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    Sushi On The Shore.

    Thursday, February 21 2013
    Taylor argues with Brooke and Hope, Eric has plans for Rick, and Steffy explains herself to Liam.

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    Outside Liam's house, Liam and Steffy look at one another. Hope asks what she said. Steffy tells her, "I'm pregnant." Brooke scoffs, but Taylor says they just came from the ultrasound. Liam and Steffy decide to talk alone.

    Rick and Eric look at a model wearing a suit from the Forrester men's line at the office. Eric acts underwhelmed. Rick sends the model out. Eric assures him he liked it. Rick asks what the problem is then - he senses it has to do with Steffy and asks what she's stirring up this time. Eric doesn't answer and says he realizes that Rick doesn't like Thomas as vice-president but that's the way it's going to be. Rick persists but gets called away. Eric recalls kissing Taylor. Rick returns. Eric tells him he signed him up to do community service at Dayzee's today. Rick agrees it's important for an executive to do. Caroline appears, ready for sushi and a walk on the beach. Eric leaves. Caroline goes on about sushi on the shore. Rick tells her he had something else in mind - a surprise.

    Inside Liam's bedroom, Brooke and Taylor go head-to-head over the surprise wedding and pregnancy news. Hope says if Steffy's manipulating, Liam won't stand for it. Taylor tells them Steffy didn't get pregnant on purpose. They continue to bicker. Taylor says this child changes everything. Hope says it doesn't mean Liam has to marry Steffy. Taylor tells them how Steffy saw Liam with Hope after she find out, and kept quiet so as not to influence his decision. Hope wants to go join Liam and Steffy, but Taylor tells her their plans don't include her.

    In his living area, Steffy tells Liam how she came to find out she was pregnant and came to tell him, but saw him with Hope. She says that when she returned from Paris, he asked her to move out before she could share her news. Steffy says today came down to two choices - let Brooke strongarm him into marrying Hope, or tell him about the baby. She explains why she didn't tell him before. "I needed to know you wanted me for me." She assures him as much as she loves the baby, it wasn't her intention to become pregnant. Liam says there's a lot going on and they have decisions to make. "What do we do now?" She says they have time. Liam observes that the baby was conceived in love. He asks about the sonogram. She shows him the picture. Steffy tells him there is no pressure - she's committed to the baby and hopes he is too. If he goes through with the elopement he will break her heart, but she will survive. They'll be great parents; the question is will they do it together? Hope appears and says she won't let this happen again. She says Liam's name until he turns to look at her.

    Rick and Caroline arrive at Dayzee's and he tells her she'll need an apron - they're volunteering. Caroline says they had plans. Rick tells her they're staying. Caroline insists, "No Rick we're leaving."

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Steffy and Hope argue.

    Taylor tells Brooke off.

    Rick's evening improves.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Tabmow at Thursday, February 21 2013 11:02 AM

    Brooke's first reaction - what a dreadful lie you two are telling - hah! Taylor sets her straight and she gets that fish out of water gasp happening and the look on the handsome father's face changes from happy happy wedding to funereal.
    Absolutely no surprise Liam is speechless. This is new information - he'll need a lot of time to process it. Of course all Logan lovers are having a field day saying Steffy is playing the pregnancy card and will never know if Liam only wants to be with her because of the baby. Would you rather she had waited until after he and Hope were married and the pregnancy became all-too obvious?

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, February 21 2013 11:02 AM

    Hope asked Liam what did Steffy say. None of your damn business. But Steffy told her anyway. Careful what you ask for.

    Dang, Madison told Rick too. She's not afraid of those Logans.

    Of course Brooke thinks it's a lie. Not everybody is like you HO. The queen of paternity tests. Taylor told her to keep her long nose out of it. All that money Bwooke wasted. Oh well, no fool like and old fool. Hope is going to run out of wedding dresses.

    Brooke said Liam knows in his heart that Hope is the woman he wants. Yeah right. That's why you screamed at him to put the ring on Nope's finger.

    Poor Hope, looking stupid for the third or fourth time. Can't keep count. I love it.

    Eric can't stop thinking about his lady love, Taylor.

    Steffy told Liam she takes full responsibility and should have been more carful. He said we both should have. I agree Liam. l

    Rick was assigned to community service. He didn't look too happy having to hang out with the poor at Dayzee's.

    Dang, Caroline is so heartless.

    Who posted that Nope would not want to be with Liam if he was going to be a father. She just said Liam could be a father without marrying Steffy.

    Wow, Taylor told both Nope and her mother the truth about themselves today. And told Hoe to stay out of it. It's none of her concern. Then called Brooke out on stopping her wedding when that horse rode in on Brooke, oops excuse me, Brooke rode in on that horse. Left Brooke with her big mouth wide open. She should be used to that.

