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    Family Doesn't Bail.

    Tuesday, June 04 2013
    Katie supports Steffy, Brooke is questioned, and Bill reminds Maya of their arrangement.

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    In Malibu, Katie frantically pleads with Steffy to wake up. Steffy slowly comes around. Katie calls Dr. Caspary to tell her they're coming in.

    At the doctor's office, Dr. Caspary wants to run tests. Steffy asks Katie not to call Liam or her mom and freak them out. Katie reassures Steffy when she worries something may be really wrong. She talks about living with a fragile heart. When Steffy is taken for her tests, Katie says she'll wait. "Family doesn't bail." Later, Steffy returns and thanks Katie for staying with her. Katie tells her, "I'm really not that bad." Steffy replies, "Who knows, maybe I'm not either." The doctor returns with the test results; Steffy she has been bleeding internally. The doctor says she was able to stop it, but Steffy will need antibiotics. Dr. Caspary also breaks the news that Steffy had a bad reaction to the D&C; the obstetrics team believes she won't be able to conceive again.

    The relaunch is underway at Forrester. Rick finds Donna is behaving strangely. Maya enters, spots Rick, and turns her attention to Carter. She also sees Bill across the room. Jarrett and his female counterpart await Brooke's appearance. Backstage, Brooke pleads with Eric; she can't model lingerie. Bill appears and asks what's going on. Rick joins them, and tells Brooke to hurry up and change. Thomas appears. Brooke announces she won't be wearing lingerie; it's not businesslike. Rick is apoplectic and Thomas says the press didn't come to see the other models. Bill tells Brooke she needs to be on that runway. Eric orders them to figure something else out. Once alone, Brooke tells Eric she doesn't know how much more she can take. In the other room, Marcus and Carter discuss Maya, while Dayzee asks Maya about Rick. Maya reminds her she thought Rick deserved better. Dayzee apologizes for being a brat. Rick stops Maya and asks her to talk later. She says nothing's changed. Bill follows Maya to the bar and reminds her of their arrangement. Rick calls for everyone's attention and presents the Brooke's Bedroom line. When Brooke comes out at the end in a dress everyone is disappointed. Jarrett grills Brooke. Another reporter wonders if she's being demure due to a new man in her life. They clamber for a name. A reporter asks if she's got something to hide. Eric takes a panicky Brooke backstage. She pleads with Eric that she's desperate. "Help me, please."

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Brooke recreates a moment from her past with Eric.

    Steffy has to face her loss.

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    Header photo: CBS

    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Tuesday, June 04 2013 09:41 AM

    The doctor tells Steffy that She "believes" she won't be able to conceive again. That quack hospital should be sued!

    Posted by Go Cowboys at Tuesday, June 04 2013 09:44 AM

    Well Katie that's the least you can do after badgering the girl so much she passed out. Take the poor girl to the hospital. And keep your trap shut while driving. Oh now they're family, please Katie, I thought I told you to shut up. Steffy wasn't family when you were yapping about Hope.

    I knew it. Steffy will not be able to conceive again. Who didn't see that coming.

    Posted by Go Cowboys at Tuesday, June 04 2013 09:49 AM

    Only ho's can give birth.

    Rick notices Donna is behaving strangely, how can he tell?

    Old ho, put the lingerie on. You're only two weeks pregnant. Don't blame your meaty thighs on the baby just yet. Puhlease, nobody is believing it's not business like. It never was and you couldn't keep your clothes on.

    I doubt very seriously the audience is disappointed in not seeing Brooke in her granny draws. When she first announced it they didn't give a squat about it. All the buzz was about Taylor and Grandpa Munster.

    Posted by Ultimate.Logan.Hater at Tuesday, June 04 2013 09:54 AM

    Oh now the heart attack skank wanna act like family & be concern for Steffy!? What a b*tch if she wasnt attacking Steffy none of this wouldve happend.

    Really Dr.Quackbury "believes" Steffy maay not concieve again so Bell is really gonna go that route well cue the uproar cause thats excatly whats gonna happen when oother fans hear about this..

    I know Katie will run tell that to Hope she'll outrun a cheetah just to give her the "great news" that she has a chance to get Liam by getting pregnant

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Tuesday, June 04 2013 09:55 AM

    Those Logans have that Spidey sense, tbey can sense danger and when one is acting strangely. LOL. I'm like Brooke is two minutes pregnant and she's showing? Really?

    Love the term Grandap Munster, he's trapped in the web of lies of the pregnant one who can't own up to her mistakes and Steffy has to cope with her loss. Go figure!

    Brooke is not all that! Her days when her line launched she was in her prime and now she's done, done it all and its just not the same and stop making it seem like she has the perfect body. Its been what? 20 years ago? GMAB!!

    Posted by Ultimate.Logan.Hater at Tuesday, June 04 2013 09:57 AM

    The press is hounding Brooke about this "new man" whoo told them about that!?
    Brooke is gonna get all panicky well ask HOpe can you have one of those crazy pills shhe got stored in her purse Im sure Hope got some leftover

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Tuesday, June 04 2013 10:01 AM

    Seriously Katie, family? Your own family stabs each other in the back. Remember your knife with Bridget? Girl, get your life!

    Posted by Ultimate.Logan.Hater at Tuesday, June 04 2013 10:03 AM

    LoL Eric a.k.a Granpa Munster & Bill a.k.a Uncle Daddy (Deese Cour came up with that

    Posted by notodo at Tuesday, June 04 2013 10:07 AM

    It’s about bloody time! This site is not very cooperative!

    Per Recaps (haven’t seen the show)

    If Katie were present when the doctor returned with the results, the doctor should have asked to speak with Steffy privately before proceeding (if this is what happened…I’m guessing by the recaps) ….This is patient confidentiality! Now, unless Steff gave the doctor the consent to speak about her health in front of Katie, Steff can sue!

    But of course this happens in Soap Opera land………..morality, laws, rules etc doesn’t apply! LOL

    Steffy will get pregnant in the future….no doubt about it! But the “bright” side right now is that she doesn’t have to be bound to the doofus for eternity though she doesn’t see it this way. ( Speaking as a viewer) Hopefully, she wises up and leaves the jerk!

    Hope dodged a bullet when LAYum married Steffy…..but she doesn’t perceive it as so! …maybe one day she will!

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Tuesday, June 04 2013 10:08 AM

    Maybe the press saw the glow in Brooke's face. LOL to say she has a new man. LOL

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