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    Gut Check Time.

    Thursday, October 10 2013
    Quinn tells Wyatt about Hope leaving Big Bear, Hope shows Brooke the Steffy video, and Bill advises Liam to check his feelings.

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    Wyatt arrives at Forrester to find Quinn impatiently waiting to see him. She tells him Hope left Big Bear alone and is coming home - Liam messed up again. She says she told him Liam would let her down, and he did. Wyatt scoffs that she doesn't know what's going on. Quinn says Brooke seemed distraught. When Quinn mentions Steffy, Wyatt asks if this is about her. He knows how Hope would feel if she found out Liam was still involved with her. Wyatt talks about warning Hope not to rush into another wedding. He is upset that Liam has ruined things again. Wyatt looks at the Hope Diamond and thinks about how he vowed to make her his wife. He wonders if it's the diamond's magic that brought Hope back. He says Liam's had enough chances - he's through respecting something he has no respect for. "Our chance starts tomorrow."

    Liam finds Bill at Spencer. Bill notes he's supposed to be at Big Bear and asks, "What happened this time?" Liam explains about making the videos and someone sending Hope the Steffy one. Liam says he can understand how Hope feels. Bill thinks she suspects he still has feelings for Steffy. He tells Liam it's gut check time. "Get on a plane and fly to Paris to see your wife." Liam sighs. He says he's moved on. Bill asks if he's sure that's what he wants - it's what Hope will ask him. Liam tells Bill he's not going to Paris - that would push Hope over the edge. Liam says he'll give Hope time with Brooke and they'll sort it out tomorrow.

    At home, Brooke asks Hope if she and Liam had an argument. Hope tells her it's Steffy. "It's happening all over again, Mom." Hope explains about the videos and how Steffy asked him to make one for her and he couldn't say no. Hope says it's all too familiar and she won't share Liam with Steffy again. Brooke watches the video and can see why she might feel upset. Hope isn't sure about his motivations in making it, or if Steffy still thinks she has a right to him. She doesn't know what to do - she said she would never allow herself to be in this position again. Brooke never wanted Hope to love a man with divided feelings. Hope doesn't want that either. Brooke advises her to take time to get answers to her questions. Hope wonders what if it only leads to more questions. Brooke says a person can only take so much - she deserves to be free from this confusion and loved by a man who loves only her - like Wyatt. Hope doesn't want to bring him into this, but Brooke goes on about his good qualities. Hope says she's confused enough - this doesn't help. Hope looks at the Blue Diamond on her tablet. "Never underestimate the power of the rock," it says.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Bill speaks out at Katie's first board meeting.

    Caroline helps Liam try to find out who sent Hope the email.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Thursday, October 10 2013 11:00 AM

    Back to mommy blaming Steffy.

    Posted by grizzskin at Thursday, October 10 2013 11:03 AM

    Hello posters...

    The Grizz Den Cyber Bar & Grill is now open; sorry for not opening yesterday, I had connectivity issues and could not get online; to make up for yesterday, drinks are ON THE HOUSE; we are serving a variety of home-made soups and salads....

    Our bartenders/servers are ready to serve; we have lost Thoma$, but have added Devon from Y&R....

    Let’s get this party started....

    Posted by grizzskin at Thursday, October 10 2013 11:04 AM

    I am trying to feel sorry for HOpe, but she is starting to get on my d@mn nerves; Liam has moved on from $teffi, SHE hasn’t!!!!!

    And the truth be told, the ONLY reason she is playing the victim role is because she has an “out” – Wyatt aka Gomez Addams... It was OK when she was the object of multiple affections, but when she is faced with assumed competition, she cuts and runs....

    And for crying out loud, I hope (pardon the pun) she doesn’t listen to her sk@nk of a mother; “explore your options???” REALLY?????? In other words, tramp yourself out to your fiancée’s brother... (“Love the One Your With” playing in the background)....

    Posted by Dachshundlover1224 at Thursday, October 10 2013 11:05 AM

    TRASHBOX JR.(Hope).....STFU Already With Your Whiney Asre Because All That Complaining That Your Yamering About Liam being With You And Thinking About The Beautiful Steffy and Whatever Else That You are Annoying The Viewers About. STUPID "B" Aren't You Doing The Same Thing To Liam?! While Your With Liam Your Thinking about Is Brother Wyatt?! EXACTLY....GO "F" Yourself TRASHBOX JR.(Hope)!!!!

    Posted by grizzskin at Thursday, October 10 2013 11:11 AM

    (“Love the One Your With” playing in the background)....

    meant to say "You're"...

    blame $teffi for this too.... LOLOLOLOLOL

    Posted by bbmichelle at Thursday, October 10 2013 11:11 AM

    Brooke- where was this fabulous advice a year or more ago to Hope??

    But then you went off the rails by pushing Wyatt on her before Hope has ended her engagement to Lame brain (and lets not forget his annulment isn't even final is it??)

    And when you were describing Wyatt- you left off the fact he is a Spencer TOO- meaning he is rich..big plus on your "Logan list for men"

    And Wyatt- quit looking at the diamond like "wow this thing really does have special powers.."

    No you dingbat- it was your mother's doing.

    And Liam- do us all a favor- take your Dads advice-- get on that jet and go to "Paris"--

    I am so beyond sick of ANY triangle involving the Hope less one....

    Posted by phbatl at Thursday, October 10 2013 11:12 AM

    tired of this merry go round...getting off

    Posted by Dachshundlover1224 at Thursday, October 10 2013 11:12 AM

    TRASHBOX SR.(Brooke).....All The Trouble Steffy Caused?! "F" Head "B" Steffy Learned From Her Mistakes and Is Not Causing Any Trouble. Can't Say The Same Thing For You Because Your Still The Same Old TRASHBOX That Can't Stop With Your Filthy Behavior. You Are A Hundred Years Old Now Still Doing The Same Old BS And It's Time For You To Close And Hang Up Your COOKA And STOP Causing Trouble Yourself!!!!

    Posted by bbmichelle at Thursday, October 10 2013 11:13 AM

    grizz- couldn't agree more on your Hope comments-- talk about living rent free in someone's head!

    Posted by Dachshundlover1224 at Thursday, October 10 2013 11:14 AM

    TRASHBOX SR.(Brooke).....You can See Why Your TRASHBOX JR.(Hope) Is Being A Crybaby Annoying Brat?! WELL.....Can You See Why Your Little Sister Katie HATES YOUR GUTS?!

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