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    Dad Practice.

    Wednesday, June 05 2013
    Brooke works on Eric, Steffy and Katie digest bad news, and Liam talks with Bill.

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    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:24 AM

    Hope destroyed her own happiness along with her family. Italy, do over and the ambush. It wasn't Steffy's fault. That's what I don't get. Lookie who wants what Steffy has now.

    Posted by Glojane at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:28 AM

    Hummmm, Steffy keeps saying that Liam loves her no matter what and he didn't marry her because she was pregnant so why not call him to be with her now. What is she afraid of since she claims to be so sure that he will stay with her? Could it be she knows he only married her because she was pregnant and probably will not stay with her once he finds out she can't conceive? If she is so sure of his love and devotion then why keep this secret? Liam hates secrets and lies and if she keeps this from him they will be done. It happened before and it will happen again just not soon enough for me. Counting the days not months but days!

    Posted by please no more at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:40 AM

    Posted by autigers at Wednesday, June 05 2013 05:41 PM

    Some things not adding up here.....steffys brought into the er with a head injury and unconscious. She loses the baby. Dr. Mead and a nurse are tending to her....still in the er. Dr. Mead tells liam the baby died. Later, Dr. Mead tells liam she is having a procedure done.....still in the same er room. Next we see liam telling steffy about the baby. FF to later that night or maybe the next morning....steffy is now getting ready to leave.

    When did she go to surgery? Who signed the consent to do the "procedure? Steffy was still unconscious or too groggy to have signed an informed consent. Liam didn't sign it cause he didn't she was having it. And now we have Dr. Caspberry saying steffy signed a consent and this surgeon suddenly appears that did the procedure but we never saw him til today....and all the while steffy never left her er room!!!

    Crazy..... Scratching my head.
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    ITA! When Dr Caspberry asked Steffy if she signed the consent (she was unconscious you inept doc) or if LAYum signed the consent (yes she is going to ask him.."Honey did you sign a consent to terminate our baby? you did...ok...just in case the doctor asks me if I have a problem") Besides they never went over the consent with him anyway.. no potential risk factors..side effects...risk of death... sign or symptoms to look for after having it. They never even spoke with Steffy either. Do the writers even concur with medical professionals before writing this crap? Just like on Y&R they make the medical professionals look like bumbling idiots.
    Did you see the guilt ridden faces on those doctors, and when the surgeon said there was RESIDUAL material that her body formed scar tissue over and that is why she was bleeding? That means YOU BOTCHED the procedure.
    Then not to do a follow up scan or internal exam to make sure everything was 'cleaned' out and just sent her home. and with no additional psychological support (not just her mom)and no follow up appointment. Talk about lack of adequate medical care. Then to tell her she can't have kids..then say in medicine 'we never say never'. Then the surgeon saying she will not be a candidate for the experimental procedure shouldn't he leave that up to the specialist? I love when Steffy said he will probably not give her a list of specialist and I think she is right. She is all on her own.. guess that is how they are going to write her off for awhile. She will be searching all over Europe looking for a fertility specialist to reverse the BOTCHED job of the surgeon.

    Posted by please no more at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:46 AM

    Posted by Prissa at Wednesday, June 05 2013 07:40 PM

    bethonly - Ronn Moss is playing in a rock band now????? Are you kidding me??? Rock band where exactly???? And NO he does NOT seem the type for that...I just HAVE to Bing that to see a video
    Ronn Moss is a guitar player in a band called "Player". They were a band from the '70's and '80's.

    Posted by please no more at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:55 AM

    Posted by blueintexas at Thursday, June 06 2013 03:55 AM

    I just watched Tuesday's show and I don't understand.
    Exactly how and when did Steffy have Laparoscopic surgery, to stop the bleeding, without her knowing. I mean she came back from tests not surgery.
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    That is a very good question!

    Posted by ziva at Thursday, June 06 2013 07:00 AM

    Wow why do we need to know all the details how and when Steffy had a procedure goodness sake it is a Half hour program use your immagination but an other thing if this would happened to Hope nobody would care the how or why. Steffy just lost the baby and some women getscar tissues let get the tissues healed properly before get pregnant again she is worried that Liam will leave her. she is young give a time for her and Liam together before starting a family some time babies get in the way, a new married couple need time on their own O.k. that pregnacy was sudden but now the baby sadly is gone just make time just for them for a little while until the scar phisical and mentally are healed

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Thursday, June 06 2013 07:05 AM

    What was so wrong in seeing what the doctor had to say about Steffy's procedure. Oh, I know, it was Steffy. Then we have to see ratchet Brooke rushing home to recreate a no into a yes...EVERYDAY she's on here begging and pleading and throwing in Katie's heart here and there and she may die if she finds out. Sickening.

    Posted by please no more at Thursday, June 06 2013 07:06 AM

    But they way they wrote they whole scenario does not make any sense. First the doc doesn't know who signed the consent, said she had residual material (meaning they did not get it all) then to blame her body for making scar tissue. That is what happens when there is foreign material left. And after having the doc say she could start right away. What??? doesn't make sense. Besides any good doc anyway would have told her about possible side effects to look for and call right away. Guess the writers forgot.
    (guess some people in the medical field, myself included, look for a certain degree of medical competency and procedures to be followed)

    Posted by please no more at Thursday, June 06 2013 07:10 AM

    So sick of BroHOke begging Eric to be the baby daddy. Give a rest already. She left the office about a 1/2 hour (soap time) before Eric and her whole living room was transformed. Just go ask Thorne, he would be more believable anyway.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Thursday, June 06 2013 07:13 AM

    Well she told Taylor she could get Eric back by the "snap of her finger". She's been working hard though, LOL.

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