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    Motorcycle Mama.

    Friday, April 19 2013
    Rick comforts Hope, Steffy prepare to wed, and Steffy surprises everyone.

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    Posted by kayy666 at Saturday, April 20 2013 04:05 PM

    Steffy is no different from Brooke. She goes after everyones' husband or boyfriend. At least Brooke didn't get pregnant on purpose. Then there is plastic face Taylor. What a hypocrit! She has slept with everyone on the show. Hope has more class in her little pinky than Steffy could dream of having. I hope Steffy loses the baby or Liam finds out he's not the father. LOL. Then Taylor, Steffy and Thomas can continue with their constant"poor me" pitty party!! Taylor sure sucks as a psychologist!!

    Posted by kayy666 at Saturday, April 20 2013 04:06 PM

    Too bad Steffy didn't go flying off that motorcycle. Now that would have been PERFECT!!

    Posted by swamp5150 at Saturday, April 20 2013 04:15 PM

    This is my last comment on Steffy's wedding ensemble. Jump suits are back in vogue again after several years I recently saw a Stella MCcarthney oops Paul's daughter new collection which was all jumpsuits. Never been my taste but hey it's the style and it's back!

    So it makes perfect sense for Eric a top designer too come out with this for Steffy, and paring it with the long lace over coat put it over the top, really cool!

    Posted by swamp5150 at Saturday, April 20 2013 04:32 PM

    For those who need to tear someone down, no need to look far, Brooke has provided enough nasty grotesque behavior to last long after this soap has bit the dust!

    Hope is now making her mark to come in 2nd place, but there is still plenty of time for her to overtake her dear mother!!

    Steffy: love her

    Posted by swamp5150 at Saturday, April 20 2013 04:52 PM

    Kayy66666: To compare Steffy to Brooke is like comparing a virgin to a hooker no comparison! Plus how long has Brooke been at it, a couple of decades, SINCE BEFORE STEFFY WAS BORN, you should give it a rest! Of course unless it makes you feel good!

    Those who know the real deal just skip right over your post because you do not have anything meaningful or product too add to the conversation! I just stop off at your post to be a bit snarky because you left yourself open!

    Enlightenment is a beautiful thing......carry on

    Posted by swamp5150 at Saturday, April 20 2013 05:02 PM

    I reread your post and really it is sick and twisted! To wish the death of an unborn child even if it is a fictional soap is stooping very low for any woman!

    I suggest you seek help for your issue's now while there still might be time too cure you!

    I mean this no kidding, get help!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by YeaRight at Saturday, April 20 2013 05:08 PM

    Say whatever you want to say about Steffy, but remember from the truth you can't escape, I'm sorry for all your pain NOT.

    Steffy is the hottest star on BB, the most beautiful and she was blazing in her wedding cat suit. Steffy is better than Hope and almost everyone agrees.

    1. Cry baby Hope shows how pathetic she is and even she had to recognise that she is o for 4 trying to marry the same man while Steffy now marry the same man twice, Hope is just a speed bump here and there for Steffy awesomeness.

    2. Stefffy is the only star on BB who made the top 100 most beautiful people people, Hope did not even make the top 200

    3. Outstanding Overall Performer

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester)

    If there’s one thing to take from these Dankies, it’s the soaring popularity of Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who has won in five categories, including the best overall performer for the 2nd straight year, which is the most important award. She has also won the vote in every single category she was nominated in, and all of those victories were by a landslide. Her popularity was already sky high last year at the Dankies, where she has picked up four awards, including the best overall performer, but this year’s numbers indicate that it was only the beginning of her meteoric rise to stardom.

    JMW’s fan base is overwhelmingly massive in comparison to any other fan base on the show, and continues to grow at a remarkable pace. She has become the show’s biggest draw as well as the most valuable asset in the cast team, which is supported by the viewership numbers over the last year as well.

