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    The Bold and the Beautiful - DAILY UPDATES

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    B&B Recap: Time For A Change.

    Friday, November 22 2013
    Thorne gives Ally upsetting news, Quinn overhears Liam and Hope, and Quinn and Bill have it out.

    At the outdoor cafe, Quinn overhears Liam talking to Hope about Bill interceding on his behalf with Wyatt. Liam says it will be nice not having to deal with Wyatt anymore. Quinn angrily shakes her head and leaves. Hope and Liam laugh and joke. She pretends to forget Wyatt's name.

    At Forrester, Wyatt and Bill continue arguing about Hope and Liam. Bill tells Wyatt if he pursues this he'll lose his relationship with his brother and his friendship with Hope. Wyatt wonders if he'll also lose his relationship with Bill. Quinn arrives as Wyatt asks Bill, "Why the sudden turnaround?" Quinn bursts in and asks Bill why Liam's happiness is more important than Wyatt's? Wyatt leaves. Quinn intones, "How dare you interfere with my son." Bill snarks about her considerable charm. He says Wyatt will listen to him. They argue about Hope and Liam's relationship. She says Wyatt is better suited for Hope and Bill needs to stay out of it. Quinn insists Hope will choose Wyatt - if he leaves them alone. Bill smirks. Quinn complains about what Bill did to her and calls him a despicable man. She mocks him for losing Spencer Publications, adding that Brooke and Katie are finished with him, and if he's not careful, Wyatt will be too. She stabs him with his sword necklace and then licks his blood off her thumb. "Revenge tastes so sweet."

    Ally arrives at the Forrester mansion where Eric and Thorne are waiting for her. Thorne tells her, "It's time for a change." He explains that he had a high offer on their house and sold it - they have to move out. Ally complains about the memories there. Eric tells Ally he's thought about selling his house too - it's too big for one person. Ally tells Thorne her memories of her mother are in their house. Thorne flashes to memories of Darla. He makes Ally laugh by saying her mother would have kicked him in the pants for refusing the offer. Eric invites them to live there with him - where Thorne and Darla were married. Ally looks at framed photos with Darla in them and then agrees.

    Outside at Forrester, Wyatt sarcastically congratulates Liam for upping his game. He tells Hope that Liam effectively asked Bill to interfere with her life. He wonders if he'll ask Eric to rip up his contract too. Hope makes her exit. Liam tells Wyatt he's right - he should deal with this on his own. He rants about there being something being very wrong with Wyatt...and his mother. He calls them both shady. Liam tells him slow and steady wins the race. Wyatt cracks up.

    Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Donna wants Katie and Brooke to make-up.

    Hope combines Rick and Caroline's engagement bash with Thanksgiving dinner.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Friday, November 22 2013 09:21 AM

    Bill get outta town!

    Posted by cowboys forever at Friday, November 22 2013 09:25 AM

    I'm really so sick and tired of all this Hope, Liam and Wyatt mess. Please, this dumb chick ain't all that. Nothing but a bubble air headed, giggling bimbo. If the tramp is not in a scene someone else is talking about her in their scene. Who the heck cares.

    Happy to hear that Thorne and Ally are moving in with Eric. Hope it means more air time for Thorne.

    Just finished reading the update. Think I will skip this episode too much Hope for my taste.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Friday, November 22 2013 09:25 AM

    Lots going on today. Quinn stabs Bill with his silly sword and licks the blood. Cuckoo. Bill no one is scared of your huff and puff no more! You're reduced!

    Eric is getting some new housemates. Interesting.

    Posted by cowboys forever at Friday, November 22 2013 09:34 AM

    Now we have Quinn licking blood. We appear to have a vampire on our hands. I wonder is she tasted Brooke in the nasty tainted blood. Better get tested for aids.

    Next episode does not seem to be any better. More of that stupid child. Rating must be at an all time low.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Friday, November 22 2013 09:35 AM

    Hello Old and New Posters: I am commenting per the recaps. I think it is a good thing for Thorne to move into the house with Eric. Ally is a little upset, understandably, as it has her childhood memories there. I am glad Quinn stands up to Bill about Wyatt. I am also glad Wyatt stands on his own with Bill, too. Liam has to have daddy wipe his sorry azz for him; while he sucks on daddy's bottle. I don't think Hope will like that Bill is interfering in her business. Hope knows what lengths Bill is capable of to get what he wants. I think, even though Hope is confused about which guy she likes or wants. Wyatt not only tells her, but shows her she is his one and only love. Hope also knows Liam doesn't understands her and how she feels. Liam always feels like he has to possess and own Hope and the situation. I don't care if Liam was there first, Hope has a right to change her mind. She is not in any real committed relationship at the moment and not engaged. As much as Liam wants things to happen for him and Hope, it doesn't mean it will. Liam assumes he is the one Hope wants. Wyatt has abided by Hopes wishes, so far and hasn't pushed the envelope completely, yet. Heavy petting is different than actually going all the way, brother or not. I still think Wyatt is better with Hope than Liam. By Liam calling Wyatt shady, is trying to make something out of nothing with no proof to back it up with. Liam is willing to go to great lengths to get Wyatt away from Hope at all costs. This may be his downfall and also involving Bill. Nothing is worse than a yes man, which is Liam. Wyatt has the merit to work for what he wants and he is persisitant. Ally wants Thorne in Rick's place. Thorne has turned down this position, before. He seems to be satisified where he is at with FC. Ally admires Hope because of the glamour and popularity she has. This is normal for people to have role models to go by for their lives. I think Ally's ideas will be fruitful for FC and the HFTF line. Ally wanting to learn the company will be an asset for herself and FC. It appeared that Liam had already met Ally.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Friday, November 22 2013 10:33 AM

    Here on the east coast they have cut into the programming of Y&R and B&B for a CBS Special Report on Kennedy; so we might lose part of the show. This is something that could have waited the 7pm news.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Friday, November 22 2013 11:06 AM

    After watching what was left of the show Bill thought Quinn talking to him was a joke to blow off, until she stabbed him with his own sword. Then he knew she meant business concerning Wyatt. He sure felt her sweet revenge, this time when the sword brought blood. It sure wasn't like his fake stabs with it. I hope he gets an infection from it. The smug sob, thinks he is so above everybody else; just like Liam does. Liam thinks he is so sure he is going to win Hope back. I hope she picks Wyatt; if for nothing else but to prove Liam wrong about Hope.

    Posted by Tabmow at Friday, November 22 2013 11:07 AM

    Sooo - the Brookerisation of Hope continues. Today she adds another bow to her quiver - the art of the devious reply. She pretends to forget Wyatt's name and laughs with - or is it at - Liam as he is relieved they won't have to deal with Wyatt anymore.

    Posted by Tabmow at Friday, November 22 2013 11:14 AM

    Not so inclusive of Thorne to sell the family home without consulting his daughter but as Cowboys says, it will put them more front and centre. Does Rick still live in the Guesthouse? Looks like Eric is drawing his family closer in his old age.

    Posted by Tabmow at Friday, November 22 2013 11:15 AM

    It took 25 years to come but Quinn finally sticks one back to Bill. At least he bleeds real, human blood.

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