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    Family Doesn't Bail.

    Tuesday, June 04 2013
    Katie supports Steffy, Brooke is questioned, and Bill reminds Maya of their arrangement.

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    Posted by autigers at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:30 PM

    For all the hate going out to Katie for being at Steffys house.,...good thing she was so that she could get Steffy to the doctor. But then maybe she should have just left her lying on the floor and walked out.

    Yeah, that's what she should have done.....geezzze.

    Posted by misskay231 at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:30 PM

    Posted by RamblerH at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:26 PM

    @Tabmow, that is the best post of the day!!! Love it!! Oh, shhh, I better not be so loud someone might discover my group of Logan fans. On another note, I have to say, Steffy's character shall be missed and I can't imagine how Bell and writers will pull this one off without Taylor and Steffy both. At least Steffy's character will be coming back!! Yes, I am a Hopie fan, but I can't imagine the show without Steffy! I wonder how long she is supposedly going to be in Paris??

    Wow. I think I may die of shock. lol. Hi by the way!!!! *waves*

    Posted by Tabmow at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:31 PM

    RamblerH at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:26 PM : The shorter the better for Steffy being away for mine. I hate it when they talk of people who are away and we know why. Sally is the worst of course, the actress is dead and they still bring her up or back from time to time. Ridge not much better. RM is alive, I think, although it was hard to tell toward the end.

    Posted by Ultimate.Logan.Hater at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:31 PM

    Internal Bleeding or not Katie knew Steffy was still recovering & not well from dealing with the hospital & whatnot but Katie kept on attacking Steffy. Now if this was Steffy yelling at Katie knowing she was recovering from one of her 200 fake attacks folks would be jumping at her throat claiming she was wrong.

    Posted by Dachshundlover1224 at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:32 PM

    Posted by Ultimate.Logan.Hater at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:06 PM

    Posted by Mistygirl_51 at Tuesday, June 04 2013 11:59 AM Posted by Ultimate.Logan.Hater at Tuesday, June 04 2013 09:54 AM

    Oh now the heart attack skank wanna act like family & be concern for Steffy!? What a b*tch if she wasnt attacking Steffy none of this wouldve happend.

    Really Dr.Quackbury "believes" Steffy maay not concieve again so Bell is really gonna go that route well cue the uproar cause thats excatly whats gonna happen when oother fans hear about this..

    I know Katie will run tell that to Hope she'll outrun a cheetah just to give her the "great news" that she has a chance to get Liam by getting pregnant

    DID YOU READ THE UPDATE??!! Steffy passed out because she has been bleeding internally (ie: low blood pressure/loss of blood) not STRESS! It had nothing to do with Katie. In fact, she was lucky that Katie was there and got her to the hospital.

    Looking for any reason to blame the Logans. It's just KARMA looking for Steffy. She has a lot of it coming her way. It's called payback for all the sneaky, manipulating that she has done. Yeah, I know, yall think she's changed and learned her lesson, maybe so, but that doesn't erase all the nasty deeds she has done in the past!
    I read the update & watched the show. Katie should NOT have attacked Steffy like that. She stressed her out.
    I would love for someone to yell in Katie's face she'll drop dead in a heartbeat

    No worries thought Katie's karma is coming to her with Uncle Daddy Bill & Skanky Momma Brooke being new parents of the next Honey Boo Boober Child. I hope when she has a major heart attack & say "You hear that Elizabeth Im coming to join ya.
    This would be payback for Katie stealing Nick away for Bridget having sex with him & getting pregnant as well. Katie never changed nor learned her lesson & you cant erase her past skanky deed

    "Brooke being new parents of the next Honey Boo Boober Child." Now that was hella funny and that will be soooooo true in the future.....LOL!!!!!!

    Posted by Ultimate.Logan.Hater at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:34 PM

    Posted by cards1 at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:28 PM Posted by Mistygirl_51 at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:22 PM

    Steffy fainted because she was BLEEDING INTERNALLY! Not because Katie was talking to her! She has blood loss/low blood pressure. Katie probably saved her life! If she had passed out all by herself and just layed there bleeding, she might have died. (Damn you Katie!) ________________________________________________________
    TRUE Mistygirl, dayem that Katie she should have just minded her own business and left her there passed out and bleeeedddinnggg.
    not suprised you would joke about this same one of the few cheering about Steffy losing her child.

    Posted by Tabmow at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:35 PM

    It doesn't matter. It was just a device so we could learn some more bad news about Steffy. Katie may have saved her life. Who would walk out on an unconscious person. Katie has a heart - ar, hang on, no she doesn't, well not hers anyway.

    Posted by coronagal at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:36 PM

    Lordy, Lordy - if what is happening to Steffy is Karma then I would hate to be Brooke when her time comes! Oh, but wait - that would never happen to a Logan! There is no karma waiting to kick them to the curb. The only karma they will get will be another juicy storyline! I think I have it figured out now. Carry on!

    Posted by RamblerH at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:38 PM

    Hi MissKay!! (waves back!) how are you, hon? I have characters on the show I love to hate, and others I hate to love, and then some I just downright love!! Others i could care less about. But they are just that - characters played by actors. I know "real" from "reel" at the moment! LOL!! Good chatting, take care!! I always enjoy your posts!

    Posted by misskay231 at Tuesday, June 04 2013 12:38 PM

    Who would expect Katie to walk out on Steffy after the girl falls out? Katie is not that darn cruel. But I am not going to clap and cheer especially knwoing that she was basically only there to tell Steffy that Liam was going to leave and also knowing that she will probably take what she knows straight to Hope.

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