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    You, Me, And Baby Makes Three.

    Thursday, February 28 2013
    Bill pushes Brooke to visit Eric, Taylor and Eric get closer, and Liam and Steffy are surprised by Bill.

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    Posted by Makemelaugh at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:23 AM

    Posted by Tabmow at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:04 AM

    Makemelaugh : Welcome to the Bill Club - I've always liked Bill a lot. I reckon he makes the show.
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    Thanks Tabmow.......liked him as Brad on Y&R...I was gonna marry that pool boy when I grew up!

    Posted by G GIRL at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:24 AM

    OK writers I know you are saving a whole lot of money with Ridge and Stephanie gone can you please please bring on some new men for these women on this show. Taylor and Eric that's just nasty now they are trying to throw Brooke in the mix??? Hope this isn't the new love triagle!!!! seems that is the only story line they like to keep going on this show.

    Posted by misskay231 at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:25 AM

    Posted by SoapDork at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:18 AM

    Posted by misskay231 at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:17 AM

    What was Brooke planning to do over there anyway? I doubt much talking wouldve been going on had Taylor not been there. Cant the business talk wait until the next day?


    She is Billwashed. He says jump and she asks how high

    Posted by Princessalways at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:25 AM

    It seems to me that everyone seems to be hating on Hope. Let's not forget that Steffi is a homewrecker she slept with Bill while he was with Katie. Now she is having a baby by the son who was with Hope first. But oh yes she is the perfect one for Liam right?

    Posted by Shadow8288 at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:26 AM

    Posted by Tabmow at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:01 AM Shadow8288: Brooke would eat Mr Burn's hounds, no problem. In fact if the Logan women were dogs I see Brooke as a dobermann or rotweiller, Katie as a bloodhound and Donna as a golden retriever - all sniffing about in others' business - but it's Brooke who has the biggest fangs.
    I nearly died laughing...I love this post!!

    Posted by Dachshundlover1224 at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:27 AM

    Posted by moonstone at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:19 AM

    Don't like the way Brooke said that Liam & Steffy wouldn't be a couple/family if it wasn't for the baby. I hope the writers don't go that way and harm the baby.

    Exactly and that's why I said what I said on my 11:02AM post because that's why I don't trust that devilish women or her devil spawn either!

    Posted by lizzie13 at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:27 AM

    Although I am a Brooke Fan forever, I don't like Hope and I DESPISE TAYLOR, but love Steffy...

    By the way...I believe Taylor has now been with Ridge, Thorne, Eric, Whip, Nick...just like Brooke...hmmm...just as I suspected all along...she's such a hypocrite!

    Posted by G GIRL at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:27 AM

    Didn't Taylor bust into Eric's home last week when Pam and the blonde was there for dinner??? Didn't hear any mention of that.... To cry about the logans!!!! They all do it

    Posted by Shadow8288 at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:28 AM

    Posted by Dachshundlover1224 at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:02 AM I think that when steffy's baby is born they should have armed guards outside of the baby's room because I wouldn't put it passed TRASHBOX JR. and TRASHBOX SR. to try to do something evil to the baby because they think the baby got in the way of their liam
    or a nice bug zapper on the door handle zap the pest..problem solved

    Posted by Inspire17 at Thursday, February 28 2013 11:28 AM

    ahhhhh! I cannot stand all the steffy lovers. I like Steffy and Bill on the show because they are unpredictable and make the show interesting mixing everything up, but I never route for them to get what thye want because they are selfish manipulators lol.

    Liam is an idiot. And both girls are pathetic for waiting int he wings always. But I still think he should have chosen Hope. But that would be too easy and boring for them to live happily ever after right? So Liam chose Steffy even though OBVIOUSLY Hope is who he feels destined to to be with in love. He loves Steffy yes, but he only ever chooses her out of grief or obligation... So expect History to repeat... Their happy family wont stay as such forever (that would be way to borring). I would expect more longing looking from liam and hope and flashbacks etc etc.

    ok so now Bill, UGH BILL. He obviously has is bad for Brooke and knows what it feels like to want soemoem else that isn't his wife or obligations... so know he encourages Liam to do the same instead of choose who he really wants to be with. BTW - so much for Steffy not trapping the dude (when she said from the get-go he would choose her if he knew about the little steffy monster coming)

    Oh yes Taylor and Eric = JUST GROSS
    ps how do they always make Talyor soem sort of saint, she has had her share of Forrester men too..


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