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    B&B Recap: In Love With Two Men.

    Monday, April 28 2014
    Ally talks to Oliver about Taylor, Thorne and Taylor discuss Ally, and Hope tells Wyatt her decision.

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    Posted by ClaysGal at Tuesday, April 29 2014 09:17 AM

    Posted by bluediamondpa at Monday, April 28 2014 02:12 PM

    Re: Taylor

    Taylor stepped up to the plate on Brooke's last b-day party and told the truth. Later, senile Eric told her that she was wrong and he supported the old hag ho Brooke again!

    Taylor left him because of his supporting the old bag Brooke. She came back around Christmas time and spoke to senile Eric and told him she was back to see a couple of patients.

    She went back to Paris and met Thorne at dinner and renewed their relationship. Can't see why all you Taylor bashers can't understand the situation. I have been a Taylor fan since she first appeared on this show and will continue to be as well. Taylor has always been the punching bag for the Logans. She was Stephanie's choice until the writers decided to make ho Brooke the favorite in Stephanie's last days on this show. I totally found this insulting and disgusting. I could not believe they would ignore the long standing relationship between Taylor and Stephanie.

    I will be looking forward to some interesting scenes with Taylor, Thorne and the nutcase Ally. Taylor's calm demeanor and Ally's loosing it so easily should make for some good scenes. Taylor is a beautiful woman and all the others can't compare to her elegance and beauty.

    Ohhhhh! Thank you (in my Madea's Mr. Brown's voice!) This is all true!

    Posted by quick at Tuesday, April 29 2014 10:18 AM

    Hope dating 2 guys. Come on that has really turned me off. I will not be watching B&B anymore as long as this nonsense is going on. How stupid do you think your viewers are. She has this history with Liam. She falls for Wyatt to the point she thinks she's pregnant by him. Now she decides to date both men. She about as trashy as her ma. Please change the writing of this part. I won't watch it anymore sorry.

    Posted by ClaysGal at Tuesday, April 29 2014 10:32 AM

    Posted by ziva at Monday, April 28 2014 08:00 PM

    Sorry I couldn't help myself I usually don't do this but this is not bashing the actress it is common knowledge,it is all over the internet ..... all the beauty that you describe is made by a very expensive plastic surgery,the death of Darla , although it was an accident I can understand Ally losing it when she see Taylor guilty or not she was there driving and hit Darla what Ally supposed to do Welcome Taylor with open arms,I don't think so, Taylor is a reminder for Ally losing her mother if that Would happened to me I wouldn't want to see the person involved into the death of my mother. Just Saying...........

    Sorry ziva, but that is bashing no matter how you waiver yourself! The actress may have had some surgery but she is still beautiful. She was once named one of the most beautiful on daytime tv. We judge them so easily but never know why they may have had surgery. It could be something medical... Just saying!

    Additionally, it was an accident that happened to Darla. Taylor had been drinking because she was 'going through' being hurt, again and again. She was on her way to protect her OWN daughter who had gotten stopped in fog. Any mother would do what they had to protect their own children! She simply did what she had to do. It was simply unfortunate how it all went down.

    Posted by luvmichigan at Tuesday, April 29 2014 10:54 AM

    I used to enjoy B&B , looked forward to storylines moving towards a conclusion, I knew there would be a payoff of retribution towards the evil doers. Loved the days of real stories.... fashion lines, fashion shows, murder, theft, lies, suspense & real drama. Now I am afraid it is all about whom is slutting after whom. The writers have ruined this once great show. Forgotten history, half told storylines, repeated storylines (over & over), hypocrisy, characters who change personality over night, the Forrester's as main characters not bit players in the Spenser/Logan show. I am afraid I have little interest left. Taking show off of DVR recording....reading recaps will do until it isn't so yucky. Bring back Spectra (Clarke). Give Ally a line that is mega successful to rival Hope.....make her a strong female like Steffy used to be, let's see some fighting over Forrester with ALL the kids, grandkids, adopted kids, etc.let Quinn go all Sheila Carter on Bill/Brooke. Real drama...not just who is swapping spit with who.very frustrated with current writing team.

    Posted by odie23 at Tuesday, April 29 2014 03:22 PM

    Please leave Hope along . She is grown up and she do not need Wyatt's mother or Bill to stick there noses in . This have been over 3 yrs since Hope and Liam trying to get together and Bill was doing the same thing to stop them . Tell me why ? Quinn now .It is the same story now over and over again Quinn instead of Bill. Let Hope grow up and be a woman. This is making me sick . I need to stop watching it.

    Posted by BarbCarey at Wednesday, April 30 2014 04:26 PM

    notodo.....I do not know Shadow but AR was not the only area that was hit badly by the tornado. I live in Memphis, TN. Memphis has AR on one side and MS on the other. Tupelo, MS was nearly destroyed by the tornado. We in Memphis were very lucky. The tornado just missed us by a hair. If you do not know, in our part of the U.S. this is known as tornado season.

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