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    B&B Recap: Come On Down.

    Wednesday, April 30 2014
    Liam meets with Bob Barker, Quinn pressures Bill, and Oliver and Othello discuss Ally.

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    Posted by sandee1977 at Wednesday, April 30 2014 02:30 PM

    Quinn is just like Brooke. Anything to secure their child's future. Even if it means lying or pushing your child on a unassuming family. I don't think they get that you cannot secure anything that is not really yours. Hello!!!!! Stephanie along with Eric created FC as a way to secure their children future. I do not see any of their kids running anything at FC. Do you?

    Posted by Tabmow at Wednesday, April 30 2014 02:35 PM

    @Sandee:Ric does come to mind as Eric's son although no-one seems to want to acknowledge it. And Ridge is there.

    ..Anyway, I'm out for the day - take care all.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, April 30 2014 02:37 PM

    Posted by coconutyogurt at Wednesday, April 30 2014 01:56 PM

    In the event Brooke does find out about Bill & Quinn, I hope she doesn't hold it against him...What was Bill supposed to do, call the police & say, "There's a crazy woman that just broke into my house, & she's trying to sex me up, & I don't know what to do...HELP!"
    Well, just like she couldn't sit around and wait on Ridge, Bill could not sit around and wait on her.

    Posted by sandee1977 at Wednesday, April 30 2014 02:39 PM

    Brooke and Hope's head is so far up their own behind they cannot see what they are doing or find anything wrong with it. Brooke made a decision based on her feelings at the moment and ran with it. Yet does not understand how things went awry. But wait it is Katie's fault and she needs to pay. For what being too trusting and loyal to her own Logan family. That is where Katie went truly wrong. She felt responsible for Brooke's misery even though it was actually Bill's fault. Yet this fool Brooke wants to reward Bill and punish Katie. What a fool! Got the nerve to call herself a chemist. I usually associate scientists with people are extreme intelligent. Brooke does not fall under that category under any circumstances. As for Hope. she finally got the happily ever after she wanted with Liam. Liam got the annulment she demanded. Steffy is completely out of the picture. So far out that she is over the Atlantic Ocean. Yet Hope is not satisfied. She needs more confusion in her life. So she adds Wyatt. The one thing Brooke did not pass to her children is intelligence. More better COMMON SENSE. SMDH

    Posted by sandee1977 at Wednesday, April 30 2014 02:47 PM

    This show needs to be renamed the Fools and Foolish. Not one character is doing anything that resembles sense. Everyone's stupidity is either catching up to them or will catch up to them. Whether you are reading the updates or/and watching it on screen it always make you say, "Huh????" Nothing makes any sense. Nothing. I understand people's frustration. But the writers/producers don't. They are totally grasping at straws while rewriting history. Where did all this angst against Ridge came from with Brooke? What if Ridge said he made a mistake and want her back? Is Brooke really trying to say she will not consider it? Yeah freaking right? she is saying that Katie is being vengeful but it is Brooke running around making all these moves. Brooke heart is not broken. Her ego is. I wish one of Stephanie's birdies poop on her. But wait that means good luck. So forget it. >)

    Posted by Diamondash4 at Wednesday, April 30 2014 02:59 PM

    just wonder what commonsence is Quinn teaching wyatt and what common sence did Taylor give to steffy seem like they all coo coo to me so give brooke a break I know she not going to get best mother award but she still give her some advice just saying share love not hate.

    Posted by sandee1977 at Wednesday, April 30 2014 03:00 PM

    Posted by MarcellaJayna at Wednesday, April 30 2014 11:57 AM

    Hope is so dumb, she is actually allowing Liam to impose his will upon her yet again, she is always talking about taking things slow, yet this stupid girl is allowing Lame Liam to dumb her azz down yet again with his ultimatums, and Wyatt is also a dumbell waiting around for Hopeless, get a backbone and walk away, this nut is again dating and kissing your brother, she should not be so appealing to him or any decent self respecting man.
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    Liam has allowed Hope to impose her will on him many times. Let's see give Steffy an annulment because she wants to be the official first and only Mrs. spencer. Kick Steffy out of his home after he was the one who invited her to move in, Give her a do-over wedding because Italy no longer counts. Yet she refers to Italy anytime she remembers their best times. Ughh.... Walk away from Steffy and their baby. Do not try for another child with Steffy. Get over the loss of Liam's child with Steffy, their marriage, and the life he actually wanted and was so ready for. IMHO Liam has been patient. He actually annulled his marriage to Steffy only for Hope to be entertaining his brother. Even after she ran off with his brother and almost had his child he is still willing to be with her. He has not called her out on her behavior like Hope has done to him. He just said give me a chance, and if that is not what Hope wants he will be fine with it. Hope cannot stand the idea of Liam no longer pining over her behind. She needs to have a back up. This is all Hope's doing not Liam. She went to his house upset. She allowed him in her personal situation with her new man Wyatt, and she was fine with the kidnapping. Hope is the one really running this triangle. Liam and Wyatt are just pawns. She secretly loves this. She is the head of the only line at FC. She has two Spencers who wants her, and guess what no Steffy. No one to call her out (Ally does not count because how she feel about her don't really affect her as much as Steffy does)and the best of all no Steffy! Hope will not be making any decisions anytime soon. She is going to milk this for all it's worth.

