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    Take Your Hands Off My Husband!

    Tuesday, March 19 2013
    Caroline tries to reconnect with Rick, Taylor warns Katie, and Maya talks to Dayzee.

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    Posted by Step-Lite at Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:09 PM

    This is what I have Taylors occupation as a therapist and she acting more looney than the characters that actually need a shrink...Taylor is too obsessed with Brooke to the point like Bill said she need to be lieing on her own couch treating herself. It's sad how they are portraying Taylor to the point where she think she can even walk in Stephanies' shoe...NOT! Katie I know you love your baby but you need to split your time between your husband and your baby or if it's not Brooke it just may be Steffy.

    Posted by Tabmow at Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:09 PM

    um greater

    Posted by progresscontinue at Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:10 PM

    hippiechick love your post. i dont agree with brooke behaviour but i can see that she's not doing her best to drag bill to bed. taylor's going to katie for her own benefit.

    Posted by girlt22 at Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:10 PM

    Just read this article about actresses over 50 and Fab.If Brooke were real she'd certainly be in this group. Age ain't nothing but a number and her body is still amazing.

    Good job Tay Tay getting an emotional fragile woman all riled up over nothing. Just so we're clear it was Bill that grabbed Brooke not the other way around. Also Brooke was just offering to help Katie and her failing marriage. They Katie and Bill both need some serious couples counseling.

    The difference between Donna and Taylor is Donna loves both Katie and Brooke. She's the middle sister and it's her job to referee. Taylor needs to go sit down. She can't beat Brooke in the bedroom or no place else.

    Dayzee STFU who are you to tell this grown woman who she can and can't date. I kind of liked you but not this way. Finally Caroline buy a clue he's just not that in to you.

    Posted by BlackBirds7 at Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:10 PM

    Brooke is so shameless ! Didn't she the one who claimed «  I WILL BE THE VOICE OF REASON » ?! I guess, she doesn't have any idea about what reason means.

    But I'd be so glad to look so great as her at the same age. And I don't really think that lingerie, is only about young women. Middle-aged women (even some old one) like and wear lingerie, so I don't see why Brooke shouldn't modelling. And she's good at modelling. It's just that she has to aim at women around the same age as her with her BedRoom line.


    Posted by TRINIPRINCESS at Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:11 PM

    to the poster who said that taylor never run to katie when she saw Bill and steffy in the bedroom....Do you watch this show all the time? or u just talking things that u dont knw....Yes she did went to Katie, so get ur facrs b4 u post a bunch of bullshyt...

    Posted by moonstone at Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:12 PM

    @Tabmow.........They had Rick at 17 in 1998 so he would be about 32 or 33. Thomas was 18 in 2004 so he is around 27 I would guess.

    Posted by Snoopy913 at Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:12 PM

    For god sakes, if brooke wants to model, let her model a DRESS! She doesn't need to model lingerie at 50.

    Posted by abc66soap at Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:12 PM

    I agree the writers of this show are mental. All the women on B&B have to have a man beside them to be 'complete' thus the revolving women with the same men. This is the entire Brooke character storyline; she is at loose ends cause she has no man beside her so the next best thing - go after a man that feels neglected. Like her giddiness is all for the man. She cannot function without one and needs him to push her into her decisions. Some business women.
    Take Steffy and Hope - two beautiful women who are fighting over a wimp LIam who cannot make a decision even if his life depended upon it. Hey the writers have him living in every man's fantasy, 2 gorgeous women fighting over him.
    The writers build up the characters and then takes them down. Look at Hope and even Caroline. Caroline is now a horny dumb blonde - no longer the strong woman who had an opinion - oh she lost Rick that's why.
    Katie already suspects something. Even Donna sees what is going on between Brooke and Bill when she is only on the show for comic relief with Pam. Taylor is not the only one telling Katie to watch out before Brooke does something she did not intend to like all her other previous oops encounters.

    Posted by ladygg at Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:13 PM

    Posted by Cincigal at Tuesday, March 19 2013 11:10 AM

    TomorrowBrooke and Bill will convince Katie that Taylor was the cause of her finding them in the"compromising position".Katie will just take their word for it and they will go on from there.Katie never follows through on her findings.What was the point of Eric's attendance at Victor and Nicki's 99th wedding?Isnt Dayzee a bit presumptous in telling Maya,"no more Rick Forrester?"Who died and left her the boss?Maya didnt look too pleased at her attitude.I dont blame her.
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    Dayzee is new her darn self...I tell ya it didn't take long her to form an attitude now did it? Hold on there nelly;there's no pre-arranged marriage for Rick and Caroline.

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