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    Motorcycle Mama.

    Friday, April 19 2013
    Rick comforts Hope, Steffy prepare to wed, and Steffy surprises everyone.

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    Posted by notodo at Saturday, April 20 2013 12:16 PM


    I hope HT is not leaving the show. Who else has an Emmy on B&B?
    Maybe HT wants to stay home with son. I hope it's only temporary if that's the case!


    Appreciate the heads up lady! Will do! Prob watch when all eyes are resting!

    Posted by cards1 at Saturday, April 20 2013 12:49 PM

    notodo....I also hope I AM WRONG....
    But what is it the SPOILER for May sweeps is.....
    One life ends....a new life begins
    Out of heart ache and pain...comes love and happiness...

    I have read many thinking this is concerning the triangle or the pregnancy....

    BUT I have a sneaking suspicion this is concerning Katie/BS/Brooke.

    One life ends.....the life Katie and BS were building????
    A new life begins.....the life of BS/Brooke??????

    heartache and and happiness?????

    IDK it seems to fit and you know the fling is going to come out.

    I think the spoilers are also indicating Donna finds out.

    I also read Heather Tom has a upcoming series on being a nu mom (In real life, I could see that being enough for her)

    who knows.....( miss hecate)

    Well Everyone have a great weekend..................

    Posted by Mbk52 at Saturday, April 20 2013 01:04 PM

    Why can't all you Team Steffy FANS see that Liam is only trying to please his deceitful, unfaithful lying ass father. Liam is not man enough to stand up to Bill. He's marrying Steffy out of a manufactured love created by Bill and her. Liam feels he's doing the right thing because of the baby. Liam is afraid if he told Steffy that he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life with her, because his true love is Hope and she' s the one

    he wants to be with. Bill would never give him his approval. Liam is not
    mature enough to stand up to him yet. Liam is going to have to learn the
    hard way, that Steffy is all about getting her way, no matter what. She has
    her covert operation going on in her mind.

    If Hope is to show up at that wedding, I hope that if something tragic happens, that would cause Steffy to loose that Hope won't blamed for it.
    I can see the writers going that way, since Hope always seem to get the short end of the stick.

    Posted by notodo at Saturday, April 20 2013 01:08 PM


    Sounds like an AL Green: Love and Happiness

    I would like to think that one death a few months ago should be enough for awhile at least ( of one of main characters)

    But since HT is taken on another project she may exit B&B tragically

    ( sticking bottom lip out.... Nods to Hecate)

    Posted by 1HippieChick at Saturday, April 20 2013 01:25 PM

    notodo: preview of Steffy's catsuit with accompanying picture of Valentino-inspired design, which makes Steffys outfit look even worse. Solid black catsuit was too heavy looking to support a delicate lace duster. Would have been better off using lace over flesh covered fabric--anything other than solid black. Could have been edgy AND classy, imo.

    Posted by 1HippieChick at Saturday, April 20 2013 01:29 PM

    Notodo: It's the first item in the search list. Or, got to WOBB and look for this topic: 'Wedding Whatchamacalit - It's not a Valentino'
    by Oh Uggh, Friday, April 19, 2013, 16:18 (1 day, 0 hours, 8 min. ago)

    Correction: According to the magazine JMW said:

    It's inspired by a Valentino runway look

    They better not let Valentino see that

    Posted by Mbk52 at Saturday, April 20 2013 01:42 PM

    Why would they talk more about Phoebe, that would've made Taylor remember how she stole Rick from Pheobe. Which lead to her cracking up and forcing Rick to drive off the road, ultimately killing her. Which they blamed Rick for. And Steffy saw an opening for her to be with Rick and she took it. When that ended badly, it wasn't Steffy's fault that she got involve with Rick. They justified it by saying He's Brooke's son and Steffy was taken advantage of by a Logan. You see, Taylor and her clan are never held accountable for their actions. Why is the Logans can have so much control over them. After all, the Logans came from the Valley, not High Society and Royalty. What's the deal?

    Posted by Mbk52 at Saturday, April 20 2013 01:58 PM

    Notodo: It might be that they'll probably go ahead and kill off Ridge's character for good. Saying that he was killed in some accident. I guess Steffy's baby will be the beginning of new life. I hope I didn't give the writers any ideas.

    Posted by notodo at Saturday, April 20 2013 02:04 PM



    My niece wants me to assist her with her Senior prom attire in a few so just peeping in for a bit.

    Appreciate the links by the way. Will check them out later!

    Oh Uggh is a dear friend of mind. She use to be a regular on this site. I'm all too familiar with her many talents. I'm a big fan of her writing as well
    Will check it out. Tell her hello fore and that she is missed here ! Thanks lady!

    Posted by notodo at Saturday, April 20 2013 02:09 PM


    I really wish they at least recast Ridge if Ron Moss is not to return! Just think of the possibilities of new story lines with Ridge returning especially in relate to Taylor and Brooke. These writers need more originality and creativity!

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