donna, Donna is trying to run through this family like Brooke. Only Brooke really was searching for love, Donna is just searching for revenge in most of her flings (other than Ridge). It took Donna less than two years to run through all the Forester men, I wonder if she will ever get around to Nick at some point. Just curious!!!

    Posted by daisy671 at Thursday, October 25 2007 12:21 PM

    I agree with other's post. I can't believe Stephanie means what she says. And to make Brooke relive it with HER? PLEASE the woman is partially responsible for this happening and to ask a rape victim to relive something that you instigated - If I were Brooke I'd find my gun and shoot Stefrostie between the eyeballs! But then again, she wouldn't suffer. she needs to be humiliated and knocked down many many pegs like she has done to Brooke!

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