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    Still Time To Wake Up.

    Thursday, September 12 2013
    Hope and Wyatt discuss her wedding plans, Caroline pays Katie a visit, and Bill thanks Brooke for talking to Wyatt.

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    Posted by Mika at Friday, September 13 2013 09:43 AM

    Who is the sick twisted minded person writing these storylines for bill & brooke its disgusting nobody wants to see brookes old wrinkled a--- she & bill disgust me brooke dont care who she sleep with and I know its a soap but lets be a little realistic what man in real life would want somebody with such poor moral values bill better watch out she'll be Sleeping with wyatt next. She's a tramp with a capital T. When ridge comes back if he does shey'll be trying to get him back. Miks

    Posted by hatethe logans at Friday, September 13 2013 05:29 PM

    So glad Katie told Brooke to STOP crying! Her tears are so fake. Brill honestly expect Katie to just "get over it."
    They are something else. Let's see how they react when one of them cheat on the other. It's going to happen. I dare Brooke touch Katie's child when she knows how she feels about her. Will was not in danger and there was no need for Brooke to interfere with what Katie had set up. But she thinks she knows what's best for Katie and everyone else. Go find you long lost sons and spend some time with them and stop worrying about what Katie is doing. You destroyed another family and like Katie said, "no amount of tears is going to fix it". You got what you want so go away and leave her the he11 alone. Neither you or Bill was concerned for Will when you sucking face all the time. And the writers can have you kissing and rolling around in bed til dooms days and it will always be a despicable sight.

    I think Katie should get away (hopefully meet someone while she's gone). Since Brill won't stay the he11 out of her face, she should go away with her baby and try to regain piece of mind. Who the he11 does Brooke think she is telling her she can't go because she will miss her! Who cares what you think or feel! The writers should fix this s/l and do it soon. They are going to cause the actress that plays Brooke to get hate mail or a beat down....

    And, yes I also agree with the posters who say Maya and Carter are boring as he11! She always got the stupid empty look going and he is just too aggressive with a women he has not dated. Yea, you kissed in your acting rolls, but I guess he was never acting. Still can you take it slow? Entering her apartment without permission is too much. Does Carter have a place? This is a stupid s/l for these characters and does nothing for them. You have to be more than just good looking....need substance.

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