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    Creative Control.

    Thursday, July 25 2013
    Bill, Wyatt, and Quinn have it out, Pam has a marketing idea for Rick, and Maya confronts Caroline and Rafael about their manipulations.

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    Outside the restaurant, Bill confronts Quinn and Wyatt. Bill asks Quinn if this is a money grab. Wyatt hollers at Bill to shut up; he wanted him dead, they don't owe him the time of day. Quinn recounts how Bill flattered her when they met. She was dazzled by him. Bill thinks she should have contacted him. She asks why - to tell him she used his abortion money to start her studio? Wyatt is angry at Quinn for not telling him his father was alive. She didn't want him to be like Bill. Wyatt says it wasn't her place to decide that. He rants at Quinn about lying to him and tells Bill. "You didn't even want to know." Bill says he and Quinn were both wrong. Wyatt angrily drives off.

    At the restaurant table, Liam questions Hope about Wyatt. She explains this wasn't Wyatt's doing, it was hers. She says the necklace was a legitimate connection. Liam doesn't know what he'd do with a brother. She suggests that Liam get to know Wyatt. If he's Liam's brother, she'd like to know him too. They wonder what's going on with Bill. Liam leaves to find out.

    At Forrester, Donna and Pam page Rick. Donna encourages him to give Caroline another chance. Pam says all Donna and Caroline talk about is hair. Rick says he'll be in his office and won't take their calls or pages. Pam isn't done - she has marketing ideas. She thinks Maya should be wearing Forrester clothes and lingerie in her web series. Rick may even get creative control! Rick decides to speak to the producers.

    At the studio, Maya confronts Caroline. "It's you that's been writing all this crappy dialogue." Rafael bites his lip. Maya is livid. "How could you let her do this?" Rafael sighs. "Caroline's family has more money than God." Carter says Caroline's motive is pretty obvious. Caroline rants about Maya and Carter having feelings for each other. She tells Maya she would have chosen acting over Rick and doesn't deserve him. They argue. Rafael fires Caroline. Rick appears and asks, "Is that some kind of rodent?" Caroline screams and leaps onto the waterbed, puncturing it with her stiletto. Water spews over her as the others laugh. Later, Caroline calls Rafael a traitor. He says bad ideas catch up with people and apologizes to the others. He and Carter step away. Caroline tells Rick she wanted him to see what he was getting into with Maya. Rick says their relationship passed her test. Caroline insists something's going on with Maya and Carter. Rick doesn't know what to think about Caroline anymore. He embraces Maya.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Quinn and Hope have a confrontation.

    Eric and Brooke share a close moment.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Thursday, July 25 2013 09:32 AM

    I wonder if Hope is going to find Wyatt or he's going to call her to his special place in the woods. LOL.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Thursday, July 25 2013 09:36 AM

    Well Liam, you have a middle brother. You don't have to help babysit or change diapers.

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, July 25 2013 10:33 AM

    Per Recap

    [quote]Liam doesn't know what he'd do with a brother[/quote}



    Does he know what to do with a girlfriend or wife! Or better yet HIMSELF

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, July 25 2013 10:39 AM


    The Bold And The Beautiful Brings Room 8 To The Web....this will launch on August 8th....airing 8 episodes.....Read more on B&B News Room

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, July 25 2013 10:51 AM

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Thursday, July 25 2013 09:36 AM

    Well Liam, you have a middle brother. You don't have to help babysit or change diapers


    Heck! Wyatt will be instructing his big brother on when to change his [(b]LIAm's) "big boy's training pants"....

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, July 25 2013 10:53 AM bad! Keys not cooperating...but you get the gist!

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, July 25 2013 10:55 AM

    I guess everyone is watching the show.....return later

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, July 25 2013 10:57 AM

    Well this is the same old tried lines BS spouted when he found out about LIAM. "Is this a money grab, because I'm used to that"

    BS if you didn't notice Quinn ran OUT of the restaurant when your arse walked up. I like Quinn standing up to BS, really WTH should she have told him, frankly I don't blame her.

    Wyatt is mad now, but According to SPOILERS...
    He forgives his mother and understand why she did what she did. and wears out his welcome with the Spencers in a hurry.

    Good I like Wyatt already.
    I liked him telling BS off. "bet your dog ate your homework to," LOL.

    OMG I LMAO at Caroline and the guinea pig and the water bed. Maya put her in her place when she told her Rick dumped her because he was done with her.

    But I like that actress that plays Caroline, she's a hoot.

    LOL at Pam/Donna, that was a good idea Pam had.

    LIAM quit acting like your all that...remember "dad" didn't want to claim you either, he kept swearing you were Thorne's boy, and I wish you had been.

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, July 25 2013 11:00 AM


    Hoola's hun!

    Yes, Lindsey Godfrey is quite talented! Her acting abilities are display now since Caroline bit the dust (literally)......

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, July 25 2013 11:03 AM

    I hope Wyatt doesn't allow Bill to control him like LIAm (liar with a silent r)

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