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    Close Call.

    Tuesday, February 26 2013
    Brooke comforts Hope, Taylor congratulates Bill, and Steffy gives Liam an out.

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    Liam returns to his house and tells Taylor, Steffy, and Brooke that Hope's gone. Brooke leaves. Taylor tells Liam he made the right choice and goes. Liam strokes Steffy's face. He asks Steffy if she's happy and puts his hand on her tummy. He grins. "We're going to have a baby!" Steffy tells him he'll be an amazing father, but he doesn't have to stay with her - if he wants Hope, he should go be with her. Liam says he belongs with her and the baby. She needs him to be sure. He quickly says he is and hugs her. Steffy says it's going to be so good.

    Brooke finds Hope upset in the car and embraces her. Hope says Liam's staying with Steffy - there was really no other choice for him. Brooke thinks he can be active in the child's life and be with Hope. Hope says he won't turn his back on his child...or Steffy. Hope muses that it shouldn't have been this way - she should have been having his children. Brooke says a lot's come between her and Liam... They debate if this was what Liam wanted. Hope says it doesn't matter now. Brooke knows about the pain she feels - she's been there. Hope says her support means everything. She tells Brooke this is Steffy's house now and she can't be there anymore.

    Bill is thinking about Brooke in his office when Taylor arrives. She wants to be the first to congratulate him. "We're going to be grandparents!" Bill says it's the best news since Katie came home. Taylor tells Bill about the 'close call' thanks to Brooke flying in the priest and re-creating Italy. Bill expresses empathy for Hope for getting stunned twice in one day. Taylor notices. Bill says he can spare some empathy for her now that she's out of the picture. Taylor muses that Liam's been known to fluctuate. Bill isn't concerned. They talk about babies. Bill says this must have been a blow for Brooke. He thanks 'Grandma' for the news. Taylor leaves.

    Bill finds Brooke in her cabin. He says Taylor told her about the pregnancy. She doesn't want to hear him gloat. He says he came because he thought she could use a friend. He states that Liam made the right decision, but he knows it hurts her what Hope lost. They embrace.

    At home, Hope applies make-up but starts crying.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Bill thinks Brooke should go to Eric and ask to be promoted.

    Liam is asked if he has doubts.

    Thomas starts to realize what is going on with Eric and his mother.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Tuesday, February 26 2013 09:33 AM

    Boo Hoo Hope, go home and your tacky mother. Bill thinking about Brooke and Taylor busted that dream out the water with the news of him being a grandpa.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Tuesday, February 26 2013 09:36 AM

    I still don't think Hope gets it. Of course she would think Liam is staying with Steffy because of the baby, she don't want to come to grips that he loves the woman and not her tacky behind.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Tuesday, February 26 2013 09:40 AM

    So Bill knows where to go when Brooke is feeling down, how convenient. He knows she needs to see a man for some type of comfort.

    Posted by coronagal at Tuesday, February 26 2013 09:53 AM

    Dang - now Bill is whipped and he's not even been there yet! I don't like what they are doing to Bill. That is just wrong! And Brooke - I am not going to waste any energy or time on you! Yeah, Brooke we all know that you have been where Hope is now but thanks to you - she didn't have to be in that lonely, sad and depressed place. You can thank yourself, Rick and Katie for that. For that, I hope you (Brooke) do take Bill away from Katie. Yeah, that's is way too low for even me to be happy about!

    Posted by moonchildii at Tuesday, February 26 2013 10:02 AM

    If Brook messes w/Bill I hope Katie knocks her on her butt! I don't care much for Katie but I'm sick of Brook pulling this crap & getting away w/it! She needs to be takien down a peg or two or a 100!

    Posted by Shadow8288 at Tuesday, February 26 2013 10:25 AM

    Per Recaps...-Steffy tells him he'll be an amazing father, but he doesn't have to stay with her - if he wants Hope, he should go be with her. Liam says he belongs with her and the baby. She needs him to be sure. He quickly says he is and hugs her. Steffy says it's going to be so good.

    You see that folks Steffy told Liam if he wants to be with the joke Hope than he should go to her...guess who Liam said belongs to...NOT HOPE

    Hope you shouldve left well enough alone and moved on long once again you're hurt..humiliated and still without the man you couldnt trust but still claim you love..
    Wow serious Hope claiming you should be the one to have Liam's baby...well your idiot arse shouldve had faith in your relationship and stuck thur the good & the bad instead of constantly dumping Liam..I guess your love isnt good enough for him..

    Brooke this is your damn fault for getting her gimpy goofball daughter's hopes up thinking she would get maaaaarrrriiied again...

    Bill you're tainted...its bad enough you married a logan but now you're thinking about the sister in law gross..

    I wish Katie was in the room when Taylor told Bill I wanna see the look on her face when she gets the news that her niece lost her "game" and Steffy is having the next Spencer Child...its gonna be golden

    LoL Bill went to Brooke to go "comfort" her...I smell a "oops" moment coming soon

    Posted by Shadow8288 at Tuesday, February 26 2013 10:34 AM

    I wouldve love to see Taylor & Steffy go outside & gloat...
    Brooke honestly needs to shove it..she just cant get past the fact that Liam made his choice and it wasnt Hope..her farce Italy Redo backfired..

    Posted by sandee1977 at Tuesday, February 26 2013 10:38 AM

    People puts down Eric and Taylor calling it inappropriate. But what about Bill and Brook? I am at a lost of words for Bill. Wow . Well that is between Katie and Brooke.

    I still don't get what Hope expected the outcome to be after all this time she and Liam has been apart. She gave him a lot of time to think and connect with Steffy. As for this is Steffy home now.....wasn't it Steffy home when Hope tried to freak Liam in her clothes?

    Posted by grizzskin at Tuesday, February 26 2013 10:38 AM

    Hello fellow posters....

    Again, kudos to Liam,every child deserves a chance to have a family intact........

    kudos to $teffi for giving Liam an "out", telling him if he wants HOpe he can have her; time for Liam to step up and be a family man.....

    and kudos to HOpe for realizing what Liam is feeling and trying to back off and giving Liam a chance......

    Brooke, GMAFB, you are the consumate conspiracy theorist; in typical Logan fashion, accuse $teffi of setting this up (this is what you would have done); continue to push your daughter down a bottomless pit of win at all costs instead of encouraging her to move on......

    let's start talking......

    Posted by Shadow8288 at Tuesday, February 26 2013 10:39 AM

    See Bill isnt heartless..he actually felt sorry for the digbat...Hope got the losing end of the stick..She was willing to put herself back in that mess calling it a "game" and she lost her "game"...

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