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    Ride In My Carriage All Night.

    Wednesday, March 27 2013
    Brooke and Bill struggle with their thoughts, Maya talks about Rick, and Caroline works to keep her man.

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    At home, Bill looks out his window and thinks about Brooke in her lingerie. He thinks about their triumph with Brooke's Bedroom and their kiss at the cabin.

    Brooke sits on her bed at home, thinking about Bill. She calls him, but he hangs up. He phones back and apologizes, telling her, "You're the kind of woman..." Brooke says she has to go.

    At the Forrester mansion, Dayzee, Marcus, and Carter awkwardly discuss Maya knowing Rick. Dayzee's embarrassed that Maya came with Carter and she rudely walked out to talk to Rick. Taylor says she probably didn't mean to be rude.

    Outside the Forrester mansion, Maya tells Rick that Carter's a good guy. Rick tells Maya he didn't mean to be dishonest with her. He tries to put what they shared into words. Dayzee interrupts, telling Maya they are waiting for her.

    At her moms' place, Caroline talks to Danielle about Rick. Danielle questions her new expensive tastes and says there are other men out there. Caroline decides to go give Rick a taste of what he's been missing.

    Maya and Dayzee rejoin the dinner party and Dayzee tells everyone that whatever was going on with Rick is finished now. Maya stays silent. Eric says they shouldn't put Maya on the spot. Maya elects to tell Eric about her relationship with his son. Dayzee interjects that Rick is dating Caroline. Maya ignores her and shares the story of meeting Rick at Dayzee's, how he encouraged her singing and acting, and helped her move into her apartment. She goes on to tell about the trip to Rodeo Drive and the Forrester boutique...and how she discovered his true identity. Eric tells Maya that Rick's in the guesthouse. She excuses herself.

    Caroline visits Rick in the guesthouse and reveals her lingerie. She tells him he can ride in her carriage all night. Rick turns her down. He tells Caroline he met someone sweet and kind. Caroline snaps, "And she's fresh out of prison." Rick wants to know how she found out. She won't tell him. Rick says Maya likes him for who he is, while Caroline's all about the Forrester name and what comes with it. Caroline purrs that Maya doesn't know him like she does and drapes herself on him. She lights a ton of candles and Rick begins to give in. Maya arrives outside and sees them together. Caroline notices her and makes it look good.

    Bill enters his house after a night swim and Brooke is there - she was worried. They talk about Ridge, Katie, and timing. Bill moves close and they kiss...but it's just Bill fantasizing. Brooke is still at home alone.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Eric holds a press conference and makes a stunning announcement.

    Caroline warns Maya off Rick.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Go Cowboys at Wednesday, March 27 2013 10:58 AM

    Poor Brookie, they opened the show with nobody in her bed but herself. She's sitting on the side of it thinking about her brother-in-law. Nasty skanky butt. And the same to you Bill. Now she's tossing and turning. Not use to sleeping alone are ya?

    Will someone get Caroline a brain scan. Something jarred loose in her noodle when she fell off the balcony.

    Rick almost seems human when he is with Maya. Then the clock strikes twelve and he's back to being a no good Logan.

    So Brooke said Taylor was the one that got Katie all riled up. Not the fact that she was rolling around on the bed with Katie's husband. Donna is right. She is dense.

    I almost feel sorry for Caroline. She is trying so hard to get Rick's attention. Honey if you have to try that hard he is not that into you. That's what you get for dumping Thomas. Rick said he met someone sweet and kind. Everything you use to be Caroline. Then she throws up the fact that Maya was in jail. This coming from someone who didn't want to be judged for having two moms. Put your clothes on and go home dear. Did you get that tired lingerie from Brooke's line? Doesn't seem to be working too well for you.

    Rick said Caroline is all about the Forresters and the Forrester name. He knew all of that before.

    I felt bad for Carter, he had to sit there and listen as his date went on and on about Rick.

    Dang, I thought Bill was going to use up all the minutes on his phone calling that tramp. Brooke, just because the phone keeps ringing does not mean you have to pick it up dear. You should try it. Being coy does not suit you.

    Well, Caroline made sure Maya got and eyeful.

    I was hoping that was a dream and that nasty tramp did not go over to Katie's and Bill.

    Posted by Go Cowboys at Wednesday, March 27 2013 11:00 AM

    Anybody have any idea what Eric's stunning announcement is?

    Posted by newtosoapland at Wednesday, March 27 2013 11:05 AM

    Brooke & Bill get it over with and just do your dirty deed all ready.

    Rick is a tool. Falling for Caroline and stealing her away from Thomas then telling her he met someone else? Oh Caroline do not be a fool and jsut leave Rick in the dust.

    Please NO more triangles. I think we are all spent on that.

    Posted by 1HippieChick at Wednesday, March 27 2013 11:07 AM

    Brooke DIDNT go over to Katie's and Bill's. that was Bill standing there and fantasizing that scenario. And that tramp Brooke! How DARE she cut off bill when started going down that path over the phone with Brooke!

    He he ho ho chortle chortle.

    Posted by Snoopy913 at Wednesday, March 27 2013 11:10 AM

    Brooke and Caroline are so dense.

    Bill is a no good two-timing cheater.

    Carter, sorry, but at least it's only a first date. It's not like you and Maya are really involved.

    Dayzee BUTT OUT!

    Rick ... I actually like him with Maya. Speaks to his character --- WHICH I KNEW HE HAD --- that he likes her for her and not Caroline for the Spencer name.

    Marcus, control your woman.

    Posted by 1HippieChick at Wednesday, March 27 2013 11:11 AM

    As I said yesterday I think there are going to be dreams (or fantasies like today's) to keep everyone on their toes and talking. And they may carry over to the next day or to Monday leaving us to wonder if it was reality or a dream.., JMO

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Wednesday, March 27 2013 11:16 AM

    Was the phone call between Bill and Brooke a dream? LOL.

    Posted by SoCalDan at Wednesday, March 27 2013 11:17 AM

    Brooke DIDNT go over to Katie's and Bill's. that was Bill standing there and fantasizing that scenario. And that tramp Brooke! How DARE she cut off bill when started going down that path over the phone with Brooke!

    He he ho ho chortle chortle.

    Oh, not to worry, Brooke has already crossed the line SO MANY times with her sister's husband she is indeed the biggest tramp on daytime.
    Now she's playing the victim and degrading Katie with her nasty dribble.
    How DARE Brooke to roll around on a bed with him, giggling like a freaking hyena. She disgusts me.

    Posted by ladygg at Wednesday, March 27 2013 11:17 AM

    I need some help here with Dayzee...just not understanding what her deal is. The more she interject herself of Maya's connection with Rick, Taylor & Eric block her (unknowingly). My head is spinning!!

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Wednesday, March 27 2013 11:18 AM

    Caroline is a complete idiot. Rick filled her head with all these hopes and dreams of being by his side and she wants him to pay up. LOL

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