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    Strike Gold.

    Thursday, August 01 2013
    Hope meets with a wedding planner, Steffy makes her intentions known to Liam, and Caroline vows to help Rick out of a crisis.

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    Posted by glovers67 at Thursday, August 01 2013 03:13 PM

    Posted by sandee1977 at Thursday, August 01 2013 02:57 PM

    I forgot to clear that part up about lies .I agree Steffy did not lie not perfect timing on her getting pregnant but Liam was the liar this time.One lie that he never told Steffy was that Hope told him to marry her to give baby a name and a father and another lie was Steffy asked him a few times if he was with her because he felt obligated and he said no and as soon as Steffy takes off he tells his dad and Hope that he did marry her because she was pregnant and he was about to marry Hope when she stopped the wedding.That's what I meant about lies .Liam has always lied and disrespected both girls and now Hope is demanding he respects her therefore respecting herself.I would not be giving it up but nonetheless she has placed her morals on the back burner for this dude and is not worried what anyone says about her these days.
    Steffy never cared and was praised for whatever she did right or wrong but when Hope does something that will make her more assertive and makes her happy she is being trashed for that so no matter what she gets trashed and so what if she sleeps with Liam but still demands annulment ....more power to her.
    Steffy wants Liam happy so let's see if she will make him happy .It may make her sad to know Liam does not care if she does not want to give him an annulment but this is her Liam unsure of himself and in love with two women so he says plus Steffy also always said she accepted him for who he is well lets see if thats true .She can kill two birds with one stone by accepting that Liam wants the annulment and making him happy if that's truly what she wants him to be.

    Posted by ForReals at Thursday, August 01 2013 03:15 PM

    Hey Hope! Contrary to what you obviously think, babies don't come only after Certificates of Marriage are signed.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Thursday, August 01 2013 03:21 PM

    Hope has already laid the law down to Liam; annulled or no marriage. Liam also told Wyatt that Hope had waited long enough. Is Liam now worried that Hope will move on? He already has told Hope, Wyatt is interested in her. Even with Bill not in the equation, today, has he talk to Steffy. He tried to talk Liam about Steffy and Liam told him he was going to marry Hope. Bill likes to control Liam and the situation. Bill hates how Hope tells Liam what to do. He would try anything to keep this from happening. Wyatt on the other hand would be able to handle Hope. He is a take charge kind of person. Caroline today was really playing Rick into her hands today. I am glad Rafael told her she didn't have to beg no one. I really don't see a wedding. I think when Liam goes to Paris, Steffy will change Liam's mind. She ran after him before and he was gone like the wind.

    Posted by Kajakisa at Thursday, August 01 2013 03:24 PM

    So called "grown up" Hope is so insecure that when Steffy returned, Liam would go back to her. She is unable to fully comprehend that marriage would not solve her worries, but rather complicate situation. Hope is not trusting of Liam's love, but ready to commit to him? It is not a good start to any marriage. Hope has to realize that there is nothing wrong with waiting and to be sure that she was making the right decision. When Wyatt mentioned yesterday how Hope was peaceful, my first thought was of him not knowing that he haven't seen her getting married. This is most annoying thing about Hope's charachter, getting so worked up about being married right away or that minute, like it was an emergency. The first time when she sought annulment from Steffy, I thought she would explode, but that was I think more about wanting to sleep with Liam. At this time, she is rushing again for all the wrong reasons. It is all on her and not Steffy. Steffy is still legally married to Liam and it is up to her or both of them to decide and it is not Hope's place as a third party to interfere. On the other hand, I would love Steffy to give Liam annulment and completely severe all ties to that despicable piece of work.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Thursday, August 01 2013 03:24 PM

    Hello RamblerH: I agree with you on the obstacle. It's she gave them enough rope to hang themselves and then she jerked really hard.

    Posted by ForReals at Thursday, August 01 2013 03:24 PM

    Hopie, darling, baby love, here in the State of California, where you live, yes, yes, Los Angeles is in California too. There's a law that says you have to wait just 6 short months to get divorced, if the divorce was consummated, meaning that the two big people had sex, like you did last night with Liam, yeah, that's what sex is. Now when two big people get married, they can only get divorced by waiting 6 months, there's no shortcuts to divorce, you can't for example, PRETEND that the marriage never existed. Pretending is like when you got that pretty shiny ring from Liam before, yes! You got it, that's pretending. So if you just wait a little while, you can have the wedding you never thought you were gonna have. The really really special wedding between you and Liam will come true and you will live happily ever after! Forever, and that's a long long long long time. Now go brush your teeth or they will all fall out and no one will want you then. Good Girl!

    Posted by angel and halo at Thursday, August 01 2013 03:26 PM

    I think Hope is asserting herself and hoping for a different outcome in regards to her relationship with Lame.
    I did see a promo in which she tells Wyatt that if Steffy was to return, she doesn't know what the Lame one would do.
    Hope should get tired of being burnt by the same flame.
    Give Wyatt a chance and see what happens. If he hurts you, at least it will not be Lame's (you all supply the number of times)time doing it again.
    Hope should stop acting like a glutton for punishment. Lame is a loser.

    Posted by RamblerH at Thursday, August 01 2013 03:27 PM

    @Va.Hillibilly, howdy! Yes, exactly, Steffy gave them enough rope to hang themselves. But Hopie is to the point now it's do or die, no more chances.

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, August 01 2013 03:28 PM

    This is friggin stupid...
    WTH would Hope think now that Steffy would give LIAM an annulment, when she wouldn't before, oh I know she finally signed them A papers before about 2 weeks before the six month waiting period was up, and yes LIAM tore em up.

    Hope should have been TOLD about that.

    There is no way Steffy would give him an annulment this time, for one he did marry her willingly, and for two she did carry what I assume was his baby.

    Hope if you don't think LIAM will be faithful for six months while waiting, then girl don't marry this chump. Let the chump cha...cha...cha to Paris.

    Steffy might be leading in the how many times she's married the cha...cha...chump, she's also leading in the divorce category as well.

    I LMAO at LIAM when Wyatt told him, "Liam I figure out dad must have been seeing both our mothers at the same time"
    LIAM says, "He's not like that any more he's changed"
    REALLY LIAM? weren't you at Brooke's B day party where it was revealed that BS had impregnated his wife's sister?, last I looked they were both women, the only change is NOW BS is seeing sisters at the same time.

    I also liked Rapheal and Caroline. Rapheal's words were so true, he needed to have the same talk with Steffy & Hope concerning LIAM.

    and Hot dayem, THORNE made it outta the basement, it was good to see Thorne and Thomas to.

    I hope Thorne does start having more of a role, he is needed, and I would like to see Thomas as well.

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, August 01 2013 03:33 PM

    HA, HA...well I guess Bell Jr. should have googled CA law...

    Because I find it funny as he11 after the berrygate, Brooke got the divorce papers from Ridge one day, and Tay was dragging Ridge down the aisle the next...LMAO but nobody bothered to look that up then...

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