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    B&B Recap: The Last Lemon Bar.

    Monday, June 23 2014
    Liam confronts Wyatt, Brooke makes a toast, and Bill and Quinn face off.

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    At the Forrester mansion party, Ridge and Katie talk about how this is just the beginning for them. Brooke, Donna, and Pam join them. Ridge hugs Pam and says he won't leave until the last lemon bar is gone. Brooke says she knew he'd come back to them...and to Katie. Outside, Wyatt tells Hope he's happy for her about Ridge's return. Liam appears and tells Wyatt he shouldn't be there. He accuses Wyatt of trying to capitalize on the emotions of the day. Inside, Ally and Thorne chat. Ally assures him she's doing well and he confirms he's still with Taylor. Nearby, Rick and Caroline chat with Katie and Ridge as Brooke watches. Later, Hope reassures Liam that she made it clear to Wyatt her future is with Liam. Brooke makes a toast to Ridge being safe and back with the woman he loves. She says she now sees the love Ridge and Katie share. Brooke tears up as she raises her glass. Katie thanks Brooke and speaks to Ridge about starting their life together. Ridge hugs both sisters and says he has things to figure out and won't come back to work right away. Ridge recalls falling and things being dark and quiet - he felt scared. Ridge knows he's home because of how everyone has made him feel. He tells Katie he loves her and can't wait to marry her. Brooke looks on as they embrace.

    At Wyatt's place, Bill finds Quinn waiting to fill him in about Hope dumping Wyatt when Ridge was missing. She feels now that Ridge is alive, Wyatt will have another chance with her. Bill confronts Quinn about Ridge showing up in Abu Dhabi with her selfie and assures her he and Brooke are closer than ever. Quinn wants Bill to intervene with Hope and Brooke on Wyatt's behalf. Bill reminds her he has two sons; he's staying out of it and advises her to do the same. Bill suggests she leave L.A. Quinn thinks they can all get along, but Bill warns her Brooke despises her. He advises Quinn to leave before an angry mob drives her out - with Wyatt leading the pack. Later, Wyatt returns and tells Quinn that Hope was glad to see him. Quinn asks about their jobs. Wyatt says Hope was glad to see him - Liam not so much. Quinn declares that Liam's got to be stopped. Wyatt warns her not to get involved; her help is toxic.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Quinn wants to partner with Deacon.

    Thorne questions Oliver.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by pipposprincess at Monday, June 23 2014 09:34 AM

    Can't wait to see Brooke's face.

    Posted by pipposprincess at Monday, June 23 2014 09:46 AM

    Brooke is next as the hypocrite in the spotlight. She still wants Ridge and by the recaps she keeps glaring at him with her beady eyes that are probably tear filled.

    Posted by ForReals at Monday, June 23 2014 10:46 AM

    Brooke, so transparent, ingratiating herself (once again) playing the perfect ex-wife and sister. The usual role she dons when she is losing. Ingratiates herself then encourages, helps things along, proves her loyalty and love and then strike when there's an opening. Poor Bill, "Closer than ever" huh?

    Posted by ForReals at Monday, June 23 2014 10:52 AM

    WhyIt took the bait, he thinks Hope was glad to see him. That's what mixed messages look like, she reassures Liam after hugging WhyIt, I'm surprised she didn't stick her tongue down his throat as well.

    And what's with the Pollyanna look? Skipping around all over the place? Who's she kidding?! What happened to the painted on disaster's she was wearing when she tried to get Liam to stop thinking about his dead child?

    Posted by ForReals at Monday, June 23 2014 10:56 AM

    WhyIt still using his mommy to do his dirty work. Do you really think it's a good idea to tell Quinn that Hope was happy to see you but Liam wasn't? Anything that Quinn does to Liam (or to Hope) is on you now that you are painting yourself as broken hearted and Hope as the victim.

    Your mommy of all people, should be able to see Hope for what she is, a backstabbing two-timing user and help you move on.

    Posted by ForReals at Monday, June 23 2014 10:59 AM

    Liam was right, WhyIt doesn't belong there. But I'm sure he will get blasted for trying to "control" Hope, as if.

    Posted by Cincigal at Monday, June 23 2014 11:35 AM

    Liam was right.Wyatt dose not belong there.He was just using the situation for his own selfish use.He was told in no uncertain terms that he was no longer wanted at FC nor their personal property.Yet,just like his nasty clueless mother here he is imposing himself upon this family without any respect whatsoever to their feelings.Bill should have thrown thst nasty,ugly witch over the cliff.If anyone ever deserved it she did.I hope Brooke slaps her into kingdom come for ruining her wedding.

    Posted by pipposprincess at Monday, June 23 2014 11:39 AM

    I guess I don't see Wyatt using his mother. The woman has a mind of her own. Liam the weasel still taunting Wyatt talking about use your cell phone. You didn't so why the memory loss. He's done the exact same thing. Always a cowardly victim crying wolf. My opinion.

    Posted by pipposprincess at Monday, June 23 2014 11:44 AM

    Brooke ain't thinking about Bill. Her eyes week affixiated on ridge and making her speech all about her.

    Bill is the devil and gets no grief, only Quinn. smh

    Posted by pipposprincess at Monday, June 23 2014 11:47 AM

    Liam is no victim. He's nothing but a cowardly lion that hides behind a woman.

    Quinn was the one at Wyatt's house not him seeking his mother out on the outcome with going to see the fake girlfriend that used him to make little Liam jealous.

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