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    Take Your Hands Off My Husband!

    Tuesday, March 19 2013
    Caroline tries to reconnect with Rick, Taylor warns Katie, and Maya talks to Dayzee.

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    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Wednesday, March 20 2013 07:41 AM

    @greema2four. I'm still wrestling with that idea that Bill has a plan and is using Brooke. She has no money. He thinks by being her friend and cozying up to her he can be a stand in for Ridge. He knows she gets around and he just wants a turn like everyone else. LOL

    Posted by Dachshundlover1224 at Wednesday, March 20 2013 07:45 AM

    Posted by Kitten.Supreme at Wednesday, March 20 2013 06:22 AM

    Someone may have already said this but this honestly should not suprised by Brooke's behavior and her constant need to be comforted by a someone elses man I mean seriously Donna knows this, Bridget knows and has seen this, hell Hope knows but is in denial but I still dont feel sorry for Katie she's getting what she deserves cause she always claimed STeffy would be the one to take her man when its her own flesh and blood she should apologize to Steffy for all those accusations cause she was clearly watching the wrong woman when it came to her man!

    I'm with you 1000% on this!!!!

    Posted by BHOLD at Wednesday, March 20 2013 07:46 AM

    Oh my goodness. Looks like some of the Logan fans need to borrow some of those mellow me out pills from their girl HOpe.

    Why can't we all play nice on this board? I mean variety is really the spice of life and it ain't your flavor, just don't bite into it.

    Posted by Greema2four at Wednesday, March 20 2013 07:47 AM

    @luvda....isn't that the truth.

    What I can't grasp is why people don't understand why Taylor doesn't like Brooke. Hello..... I have to admit that sometimes Taylor's whining about it gets tiresome, especially when she just stands there and lets Brooke steam roller over her - I just want to smack her into retaliation. But for the most part, why would you "like" the person who trashed your family??

    Same with Stephanie....I remember posters saying Stef should just get over it - the fact that Brooke stole her husband (with his cooperation, of course), used him, cheated on him and then dropped him like a hot potato when it suited her. What's to like?? Why would you want to "get over it" and welcome this kind of person into your family?

    Posted by hecate2909 at Wednesday, March 20 2013 07:50 AM

    @Makemelaugh - Hoola's Hun if you have your eyes on!
    I see you crashed some time around 11pm your time!
    Which on my clock in the UK was around the 5am area!
    so I was totally Knackered and Didn't get a chance to respond to your post about the word Kavorka!
    you said it was Latvian!
    Curiosity strikes!

    Are You Latvian/Descent or have Latvian friends then????
    I had a great freind from Latvia Called Ieva!/Eve!
    she was a Hoot!


    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Wednesday, March 20 2013 07:51 AM

    @BHOLD. I agree with that about the board.

    Posted by soapsalive at Wednesday, March 20 2013 07:51 AM

    Kittin.Supreme I was about to write the same thing. Funny thing is that most of the people she is talking about rarely, if at all, post on here anymore. I know THAT for a FACT!

    Posted by hecate2909 at Wednesday, March 20 2013 07:52 AM

    @LittleLamb24 - Afternoon Hun!
    Or it is here in the UK!

    Was just reading and throurougly agreeing with your post about Dayzee!
    Girl forgot where she came from!
    I still think she has more to Hide!

    (Whistles Ponderously)

    Posted by BHOLD at Wednesday, March 20 2013 07:52 AM

    Posted by crystalturquoise at Tuesday, March 19 2013 03:36 PM

    When Bill needed help with Katie he called Taylor; When Katie needed help with Bill she called Taylor; I guess some posters missed those shows. Brooke's behavior with Bill is wrong and no matter what other motives Taylor has for clueing Katie in, she has every right to do so. Taylor also has every right to fight for kids position in the company just like Brooke. Is Taylor supposed to let Brooke and the rest of the Logans just run her children out of the company? Brooke didn't get into the company with her smarts; she got in by seducing Stephaine's husband Eric, and then getting pregnant with Rick.

    See what you get for trying to help a LOgan.

    Posted by hecate2909 at Wednesday, March 20 2013 07:54 AM

    @1HippieChick - Hoola's (Because it IS more fun)
    Missed saying G'Night last night and So I will Say G'Day! and hope to chat with you laters!


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