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    Better Hands.

    Friday, March 15 2013
    Thomas makes his presentation, Rick learns Brooke and Bill's plans, and Donna talks to Katie.

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    Posted by Tabmow at Friday, March 15 2013 11:50 AM

    caterpillar: The bedroom line was Brooke's but I thought it'd been abandoned for Steffy's younger line.

    Posted by mef2007 at Friday, March 15 2013 11:52 AM

    The way Brooke, the ho, hijacked Thomas' presentation with her old ass wearing lingerie was just tacky, low and shows just how much of a bottom feeder she is with her lusting after her brother-in-law to boot. Can't the writers come up with anything else other than Brooke putting on lingerie to resurrect a company? The company is going down the tubes because no one is working around there except for Thorne, Steffi and Thomas. Brooke is never at work. Rick is chasing Maya. Caroline is just a nitwit. Oh, Pam does seem to work as well but I think if people would show up to work and actually work, then the profit margin would turn around. Thomas is right, they need to come into the future with how they are going to run this fashion house or it is going down the tubes and fast. PLEASE, NO MORE BROOKE MODELING LINGERIE...IT IS CRIMINAL!!!

    Posted by chuckiewhuckie at Friday, March 15 2013 11:53 AM

    I hope when i turn 50 i have a body like Brookes. i am sure my husband hopes so to.... lol....

    Posted by whatthehell at Friday, March 15 2013 11:54 AM

    do u people. forget. that Thomas's. an Steffy an they daddy or not really a Forrester the only true blood Forrester are rick an thorn an his two sisters but taylor an her kids are always trying to kick them out an I think brook looks grea for her age the young girls. will be lucky. to look that good at that age

    Posted by Kajakisa at Friday, March 15 2013 11:54 AM

    Amazing episode to watch Brooke as Madame with working girls around her. Plain trashy and cheap, but if writers are trying to convince me that this is the Forrester Creation brand, I am more than puzzled. What happened to class and dignity, which Brooke has none as well as her line. They are always pushing Logan's agenda, which makes no sense.
    Brooke, it was not even your idea, it was Bill's so he should get at least some of the profits made from line. I am sure you will thank him in every way that counts. I am waiting for Bill to ask favor in return for helping Logans. It is coming. This is not over by a long shot.
    Taylor and her kids have every right to fight for their future in Forrester after this. Brooke is determine to push them all out and that is her agenda.
    Rick is not capable without help to garner any success just like Brooke. It will be payback time for Bill too and it won't be too soon.

    Posted by caterpillar at Friday, March 15 2013 11:55 AM

    Tabnow you're too funny. I hope Katie don't think Bill is standing at attention in his tight jeans because he is excited to see her. As we all know that will not be the case. I find it fascinating that Bill no longer think about his wife only is sister-in-law Brook.

    Posted by DeesCourt at Friday, March 15 2013 11:56 AM

    This is sadly hilarious. Who'd want lingerie modeled by a near senior citizen? Almost like when Basic Instinct 2 came out 15 years later than the first one where Sharon Stone was still yound and hot. Straight to video. In this case that lingerie is going straight to Ross Stores.

    Posted by cheerleaderjms101 at Friday, March 15 2013 11:56 AM

    Why are so many people tripping on Brooke in lingerie. Just cause you might be over 50 doesn't mean you can't be sexy. I say go for it, if that is what the company needs to get it back on the upswing. I haven't heard of anybody else's line doing even remotely well, so why not. I still don't approve of her and Bill but he is giving her what she has always needed, attention and being her knight in shining armor. At this point as low as it is, Katie can only blame herself if her husband wonders. She won't even flirt with him. At least make dude think you want him. I haven't responded all week but I have to say Hope has lost it if she thinks Steffy will leave the company for her. SHE TOOK your MAN girl, do you really think she gives a flying fig how you feel about working with her. Let it go and move on, you put the final nail in the coffin by telling Liam to marry the girl. Now its time for you to not be co-dependent on men like your mom and make your own way. As for Rick, I don't usually like him but this week he got me. I think he truly likes Maya and it didn't help that his girlfriend was being a total brat. I need him to go ahead and end it with her and pursue Maya, I think they look good together. And she might be just what he needs to grow up. I have said my piece for the week, everyone have a wonderful weekend.

    Posted by ladygg at Friday, March 15 2013 11:57 AM

    Here's this: They say we (TEAM Steffy & Fam) live in the past... LFs, only go there when it's convenient for them. Not knocking Brooke (then again maybe I am) but why not not mix the old w the young? All (well that's say most) of the younger ones where I live don't where lingerie..they're wearing pj bottoms even to the store. To me it's sexier wearing your man's T-shirt or oversize pj top. Just saying

    Posted by jthixen at Friday, March 15 2013 11:58 AM

    No problem Rambler, I just thought I'd let you know before he Admin swoops in. You never know when that'll happen. Now that I've heard **spoiler** that another main character is leaving, I'm worried Eric is going to go out and get himself killed.

    Of course, it still won't matter because Taylor, Thomas and Steffy have just as much at stake as the Logans and they own shares, so they can't be shoved out like the Logans want to do.

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