    In JMW’s Steffy Forrester, Brad Bell and the writing team have found pure entertainment gold, and if they’re smart enough (and they are), they will continue to put her at the forefront, showcasing her talents as much as they can without burning out one of their hardest workers (and we are witnessing one of her well deserved breaks right now).

    4.Outstanding Supporting Actress

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester)

    For every fan of Hope, there are two fans of Steffy. That’s how big the discrepancy in the size of both fan bases is. That’s an unbalanced rivalry which just isn’t working and needs to be dropped.

    5. Most Attractive Female Star

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester)

    What else needs to be said? JMW burns through the screen with her incredible sex appeal and charisma. Being in the Maxim’s top 100 list isn’t just a fluke.

    6.Favorite Character

    Steffy Forrester

    Steffy dominates the competition and establishes herself as the most popular character in the show. The change in the writing for this character over the 2012 calendar year has been the best decision the show has made during that period. Steffy Forrester has turned into the most central character of the show, its greatest heroine, backed by a fiercely loyal and vocal fan base, all while handing us one entertaining scene after another. There is no character that currently symbolizes better what being bold and beautiful is about. Steffy IS B&B.

    7. Least Favorite Character

    Hope Logan

    This is the second “award” in a row for Hope in this category. It can be a positive thing being notorious, but being disliked to the point of tuning people out of the show is not a good thing. The Hope Logan character has completely failed to gain the sympathy and rapport of the majority of viewers despite receiving consistently favorable writing, propping and building up from the very moment of her inception as a teenager. The attempt to create a believable protagonist out of the character has utterly failed and backfired. Over the last few months, we have been witnessing the writers’ attempt to capitalize on the hatred she has drawn by making her even more obnoxious than before. Is it working? Nope. If Hope hasn’t been completely written into a corner already, the only chance to save her character would be to remove her from the triangle and give Kim Matula a chance to shine in a different story line. I, for one, hope she gets it.

    8. Favorite On-Screen Couple or Duo

    Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester

    Within one year, the Steam Soulmates have developed into the best and most popular couple on the show with nearly twice as many votes as Lope. There is simply no competition between the couples in terms of entertainment. Steam is where the money is: these cold hard numbers say it, the superb delivery in every one of their memorable scenes says it, and the success and reception of Soulmates campaign say it, too.

    Steam is THE super couple on the show, and the writers will be wise to continue writing them as the central love story. Have I already said that it’s time to end the triangle?

    The information above are FACTS not opinions

    So there you have it no matter what anyone say or how they diss Steffy, she is still the best and she is the bold and beautiful and the most outstanding star now, so in your face Hope ______________

    Posted by notodo at Saturday, April 20 2013 05:34 PM

    YeaRight~~~~Hey lady! Hardly see you anymore! Hope all is well with you…..Deedria? (did I get that right)

    Though it appears that Steffy has grown and changed, I’m not at all convince that she is stronger in regards to LAYum (you and I had this discussion sometimes after you first arrived…LOL).She’s a wimp for the wimp: I was hoping that she reprimanded the doofus when she found him rolling in bed with another woman. I did not specify who the woman is (we all know anyway0 because her identity is irrelevant. Instead she left quietly in tears and her verbal rationale was that LAYum needs to get Hope out of his system….That‘s crap……who does that!

    The latest was observing LAYum possibly marrying Hope again: she started to rebuke him but immediately retracted and later apologizes to the dork…..

    She may be fierce when it’s non LAYum related but LAYum remains her Achilles heel and this is what I don’t like about the nuSteffy!

    Posted by 1AGoodFriend at Saturday, April 20 2013 08:40 PM

    you are on a roll. ITA 100% Love all of your comments.

    Posted by Agent Scully at Saturday, April 20 2013 10:34 PM

    Hope, stay away from the wedding. You'll only make a fool out of yourself. Accept it. It's over between you and Liam. You've never had any faith in him. Whenever there is the slightest problem, you walk away and start popping pills.

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