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    Long Shot.

    Friday, June 21 2013
    Caroline gets a favor, Rick and Maya come out as a couple, and Hope spots a naked man.

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    Posted by Dari at Friday, June 21 2013 12:07 PM

    I hope that both girls move on from Liam... It's sad that Steffy can't have kids... I hope the new guy brings in better plots ... Right now it's no fun to watch

    Posted by Tabmow at Friday, June 21 2013 12:09 PM

    Dari: Yes, I want Liam to see how it feels to have to fight for a woman for once in his life.

    Posted by Kitten.Supreme at Friday, June 21 2013 12:10 PM

    hopefully Wyatt sends her ass to the police had it been reversed and a random guy took a picture of her showering in the woods.
    one I think their camera would have cracked from the view and two she would not have found it funny at all.

    Posted by moneytalks at Friday, June 21 2013 12:11 PM

    I mean the proper proceedure that a mature young woman would follow. Or any young actress on this soap will do. What would Steffi or Caroline have done?

    Posted by favoritepastime at Friday, June 21 2013 12:12 PM

    Wow, I'm reading the first 10 to 15 posts and some people are never satisfied. Hope, doing the right thing and finally backing off and she still can't catch a break. Is that not what you wanted her to do???? Geez, its really starting to get old...Steffy "turned over a new leaf" and anyone speaking of her past deeds got the beat down verbally but now when Hope finally wakes up its still all real about it...differences of opinion is cool...hypocrisy just for the sake of strife is just so just gets old... JMHO...

    Posted by Tabmow at Friday, June 21 2013 12:13 PM

    Posted by Kitten.Supreme at Friday, June 21 2013 12:10 PM : So true. Just part of the double standard us men have to live with. Conceal yourself and take a picture of a girl-woman showering outdoors = pervert of the first order.

    Posted by glovers67 at Friday, June 21 2013 12:13 PM

    Liam is already expressing his love for Hope,kissing her .Hope was ready to go but he kisses her .Liam is such a jerk and I do not believe he has ever loved Steffy or Hope for that matter ,the way he easily swaps from one woman to the next .
    My next question is why is there a fire in the middle of June and if its that cold why is it that no one has on a jacket...crazy.
    Why would he lead Hope on if he is still worried about why Steffy left but I am glad Hope is saying that she will not give herself to Liam until he has Steffy out of his system.Steffy would have said Hope left him and he deserves better and then seduced him ,so glad Hope is not giving in to this dog who is all about getting sex out of the woman he is with .When Hope would not give in he went to Steffy who was more than willing and even his father kept pushing him towards his ex sex kitten because she was ready to give it up.
    Hope says to Liam they will be together again as if he needs to be so once he is cured from the Steffy disease he will want Hope again which he does now but his fat ego will not allow him to move on without two women fighting over him.

    So glad Hope is staying so she can find her she is not so into Liam after all once she said that naked hunk of man

    Posted by Paige43 at Friday, June 21 2013 12:15 PM

    Posted by Mistygirl_51 at Friday, June 21 2013 11:24 AM

    Posted by Go Cowboys at Friday, June 21 2013 10:42 AM

    Poor Hope, Liam sure knows how to kill a mood, saying he can't stop thinking about his wife. Poor child could not stand it. It's not about her so she can't deal.

    No Go Cowboys, you got that wrong! It's not that Hope could not handle it, it's that she WOULD NOT handle it. You see she will not stand for his partial attention. When Steffy was in this situation, she handled it just fine. She told Liam "Just call me Hope" That's not good enough for Hope.

    Oh and for those making fun of Hope's fall, you sure sang a different tune whenever your precious Steffy hurt herself. Come on, you must remember some of the times like, when she fell in the bathtub and hit her head (although she was drinking like her alcoholic mother), she crashed her ATV while chasing Liam on the beach (who, by the way, was chasing Hope!), then she fell on the ski slope ( I will admit she had some help from Hope with that accident), then she fell off a cliff while watching Hope and Liam get married, and then of course, her famously bad decision to get on the motorcycle and ride while she was pregnant (after promising Liam that she would not ride the bike) and we all know how that turned out. But go ahead, make fun of Hope's one fall! At least she had a man chasing her, AGAIN!
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    I SO AGREE WITH YOU AND LOVE YOUR POST!!! I think it's funny how everyone picks on Hope when Steffy was always begging him to forget Hope and love her but even though Steffy told her to love and take care of him after she leaves but Hope first didn't drag him up to Big Bear and she saw he was not right in te head ;-) and did the right thing and sent him home,,if it had been Steffy she would of been cha chaing as usual. I just love the ending of today's show! Hope this guy sweeps her off her feet !

    Posted by sdlady at Friday, June 21 2013 12:15 PM

    These comments crack me up. This is not real. It is a show. All these HOPE/LOGAN bashers. Give me a break and threatening not to watch it if the writers don't get better. Please this show has been on for years and it is a show people. I personnally love it. 6 months from now, Hope will be with someone else and Steffy probably will be too, or she has left the show complelely.

    Posted by Tabmow at Friday, June 21 2013 12:16 PM

    Last I saw the Steffy haters were still out in force, berating her for leaving, her weakness etc - and she's not even on. (and every man and his dog knows the real-life reason she had to go pronto) It goes both ways.

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