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    A Gentle Soul.

    Tuesday, July 30 2013
    Wyatt and Liam note their differences, Wyatt still has feelings for Hope, and Katie sets up Brooke and Bill.

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    Brooke enters Katie's house and thanks her for inviting her over. Brooke picks up Will. Katie asks about Will's latest half-brother. Katie wants the details and tells Brooke she knows she and Bill talk. Brooke asks Katie for a chance to heal from this. Katie says all she does is defend Bill. Brooke admits that was wrong. She says Donna made her see that she forgot to apologize. Katie's not interested. Brooke says she wronged her and betrayed her trust in the worst way, but she's deeply sorry. Katie needs to go back to the office and asks her to stay with Will. Brooke is thrilled and hugs her.

    In Malibu, Liam is barbecuing red meat for his father and brother. Wyatt asks for steak rare and a scotch neat just like Bill. Liam drinks a beer. They toast to welcome Wyatt to the family. Bill and Wyatt discuss Quinn's. Wyatt wants to take it internationally one day. Bill's proud. Hope arrives. Wyatt notes Bill rolling his eyes as she kisses Liam. They sit for dinner. Wyatt loves his 'nearly alive' meat, and marvels over Liam's veggie burger. They talk about coincidences. Wyatt doesn't believe in them. He looks pointedly at Hope. He credits her for him sitting there with his father. Bill talks to Wyatt about going easy on his mother. Wyatt asks about their history. Bill says he was a dumb kid picking up a beautiful girl. He says she's still beautiful and wonders why she's not married. Bill asks about the necklace. Wyatt explains it was in a safe. He's glad he put it on. Bill gets a call from Katie, who asks him to go over and relieve Brooke. Bill says he'll be back, and goes. Later, Liam and Hope decide to turn in. Liam tells Wyatt it's good having him there. Wyatt tells Hope he owes her, and watches her go into the bedroom with Liam. In the bedroom, Liam is still a bit overwhelmed at having another brother. Hope says he's a lot like Bill. Liam goes to shower. Hope goes out to get her cellphone and Wyatt asks her to stay for a minute. He reflects on Liam being a gentle soul, which is great if you like that sort of thing. They joke about her seeing Wyatt naked in the woods. She tells him he's a flirt. Wyatt thanks her again for all this. He says when he looks at her he feels peaceful, of course he feels other things too... He kisses her.

    At Katie's house, Brooke gurgles to Will about his mommy trusting her. Bill arrives. Brooke raves about Katie asking her to watch Will - it's a great first step.

    In her office, Katie logs into her nanny cam and watches Bill and Brooke chatting and laughing with Will.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Donna finds out Katie is plotting with regard to Brooke and Bill.

    Wyatt still wants to win Hope over.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Tuesday, July 30 2013 10:58 AM

    Who invited the nose over?

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Tuesday, July 30 2013 11:00 AM

    Katie is breaking. She let her back in the compound. It took Donna to make her realize she didn't apologize. Really?

    Posted by RamblerH at Tuesday, July 30 2013 11:02 AM

    Wooaooah!! OK for real those writers ARE reading our posts!! Did you hear Wyatt call Hope "my little Hopie??" and then explain the Hopie Indians are peaceful and that is how he feels around her. Other things have been said overctheclast couple of weeks, almost direct quotes from our postings!

    Posted by RamblerH at Tuesday, July 30 2013 11:03 AM

    @Luvs you crack me up, Katie is breaking, she let her back in the compound. Bwahahahahaa!

    Posted by RamblerH at Tuesday, July 30 2013 11:05 AM

    KM's acting has really improved, was a good show today. Wyatt is a great character, but I think he will be walking the fine line between a good guy and a bad guy; I think the writers are setting the tone.

    Posted by ShadowKat24 at Tuesday, July 30 2013 11:06 AM

    I like that nanny cam idea of Katie's. It's a good way to find out whether or not they can be trusted together. I would set up more meeting with Brooke and Bill though...just to be sure.

    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Tuesday, July 30 2013 11:09 AM

    It looks like Wyatt is going to be daddy's new favorite son (except for the whole Hope thing)

    I wonder what Bill would act like if he ever had a daughter?

    Brooke thinks Katie TRUSTS her? Does she not smell a set-up? Ask her to watch the baby and then send Bill over? Duh.

    Is Hope going to spend the night in the house with Liam, Wyatt and Bill? Ugh!

    Posted by RamblerH at Tuesday, July 30 2013 11:09 AM

    So has my Hopie actually moved in with Liam, or does she have the perpetual packed bag going back and forth to Mom's? I'm thinking since Wyatt is more like Bill than Liam, Bill and Wyatt will team up together to get Steffie back with Liam. However, in the process, Wyatt may just fall in lust/love for the sensuous Steffy.

    Posted by phbatl at Tuesday, July 30 2013 11:09 AM

    Why was Hope invited to dinner with the new father and sons dinner? So out of place. Loved the look on Bill's face when Liam kissed Hope. Wyatt noticed it too..he's up to something.

    Posted by RamblerH at Tuesday, July 30 2013 11:12 AM

    @phbatl, Hope wasn't invited, she just showed up - these people do that a lot. No protocol at all with these characters!

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