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    A Lifelong Adventure.

    Friday, April 26 2013
    Steffy and Liam discuss baby names, Taylor overhears a conversation, and Bill pampers Katie.

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    Posted by Mimimeyers at Monday, April 29 2013 10:34 AM

    Tabmow I still think Taylor is strong! she has had a few temporary wins over Brooke lately & feels a little empowered but she just has her foot in the door. Eric has been as wishy washy as Ridge over the yrs when it comes to Brooke & the pattern continues. Brooke turns the one tear routine on & the men crumble. Taylor knows Brooke & as someone else said, just how dangerous she is! Taylor needs to pull her horns in for now. Brooke has Taylor in her sights & she will pull out all the stops PDQ!

    Posted by Greema2four at Monday, April 29 2013 10:38 AM

    Welcome to you, SoapLuvr_2013.

    I agree with you about Brooke. When will her bad behavior EVER be enough for the men on this soap...she always runs their show.

    I too am sick of Hopie Boo Hoo....enough whining and blaming other people for "robbing" you and Liam of your life. It is YOUR fault.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Monday, April 29 2013 10:46 AM

    The thing is when Hope cries people feel sorry for her and don't realize she's the one that makes her ownself cry.

    Posted by BHOLD at Monday, April 29 2013 03:23 PM

    Posted by Greema2four at Monday, April 29 2013 10:27 AM

    I think Taylor is "minding her own business" the same way Brooke minds HER own business, don't ya think?? For years, we have watched Brooke butt into other people's marriages, other people's relationships and other people's BUSINESS. Lest we forget how "concerned" Brooke is when she is badgering people to bend to HER way of thinking...regardless of what the other party has decided, if it doesn't coincide with what Brooke wants, there she is insinuating herself right smack in the middle.

    I don't understand all the flak Taylor is taking for "outing" the disgusting behavior of Brooke and Bill. Perhaps her vendetta is long overdue....Taylor has stood by silently long enough while Brooke just hurts people over and over again. It is about time someone calls her on it. Hopefully, but I don't see it happening, Brooke will pay for a misdeed, in spades and not just for 5 minutes.

    Years Taylor stood by, granted Big Steph was around trying to hold it down but Taylor really stood by silently for years! Taylor has watched how Bwooke has treated her children and since Big Steph is gone and went out like she and Bwooke were BFF, it's Taylor's turn.

    Posted by BHOLD at Monday, April 29 2013 03:24 PM

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Monday, April 29 2013 09:18 AM

    A strong businesswoman? who Brooke? She lost that years ago. She has nothing, not a thing to get her power back on top. That drop of linen or wrinkle free material isn't even brought up anymore, guess sign of the times and replaced with the green products. Brooke can never be a Lucinda Walsh, she never had scandals on tv and the internet disgracing the company. Brooke will never be capable of that.
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    Business woman. Waz her title, Steamroom manager?

    Posted by Sherese222 at Monday, April 29 2013 04:09 PM

    I cant stand brookes who*re arse but I am so happy she told taylor she can take eric. Only because i cant stand taylor. She is so pathetic and miserable to me. She just needs to mind her business. So what if brooke slept with bill. That is something for the people close to her to figure out. Taylor is just bored with life so shes all up in brookes business only because she things brooke is the cause of her troubles. News flash your man went to brooke by himself. Although brooke made herself more then available your man went right along with it and ultimately chose her over you just like liam and steffy. Only hope didnt try to get liam back until it was too late but just like brooke steffy made herself more then available and liam chose steffy after it all. Yes the baby had a bug role in that but it is what it is.

    I cant stand anyone on this show except for hope and she is getting on my nerves too because she needs to toughen up and mvoe on It should give you more fire to move on when you see lame isnt thinking about you. Hell i think the writers should match hope with carter. I think he can bring something out of her that she is lacking.

    And the writers arent slick. I can tell something is about to happen with liam and steffy because they are making them seem too happy and everyone knows in soap land "too happy" doesnt last but a minute in a day. We shall see the news that rocks all of them lol

    Posted by Cincigal at Monday, April 29 2013 07:49 PM

    How can anyone "adore Brooke?" Unless they are a horny,perverted man.I must say that one must have very low expectations of someone to adore.

    Posted by Tropione at Monday, April 29 2013 09:09 PM

    There Brooke going around telling all the women that she has to key to get their men if she wants. So what is Brooke; the community men catcher?
    Poor Eric, join the SOD (State Of Denial) Team, knowing Brooke slept with her sister’s husband, but can’t accept it, because he can’t believe Brooke strikes again with somebody’s man. Taylor needs to get a job and stop snooping around FC. Taylor the truth will always come out. Let the Logan sisters sort out their family nastiness. The only person Brooke left to sleep with is Donna’s ex Justine. Good thing Liam is married to Steffy, otherwise Brooke would be scheming up a plan to sleep with him.

    Does anyone work at Forrester Creation? I need a job where I can work out in the middle of the day. I am tired of this poor life, where I am stuck at the computer eight hours a day. This is not working for me. I need to luck out like Maya or Daisy. I am going step up my networking to find a rich guy. Now that Maya get some new attire, I wonder if she moves out of that dark dingy apartment.
    Rick need to be straight with Caroline and break up her. They brought this girl in from New York, she was dating Thomas; Rick and his mom pull every card out of the deck for Caroline to date him, not they are treating her like Trash
    No Hope you get many chances after Aspen, you kept forgetting that beautiful Italian wedding, but you chose not to sign the paper to make it legal. How about when Liam was down on his knees in his underwear begging you to marry him on Stephanie’s mansion, wasn’t that after Aspen?

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