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    Strawberries From Heaven.

    Thursday, June 20 2013
    Caroline joins Carter on an audition, Hope realizes it's too soon, and Maya wants Rick to have it all.

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    Posted by cards1 at Friday, June 21 2013 06:08 AM

    Well from the sound of them spoilers...Hope is leaving LIAM he is free to go to Paris.

    Au revoir, et ne laissez pas la porte son vous dans le cul, Liam.

    Looking forward to the fourth of July fireworks on B&B

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Friday, June 21 2013 06:13 AM

    @cards1, thanks for those detailed spoilers, the one i saw was very vague.

    I'm so glad that Taylor tells it all on her final goodbye. Knowing Eric he spills it standing there looking dumbfounded.

    Bill you can't blame no one but yourself. After those rings came off you, were still married but you chose lust. No one likes to take blame for their actions it seems.

    Posted by blueintexas at Friday, June 21 2013 06:35 AM

    Posted by Tabmow at Thursday, June 20 2013 11:46 AM

    Anyone else think this exit may be the final curtain for Taylor, or that she will be given the chance to reappear later?


    Way behind in reading posts, so someone may have already said this, but here goes with my take in things.

    When we first started hearing rumors about HT and JMW leaving I remember reading that the new Ridge actor was put on hold. The new Ridge actor had been chosen because he had a good rapport with HT and the plan was to put the new Ridge back with Taylor, I read.

    My thoughts at the time was with HT leaving and the non-hiring of the new Ridge actor, the plan would be to put Taylor and Ridge back together, off screen, in Paris. That way they save two salaries in one fell swoop.

    Then Thomas and Steffy, when there, could always be saying, "Mom and dad, this" and "Mom and dad, that", driving Brooke a little more crazy, each time. Which might be fun to watch.

    So no, I do not expect to see HT or a Ridge in any way, shape or form, ever again.

    If JMW ever leaves permanently, I think that Steffy must be recast at some point.

    Posted by cards1 at Friday, June 21 2013 06:43 AM

    Luvdasoaps you are welcome...yeah the other ones I saw were vague as well, just got these this morning. They sound GOOD I thought! I especially LIKE Brooke/BS fear what Katie will do next, well IMO they should have thought of that BEFORE boinking.

    I have been so tired of that triangle, I'm just glad to move on to anything other than LIAM.

    Posted by cards1 at Friday, June 21 2013 06:46 AM

    I'm sure BS blames Katie for her "giving him to Brooke" OMG she was sick, what if she had cancer, is that a green light to boink your sister...I think NOT.

    I also read Katie is getting a new love actor from OLTL when she was on there, not sure who, because I am not familiar with that soap.

    So from the sound of that BS/Katie do split the blanket.

    Posted by abc66soap at Friday, June 21 2013 08:01 AM

    The name should be changed to the Logan Family like a night time soap but then the show will still fail since the writers do not know how to build the characters and move the story lines forward. The soap just keeps repeating the same BORING story kines over and over again with the Logan characters. Every story revolves around them. Is there no longer any fashion or design competition to this show? Only BORING love triangles fighting over same people over and over again. How many different ways can they split, scheme to get them back and then break up again. Over and over and over and over again.

    Do not understand what is wrong with these writers. Other soaps have repeat story lines too but they are never this boring that you feel cheated that you WASTED 30 minutes watching this CRAPPPP.

    Good bye!!!!! I will read the daily updates and decide whether to watch.

    Posted by abc66soap at Friday, June 21 2013 08:14 AM

    Hey, cards1 - thanks for the spoiler update.

    How/where do you find spoilers all the way to July?

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Friday, June 21 2013 09:21 AM

    I wonder if Bill and Brooke try and guilt Katie saying she's the one that pushed them together.

    I hope Brooke's children find out too about their mother. Well probably so since it will be at Brooke's birthday party

    Posted by Go Cowboys at Friday, June 21 2013 09:41 AM

    Bill and Brooke were already eyeballing each other before Katie gave them the ok.

    Posted by nicobear at Friday, June 21 2013 10:40 AM

    I couldn't stomach it. Todays show started with Hope and Liam kissing had to change the channel won't be watching anymore. I'll just try and catch episode when Taylor leaves.

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