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    B&B Recap: He's Come Home.

    Thursday, December 26 2013
    Brooke tells Bill about Ridge, Rick and Ridge butt heads at Forrester, and Liam arrives in Hawaii.

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    Posted by lyndylooh at Thursday, December 26 2013 09:42 PM

    Happy festive season everyone. Loved Ridge saying Ricky, I've been in Paris not the north pole. Little Ricky looks s@@t scared. His perfect little world is in for a shock. Nine times out of 10 Eric will choose Ridge over his other children. Have to laugh at the face off between Bill and Ridge. Its a wonder they're not peeing in the corners to mark their territory... and all over the old grey mare. How dumb is Ridge not to figure out that old Bill is walking around Brooke's place with some familiarity and sense of entitlement. Is she really worth the fuss. Oh and Hopie and the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini hiding out from the paparazzi. What the...she's not that famous is she? Dumb reason for her not to go to the beach. More likely they were too cheap to film it in Hawaii so we're not going to have too many touristy scenes.

    Funny here in Oz Hopie has just dumped Liam over the Steffy video thing and here it is in real time the same thing again. Liam disappoints Hopie pashes his brother and runs away again. Please no more.

    Posted by sassysmiles at Friday, December 27 2013 07:33 AM

    Hi everyone! I hope that everyone is having a good holiday.

    Now, on to the soap... Ridge has not been living under a bridge. He knew very well that Rick is in charge. He just expects everyone to bow down to him and give him what he wants. That's a lot of ego! Did he think that Rick would just hand it over, even his own son would not have done that. Especially with FC doing well. He expects Brooke to take him back after he has been gone a year with no contact. Brooke has taken him back in the past but he has never been gone so long without them seeing each other or talking. And now we know why the writers rushed and did a sloppy job putting Brooke and Bill together. So that the nuRidge would have someone to battle. He now has to fight to get the things and people that he callously left behind. Just so you know, I still like the Brooke and Bill pairing; I just don't like that they were together before the divorce. But as a couple, I like them. They have more in common.

    As for Hope and her bikini; I thought that she rocked it. She looked good. I don't think that she ran away from Liam. When I watched the episode it looked like she had decided that she has had enough. Steffy is a factor and she is tired of it and removed herself from the situation. No one made Steffy show up on their wedding day and tell Liam that she only wants to have his baby. (I thought Steffy had changed. That she was mature now. Lol.). I want Hope off this merry-go-round. Steffy has shown up at every wedding or attempted wedding and it gets ruined. I don't blame Hope for how she reacted. Enough is enough.

    Posted by blueintexas at Friday, December 27 2013 08:28 AM

    I'm never too quick to give Hope credit for her strong stance. On anything.
    She usually changes her mind within a day and a half.

    Posted by heynow at Friday, December 27 2013 08:49 AM

    @sassysmiles-... Ridge has not been living under a bridge. He knew very well that Rick is in charge. He just expects everyone to bow down to him and give him what he wants.

    Well, sassysmiles, from NuRidge's disheveled appearance, I think he may very well have been living under a bridge in Paris. Why don't they clean up his image and ask him to lose the European accent. He actually sticks out like a sore thumb among that well dressed and groomed family. Your choice of words cracked me up.

    Posted by sassysmiles at Friday, December 27 2013 09:26 AM

    Heynow, you are right. I hadn't thought about his appearance. He does look like he was under the bridge. Lol

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