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    Brooke Gets Involved.

    Friday, May 18 2007
    Phoebe asks Brooke to get Nick off her dad's case, Brooke asks Storm to get Nick off Ridge's case, and finally Brooke goes to Stephanie herself.

    Nick protests too much and Lt. Baker tells him to pipe down! Taylor and Storm have arrived at the police station and are trying to explain that Stephanie had the restraining order delivered AFTER she invited Nick over to set him up! Nick is processed and booked, and then has a few minutes alone with Taylor. Nick gets the idea that maybe Rick Forrester can help prove his innocence because he has access to the Forrester Originals building. He asks Taylor to call Rick for him.

    Phoebe is talking to Brooke about Shane's murder. She is upset that Nick is spreading lies about her dad and wants it to stop. Brook picks up the phone and calls her brother to see if she can help. She asks him to come over as soon as he can.

    Stephanie is on her lovely terrace with a furrowed brow. She's thinking about how the cops dragged Nick out of her house earlier and the part she played in it. She's interrupted by a knock at the door, and then she greets a social acquaintance who also happens to be an assistant in the District Attorney's office. Stephanie starts to chit chat, but her guest to the chase and asks why she called her over. Stephanie says that Dominick Marone is a violent man and has to be dealt with. She says that Storm Logan is an excellent attorney and if Nick gets off, he could come after her family. She asks her "friend" to push for the earliest possible court date so the Forrester family can rest a bit easier.

    "You can't accuse my father of murder and say you don't want to fight about it!" Phoebe has gone to Rick for comfort and ends up arguing with him because he doesn't think Nick is capable of murder. Rick explains what he learned from Ashley about the night Shane died and Phoebe tells him to stop! They are in the middle of a chilly stare down when Rick's cell phone rings. Taylor is on the other end of the phone and she wants Rick to come to the police station right away.

    When Storm arrives at Brooke's house, she tells him that even though Nick is being charged with something he didn't do, he shouldn't go around spreading rumors that Ridge did it. Storm tells Brooke that Nick has been taken into custody because of a restraining order that Stephanie took out without him knowing! Storm asks his sister to think about that for a minute. "Ridge killed Shane McGrath," Storm explains that he thinks that Ridge and Shane argued and somehow Shane ended up dead. He goes on to say that Stephanie and Ridge quickly found a way to frame Nick. Storm asks Brooke why Ridge suddenly went to Paris and why Nick is behind bars for a restraining order that he didn't even know existed. He tells Brooke that if she can get a confession from Stephanie, that could be Ridge's only chance.

    Rick arrives at the jail and is escorted in to see Nick. Nick acknowledges that Rick is in a tough spot, but he's the only one who can help prove his innocence. Rick tells Nick that Ashley confided something in him. He tells Nick that not only did Ridge stand Ashley up that night, but she and Stephanie heard a noise that sounded -- to her -- like a gunshot. "He shot him in the office and his old lady is framing me for it!" Nick says. He acknowledges that he's asking Rick to go up against his girlfriend's father, but he needs help.

    Stephanie is leaving Ridge a voice mail about being "on the same page" when Brooke lets herself into the house. She tells Stephanie that she's surprised that Ridge would leave the country without saying goodbye to his son. Brooke tells Stephanie that she knows that Nick's so-called restraining order was a set up. Brooke says that Nick and Storm both think Ridge killed Shane and if she's helping to cover it up, that makes her his accomplice. Or, did she kill Shane herself, Brooke asks. Stephanie adamantly denies it and Brooke turns to leave. Finally alone, Stephanie leaves another message for Ridge. She tells him to stay where he is, in fact, don't even call the house again…Stephanie looks up and sees Brooke in the mirror. Brooke steps in close and says, "Did Ridge do it? Did Ridge kill Shane McGrath?"

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    Posted by jcrobinson at Friday, May 18 2007 11:27 AM

    So, will Ridge stay put in Paris or will he come home to face the music? What a wimp.

    Posted by awesome53 at Friday, May 18 2007 11:32 AM

    I bet he comes home.
    What do you think Brook will do with what she heard Stephanie talking about on the phone?

    Posted by boldhospfan64 at Friday, May 18 2007 11:33 AM

    I hope that when Ridge is arrested for this crime, that Stephanie gets some kind of punishment also. She has definitly been an accomplice to the crime and should do the time.

    I hate to see Rick and Phoebe arguing.

    Posted by awesome53 at Friday, May 18 2007 11:36 AM

    Lt Baker is worse than Barney Fife. All the clues are stareing him in face but he refuses to see or hear anything other than Nick did it.

    Posted by Jannie-too at Friday, May 18 2007 11:41 AM

    I don't think Rick and Phoebe's romance will survive, it will be short lived.... don't know why it started in the fist place.

    I am beginning to feel real sorry for Nick, but Stepahnie is really heartless now. I wonder how will she get Brooke to keep quiet, will there be another murder? But don't they have some sort of technology that can find blood traces even though it might have been cleaned up? They can try out Ridges office and am sure they will find something? I wonder what they did with Shane's phone. This is great.... I hope they don't drag it out for long.

    Posted by SOAPS_ LOVA at Friday, May 18 2007 11:53 AM

    I so can't wait to see Stephanie in her the orange suit.
    Even thought both Nick and Ridge were once Brooke's man i have a feeling she would do the right thing with the information she heard from Stephanie.
    Phoebe needs to get a grip of herself and stop defending her dad because she doesn't even know herself who did it.

    Posted by MissyMiss at Friday, May 18 2007 01:01 PM

    Brooke won't let them get away with it. You would think that Stephanie would really check to make sure Brooke was gone before making that call! It would be great if Brooke convinced Steph that she would never betray Ridge and that Steph could trust her, just like the "I love you" bull she used to feed Brooke all the time. And then Brooke lets her have it! I think that Brooke turning Ridge in should prove to Nick that she is done with Ridge once and for all.

    Posted by jab6 at Friday, May 18 2007 01:04 PM

    what a set up on Nick.Why didn't Lt. Baker check the phone records to see if Stephanie called Nick to see if Nick was telling the truth.Why did Stephanie need to get a restraining order on Nick? Lt.Baker knows the bad blood between Nick and Stephanie.Brooke should turn in Stephanie

    Posted by vista at Friday, May 18 2007 01:05 PM

    I feel sorry for Ridge and Stephanie is not helping. Remember Ridge decided to coverup this incident by himself , he didn't call Stephanie. she just happen to see what he did and try to help because he won't be able to prove his innocent it was only him and shane in the office.

    Rick seems eager to help Nick and the fact that Ridge punch him out when he found him with his daughter might be used to prove that Ridge would go through any length to protect his children. I know Nick and Taylor is married and are having a baby but she seem anxious to bury Ridge and no though at all to how this will affect her Children.

    I am not a Brooke fan but l like what she is doing and I believe she will go the Ridge for the truth. Remember he tried to tell her sometime back and Stephanie stop him.

    Posted by boldhospfan64 at Friday, May 18 2007 01:38 PM

    I read somewhere that Stephanie will try to kill Brooke and lock her up somewhere. I guess this will happen because of Brooke hearing the phone conversation today. I am telling you that Stephanie is trully delusional and psycho ! How can anyone think that they could get away with something like this.

    I still think that Rick and Phoebe make a wonderful couple and should be given the chance to make it. I guess that just doesnt happen on soaps though.

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