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    B&B Recap: Be My Wife.

    Tuesday, June 10 2014
    Someone proposes, Quinn and Liam face-off, and Maya worries about Ally.

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    At Big Bear, Wyatt and Hope bicker about how Quinn's actions reflect on him. Hope says she influences him and she doesn't think she can be a part of it anymore. Wyatt won't lose her because of his mother. He can't believe Hope is finally making a decision and it's based on a reaction. He challenges her to look him in the eye and tell him she doesn't love him. Hope admits she doesn't want to give up what they have, but she has to. She says being with him has changed her - she justified things, like the diamond heist, she normally wouldn't have. Hope cries that she will always care about him, but she just can't do this anymore. Wyatt says she's settling. He protests, "You love me!" Hope says she does, but she can trust Liam. When she's with him, she knows exactly what she's going to get. "That's what I want. That's my future." Wyatt pleads with her to spend the night there. He doesn't understand why she wants to go back to the insecurity of being with Liam when he's completely devoted. "I love you with everything that I am, and I always will." He produces a ring. "Say yes. Be my wife."

    In Malibu, Quinn warns Liam if he thinks Hope is coming back there tonight he's cuckoo crazy. Liam says Hope all but committed herself to him tonight. He adds that Quinn and Wyatt will be out of Forrester, and out of Hope's life. Quinn doubts she'll get fired, but even if she does, it won't change Hope's feelings for Wyatt. She makes fun of Liam and tells him Hope will never leave a real man to come back to a boy like him. Liam marvels that instead of worrying about Ridge, she's spending her time harassing him. He warns that her lies are finally about to bite her in the butt. Quinn hisses that this is all his fault. Liam tells her she doesn't get Hope and what she stands for. He's certain Hope is freeing herself from Wyatt right now, and then they'll be married.

    At Forrester, Caroline, Rick, Maya, Carter, Pam, Ally, Charlie, and Oliver continue to discuss the situation in Abu Dhabi. Ally intones that whatever happens to Uncle Ridge, Quinn is responsible. After, Maya and Carter discuss Ridge privately. Maya asks if he noticed the way Oliver touched Ally, who is very vulnerable. She's concerned he's taking advantage of her. In the studio, Oliver reassures Ally that Ridge will be fine. Maya looks in as they kiss. Still in the office, Pam encourages Rick to fire Quinn - tonight. Rick thinks he should talk to Eric first. Pam presses the point.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Hope reacts to Wyatt's proposal.

    Maya elects to ignore her fiance.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by pipposprincess at Tuesday, June 10 2014 09:11 AM

    Wyatt, she's not worth it. Hey HOpiecrit, you didn't trust Liam and you have him chances. Let her go back to her pacifier sucking boyfriend; they deserve one another.

    Posted by pipposprincess at Tuesday, June 10 2014 09:15 AM

    Ally what happened to uncle ridge is his fault. Bill and Justin's fault. Katie should've called her sister and warned her about Ridge the idiot. Brooke should've stopped in her tracks from running and slapped the foolishness out of Ridge. Quinn set it in motion now the world blames Quinn. How convenient and really over the top with blaming only her.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, June 10 2014 09:22 AM

    Lord free me from the Hope drama. I so don't care. She can pick Foghorn Leghorn. Just get her off my tv.

    I see she is keeping her options open saying she doesn't want to give up what they have, but she has too. She should have done just what he said. Look him in his beady eyes and say, I don't love you anymore. Heck, I don't think she ever did.

    Now Hope is blaming him for changing her and her stupid vales. Hope he didn't brain wash you. You were seen as the fraud you are.

    I hope Wyatt kept that box of Cracker Jacks that he got that ring out of.

    Who can Quinn call a boy. Liam has been fighting his own battles and Wyatt uses his mommie.

    Maya needs to mind her own business. It is so obvious to everybody but Carter that she wants Oliver.

    Posted by pipposprincess at Tuesday, June 10 2014 09:31 AM

    Really Maya? Oliver is taking advantage of Ally? Girl, bye!

    Posted by pipposprincess at Tuesday, June 10 2014 09:37 AM

    Liam has been fighting his battles alright. Correcting his last wrong before the fifth marriage. Wyatt didn't ask his mother to help him. He would tell her no until yesterday when she stole the big bear key. Never heard him say mom you gotta help me. Wyatt, again, she's not worth it, she used you to make little suckie Liam fight for her. Her wish came true.

    Posted by Greema2four at Tuesday, June 10 2014 09:53 AM

    Stupid Dopie doesn't know what she wants. She is using the same line on Wyatt now that she did on Liam when she wanted to date Wyatt....I can trust Wyatt and I can't trust you Liam - what if Steffy comes back.

    I am with you, cowboys fan...get that stupid azzzzzzz OFF THE SCREEN. Flip a coin or something. Who cares??

    Since when does Pammy call the shots at FC? If anyone should have been fired for their shenanigans in their personal life, it should have been her. She caused more than one life or death situation.... I am so over her too. I used to enjoy the comedic break but now it is mere slap stick. That discussion yesterday about the contents of the picture was ridiculous....really, 5 year olds??

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, June 10 2014 09:57 AM

    By accepting all his mother crazy antics in helping him win the stupid hand of this idiotic girl, yes he did enlist the help of his mother. Agree or not.

    Posted by Greema2four at Tuesday, June 10 2014 09:57 AM

    Those Logan women sure now how to use a man to make their destiny of the day jealous. Little grasshopper has learned well from Mama Brooke.

    Posted by pipposprincess at Tuesday, June 10 2014 10:16 AM

    Wyatt would tell his mother not to interfere and she didn't listen. Anyway, Pam needs to sit down and shut it. She stole from FC for Nick, tried to kill her own sister from the command of Stephen Logan and tried to get Donna killed by a bear. And Quinn's the crazy one.

    Posted by pipposprincess at Tuesday, June 10 2014 10:18 AM

    It's my opinion.

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