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    Break A Leg.

    Tuesday, July 02 2013
    Hope and Rick disagree, Bill comes back on Katie, and Maya and Carter kiss.

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    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Tuesday, July 02 2013 11:28 AM

    Katie told him he married her not the rings! TAKE THE RINGS AND SHOVE THEM; BILL. They are material things that can be replaced, NOT HER!! Get a clue man. Just cause you take a diaper off of Will, doesn't mean the poop won't get on you.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Tuesday, July 02 2013 11:30 AM

    Hope can't possibly and honestly defend her mom. BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT ONE! Best she keep quite rather open that can of worms and that stink, again.

    Posted by shiloh324 at Tuesday, July 02 2013 11:30 AM

    Hope was probably remembering how Mommy Dearest had her Ollie Wallbanger moment...

    Posted by norealityhere at Tuesday, July 02 2013 11:31 AM

    I keep hearing that song from The Wizard of OZ in my head.

    Ding, Dong, the witch is dead, the witch is dead. Ding, dong the wicked witch is dead!!!! Only one more day to see TTT on my screen. Hurray!

    Don't care about Brooke or Bill right now. Love my Katie and love the fact that Eric will give TTT kthe boot. Ding Dong the witch is dead!!!!

    Posted by Debre at Tuesday, July 02 2013 11:32 AM

    I had hopes for the show however it is pointless.Writers are setting it up to justify Brooke and Bill to be together.
    Caroline/Rick/Maya/Carter s/l BORING! With Stephie gone no s/l there. Get ready watchers for more BORING , STUPID and DISAPPOINTING s/l.Maybe in six months I will tune in.

    Posted by LuvsSoaps80 at Tuesday, July 02 2013 11:32 AM

    Hey Rick how do you think Logan family would of recovered if Brooke would of had her little sister's husband's baby. That means Brookes baby would of been Will's younger sibling and cousin. How do you defend that Rick??

    Posted by moonstone at Tuesday, July 02 2013 11:32 AM

    If you watch the actual program you will see Katie telling Brooke she is too old to be pregnant. That little dig was the best so was Brooke's expression. Now they are trying to put blame on Katie for their actions disgusting cowards. Bill wants to know if she is going to leave again, excuse me, Katie should have replied not me, you, your leaving get out of my house and take the hussy trollop with you and get ready for a call from my lawyer. Could have done without the Caroline & Maya scenes Maya has some scary eyes going on. Rick what can you say, he's an idiot and he has short man syndrome at least Hope knows the score.

    Posted by milli10 at Tuesday, July 02 2013 11:32 AM

    No matter what Bill is never going to admit what he did was wrong he and Brooke were never going to tell Katie the truth and now Bill is making it Katie's fault saying she push them to together so if she told Bill to jump off a building would he do that but jumping off the building and getting into with Brooke is both dangerous and Bill would have like it both

    Posted by sunmama at Tuesday, July 02 2013 11:32 AM

    Bill you are an AZZ, Katie needs to take him for EVERYTHING she can get.

    Lil Erwic(Ricky) honor, I think you need to consult Mr. Webster’s book and get a definition of the word. Cause your momma ain’t got any. Just to think I was starting to like you because of Maya, back to not liking you again.

    Posted by pepper48 at Tuesday, July 02 2013 11:33 AM

    Brooke can not justify this one. She is one of my favorite actress and i know this is just a soap but the reality of this is she needs mental help. She slept with her daughter's man and had a daughter by him and now she was going to have a child by her sister's husband. ok, that is definitely a "garden tool". The writers are good!!!! Well done!!!! And Taylor is a very uphappy woman and she needs a young man instead of Eric. She has no morals. She is seeing Eric after she has had Ridge, Throne and again Eric, oops, let's not forget Rick!!!!! She is no better than Brooke and if she was not leaving the show. She would sleep with Bill. He is a cutie. Katie has some nerve. She helped do this and she knew her sister Brooke was weak when it comes to a man!!!!! (laughing)

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