    Posted by Diamondash4 at Wednesday, April 30 2014 03:09 PM

    thanks to $Bill steffy looney Quinn and wynut for there interference in hope and liam relationship they would have been happy but there always some one trying to keep them apart both of them at some point make mistake but they trying to get back to what they started please hope get rid of wyatt and start over with liam but I guessed in soap land for that to happen looney Quinn has to get run over by some truck or hope see another side of wynut screw up ego soon he be acting like another $spence cant wait for that fall its in the making.

    Posted by sandee1977 at Wednesday, April 30 2014 03:14 PM

    Posted by ml210378 at Wednesday, April 30 2014 12:10 PM

    Posted by bluediamondpa at Wednesday, April 30 2014 11:41 AM

    Gawd, I thought Barker was dead (he should be). What a snoozer again today. I would tell Brad Bell, he better do something quick or this show is going to go the way of so many other soaps. Viewers not tuning in spells death. And with these gawd awful storylines, more and more viewers turning the dial. I can say, since these snoozers have taken over I am flipping to Days more often. Their storylines move along at a better rate these these do.

    And the actors are better looking too.
    Well this is the outcome when Bell states that if you don't like the storylines of B&B then to just change the channel. I read somewhere that he actually said that. I guess he was pi$$ed of all the negative comments and lashed out. I guess he the less viewers the more money he makes because who in the world says that to dedicated viewers of your show? I for one have tuned out. I just come here to read the latest. And I see that I'm not missing much.
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    I don't get how so many have said that they have tuned out yet they are still the second highest rated soap. Is it because keep it on channel two after they have finished watching Y&R while they wait for the Talk? SO if B&B was not between Y&R and the Talk will it have sunk in ratings? That is why Bell was so arrogant in his talk about change the channel. B&B IMO is just a filler. A space that needs to be filled. Since there is nothing to replace that filler B&B is not going anywhere unless they find a good 20 minute game show. Bell really has nothing to work with. Look at the players. Katie and Ridge was hardly on. Do they even come to work. Bill comes and go, and Hope looks tired. I noticed the bags under her eyes and Brooke as well. They hardly show Rick, Caroline or anyone else. They are probably all busy doing other things and is only there due to a binding contract. Look at them they have been in bed for a couple of days in the same outfits sometimes for weeks. Look at Taylor and Thorne. It is Wednesday and watch tomorrow or whenever they show them again they will still be in bed. Eric who was a member of the Core 4 is hardly shown and when he is on he just spews nonsense or looks confused, or Rick speaks for him. Who would have thought that the absence of the two Stephanies will leave such a void. SMDH Whether you love or hate them they played a huge role in B&B.

    Posted by sandee1977 at Wednesday, April 30 2014 03:21 PM

    Posted by glovers67 at Wednesday, April 30 2014 02:10 PM

    Posted by Tabmow at Wednesday, April 30 2014 02:03 PM

    Posted by coconutyogurt at Wednesday, April 30 2014 01:56 PM

    In the event Brooke does find out about Bill & Quinn, I hope she doesn't hold it against him...What was Bill supposed to do, call the police & say, "There's a crazy woman that just broke into my house, & she's trying to sex me up, & I don't know what to do...HELP!"

    ..Bill loved every second of it ......
    If Brooke has a brain she will ...ok the first time you can maybe excuse since he was drunk and on rebound but second time and was about to be a 3rd time there is no excuse plus how about just being honest in the first and let Brooke decide instead of finding out from Quinn.
    If that happens it will make it 10xs worse as if Bill cannot be trusted or question if he really loves him or maybe just trying to get his company.
    I really believe Bill has a feeling that Brooke has those papers from earlier times when he asked her and she was vague and lately by the hints she has been giving him.Bill is definitely not wanting to blow his chance.
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    It is funny that one of the main issues in Bill and Katie's marriage was his drinking. Especially his actions when he is under the influence. The same actions that almost killed him and Brooke yet Brooke said that she is fine with it and even encourages it. SMDH

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