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    B&B Recap: Bon Appetit!

    Friday, December 27 2013
    Brooke tells Ridge about Bill, Liam confronts Hope with the true story, and Donna and Quinn face-off.

    At Brooke's house, she denies that she and Bill are in the middle of something and tells Bill she has things to discuss with Ridge. Bill leaves, hollering, "Bon appetit!" Ridge and Brooke sit down to a candlelit lunch and he toasts to a new beginning. Brooke says there's something they need to discuss - about Bill. Brooke explains that Bill and Katie had problems and another woman was involved. Ridge wonders if the woman knew Bill was married and that Katie nearly died. Brooke says the woman knew all of that. "It was me." She attempts to explain and expresses her regret. Ridge says people sometimes mishandle things when they're in love. Brooke tells Ridge she never thought she'd get the chance to reconcile with him. "Is that what you want?"

    Katie has Will at the office. Bill arrives. He assures her he won't be taking Will to Brooke's house - she asked him to leave because of a situation. "The situation has a name - Ridge." Katie asks if Ridge had any choice words about their affair. Bill doesn't think he knows. Katie smirks. "Brooke will never change." They play with Will and Bill says he thinks Ridge will move on. Katie says if Ridge wants her sister, he'll have her, that's the way it's always been.

    In Hawaii, Liam informs Hope that Quinn was the one who brought Steffy back from Paris - getting Hope there with Wyatt was exactly what she wanted to accomplish. He says they were set-up again. Hope recalls Quinn being in her room. Wyatt remembers that he told Quinn that Liam was in the cabin. He points out that Liam still could have told Steffy to leave. Liam says he'll explain to Hope. Wyatt steps out. Liam tells Hope why Steffy came. Hope says seeing them together felt too familiar. Liam questions her running to Wyatt after one look. Hope insists she saw something between them. Liam says he told Steffy he was marrying Hope and she left. Wyatt returns. Liam implores Hope to come with him and get married.

    At Forrester, Donna snarks at Quinn about Wyatt using the jet. Quinn sternly advises her to adjust her attitude toward her, but Donna says Quinn doesn't understand the loyalties around there. She lets Quinn know that Liam has gone to Hawaii. Quinn points out that she blabbed employees' whereabouts to an outsider. Donna says Liam's not an outsider, and wonders if Wyatt thinks he won fair and square. Quinn says Liam will never find them. Donna thinks he's probably already there.

    Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Ridge learns about all he missed while away.

    Liam makes a last attempt to get what he wants.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Friday, December 27 2013 09:18 AM

    Well Liam she's doing what you've done!

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Friday, December 27 2013 09:25 AM

    Somebody slap Donna! Wyatt was given permission by Eric to use the jet and it wasn't right that she gave Liam company business information.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Friday, December 27 2013 09:33 AM

    Hello Old and New Posters: It looks like Ridge is getting up to speed on Brooke and what's been happening since he dumped her. Bill being ran off by Brooke, runs to Katie's office to inform her Ridge is home. What a dumb azz. I guess he will want Katie to take his sorry azz back now. I hope she holds off and let him beg for awhile like he has been doing to Brooke. Liam thinks telling Hope he was set up in person is going to make a difference, after seeing him and the connection he and Steffy have. She would be crazy to believe him; even if was or is telling the truth, as she has seen them together and it will always be the same old thing for her. She needs to tell him to go home and let her stay in Hawaii until she is ready to come home and let him leave with his tail tucked between his legs. He deserves to feel how she felt when she had to go home after he married Steffy each time. Liam still doesn't get the humiliation and the pain she felt each time.

    Posted by cowboys forever at Friday, December 27 2013 10:00 AM

    Ahh, Destiny number four was kicked out by destiny number one.

    Poor Ridge, he is wondering if the beeotch in Bill's life knew he was married and Katie almost died. Hell yeah, she knew. And Brooke they didn't have problems, Katie had an illness. It's you and Bill that had problems. Is she saying she never thought she would reconcile with Ridge so she got with the stallion? What a tramp she is.

    Ridge didn't seem to upset. Different Ridge, same stupidity.

    Liam, leave the whack job where she is in Hawaii. With that chicken head Wyatt.

    Quinn, Liam has found Hope. He followed the stench.

    Posted by cowboys forever at Friday, December 27 2013 10:01 AM

    Oh, Ms. Menopause forgot to tell Ridge she had a baby dinosaur growing inside of her until it fell out.

    Posted by BHOLD at Friday, December 27 2013 10:33 AM

    Dumma you are no match for the Mighty Quinn.

    Posted by BHOLD at Friday, December 27 2013 10:36 AM

    It just gags me that these two men want to fight over Bwooke. Oh I hope this story line changes soon. I so want to like NU-Widge.

    Posted by cowboys forever at Friday, December 27 2013 10:36 AM

    Bill didn't pee or kiss his old heifer mare on the head before he got shown the door?

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Friday, December 27 2013 10:37 AM

    I saw the new credits and Quinn, Wyatt, Ally, and the new Ridge are all added, today.

    Posted by love2lovebrooke at Friday, December 27 2013 10:41 AM

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Friday, December 27 2013 09:33 AM

    Liam still doesn't get the humiliation and the pain she felt each time.

    along with others.....

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