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    Better Hands.

    Friday, March 15 2013
    Thomas makes his presentation, Rick learns Brooke and Bill's plans, and Donna talks to Katie.

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    Posted by catwoman13 at Friday, March 15 2013 12:12 PM

    Love it! The old girl still has it! Maybe when Hope can also
    model some lingerie and remind Liam what he is missing since ahe has a great figure also.

    Posted by Cincigal at Friday, March 15 2013 12:13 PM

    As usual the writers are dealing in a fantasy world here.There is no way Brooke and Bill alonfe could have arranged that show without Thorne or Eric knopwing about it.I think Thorne is somehow involved in all of their presentations.After he spends all of his time in the basement where they keep all of the fashions.But if Brooke can sell it more power to her.After all sales are the name of the game in the fashion business.

    Posted by Tabmow at Friday, March 15 2013 12:18 PM

    catwoman13 says:Love it! The old girl still has it!

    .. I'm wondering who spun up these new designs so fast and in secret - a dedicated team of spiders in the basement?

    Posted by catwoman13 at Friday, March 15 2013 12:27 PM

    Spoiler alert: In order to get Maya, Rick has her sing at the launch of Brooks bedroom line wearing those gorgeous
    Forester gowns that she tried on. She then is noticed by a record producer (arranged by Rick)at that time. Maya then forgives Rick but Caroline is not going to give him up without a fight.

    Posted by Tabmow at Friday, March 15 2013 12:29 PM

    catwoman13 : Re the spoiler" OMG - another triangle - who could have guessed?

    Posted by Aquarius19 at Friday, March 15 2013 12:38 PM

    Such a sad day to still see ths same old garbage a pre historic bedroom line looks like for senior citizens.Its like wash and rinse and recyle over and over.No wonder this shows ratings are sometimes DISASTEROUS.There is nothing sexy about Brooke parading around in front of mentally messsed up grown kids.No wonder they are messed up look at the parents.

    Posted by girlt22 at Friday, March 15 2013 12:40 PM

    Still laughing at the looks on Tay and Tay Tots faces. OMG I need a freeze frame. Brooke looke fantastic. Not many women in her age group coupld rock an outfit like that. Loved how Thomas was just yanked off stage. Eric didn't waste anytime either.

    Only draw back Imma need da stallion to put it back in the barn. Although loved him announcing Brooke today. He sounded Fab. Can't wait to see him take Tay down. He told Brooke he'd do anything for her and I believe it. We all know Bill's anything...

    Posted by Catinca at Friday, March 15 2013 12:40 PM

    Logan stands for losers plain and simple. They are disgusting.

    Posted by I CANDY at Friday, March 15 2013 12:43 PM

    Oh huskergirl you are all wrong,Bill's grandchild has not a drop of Forrester blood in it's veins. That child is all Marone. Why don't Taylor and her kids go and fight Uncle Nick and Grandpa Massimo for their share of Marone Industries.Could the writers please bring back Bridget a REAL Forrester so she can help chase Ms Botox Fisheyes and her clan out of her family's company.

    Posted by girlt22 at Friday, March 15 2013 12:45 PM

    I'd love to see Alexandria come back hell bent on destroying Taylor. She could be one of the family members not happy about the union. Pissed about her killing her mom, dumping her dad, and hooking up with her granddad.

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