    Ahh, Liam saw the sonogram and was blown away. Stefffy said if he wanted that fool he could have her, she would not be his obligation. You go girl. Hope had to call Liam three times before he turned around to acknowledged her. She just had to barge in. Trifling wench. You lose AGAIN! Sorry child, but there is another child involved.

    Posted by sunmama at Thursday, February 21 2013 11:04 AM

    Game over Doofus.

    Ruh roh that look he gave Hope, don’t think he wants to be a baby daddy, again...

    Here is a perfect image of the doofus… />
    Both mothers are disgusting.

    I honestly don’t think Brad Bell can make up his mind either.

    Posted by Shadow8288 at Thursday, February 21 2013 11:05 AM

    Tabmow you did it!! 1st post alrighty!!

    Posted by RamblerH at Thursday, February 21 2013 11:06 AM

    YAY!!!! FREE HOPE! You got your man Steffy! By hook or crook, or should I quote "I shoulda been more careful" ...NAAAAH. Hope, go find a REAL man! Leave that wishy washy with Steffy. She can always wonder the rest of their relationship whether he is thinking of her or Hope. Hahaha!

    Posted by Shadow8288 at Thursday, February 21 2013 11:06 AM

    OMG did you see Hope twitch when she heard what Steffy said...LOL..the craziness is coming outt...RUN EVERYONE..

    Rick just shut up..Eric didnt like that you keep changing everything that Thomas...I like that Eric is putting his foot down on Rick's attitude..

    What did Fontana say!?

    Im soooo in love with the look on Hope's face...thats what you call disappointment and BAM in yo face!!

    Brooke said to Steffy "you would say just about anything to keep Hope & Liam apart" Brooke your arse faked a pregnacy to keep Ridge in your back pocket.. service for Rick....he's not liking that at all..
    OMG I nearly gagged..Airhead Caroline is back..
    Rick you need to work...
    LOL Caroline's date got turned into Community Service and she's not happy about it..

    Get'em Taylor...Brooke shut it Steffy isnt trying to trap Liam otherwise she wouldve done it sooner..Hope you're an idiot Steffy hasnt manipulated anything you're the damn fool who wanted to go thru with your mom's farce of a just got humiliated again because of your mother..

    Steffy did good explaining hear that everyone she did try to tell Liam..honestly Steffy shouldnt even explain anything..Liam needs to explain why he was so quick to get influenced into going thur Brooke's scheme on the same day he told Steffy that he would give her a decision the next day....

    Wow Brooke & Hope need to take notes..Steffy takes responsibility for what She is doing THIS is EXCATLY why I will ALWAYS consider Steffy as one of my favorite characters on this show and Taylor & Thomas too..
    Brooke wont even admit she was wrong for planning this ambush wedding and trying to make a decision for Liam..

    Hope shut your face..who the hell is honestly thinking about a wedding!?

    Taylor Im loving you today once again this is why she's one of my favorite characters..

    Wow Steffy seems to be "trapping" Liam ...

    Hope is so wrong...just could not let Liam & Steffy have a conversation before barging in claiming she wont let this happen again..seriously

    Posted by Gloria123 at Thursday, February 21 2013 11:06 AM

    Did anyone see Liam shackled and gagged and being forced to put the ring on Hope's finger? Well, I did not!! Then why is Steffy apologizing to Liam instead of Liam apologizing for marrying Hope without informing Steffy. And what does Steffy mean by "Brooke strong arm you" yeah right, we all saw how Liam was "strong armed" by Brooke the devil in red , that girl is hilarious. And I don't blame Brooke or Hope to suspect Steffy is not pregnant. We have had so many characters on this show either faking pregnancy, faking father of the child or faking a brain tumor or heart attacks We know Steffy is pregnant, but FYI Brooke or Hope were not in the doc's room when the ultrasound was done

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, February 21 2013 11:06 AM

    Baby’s partial family tree: this kid will have some interesting genes (posted this late on the previous board)

    Paternal grandfather (Bill) /great grandfather (William 1st) & maternal great grandfather (Massimo) and great grandmother (Stephanie before metamorphosis) are/ were domineering and ruthless.

    Maternal grandfather (Ridge)-------a “whimp” but not as much as the father himself (no brain cell activity…nuf said)

    Maternal grandmother (Dr. Taytay)- maladaptive issues and blames Brooke for her failures/unhappiness

    Paternal grandmother (LAYum’s mom)…sounds like the smart and sensible one! She did keep LAYum’s bio father hidden but for good reason (e.g. fake stabbing of the chest…among many other diabolical actions)…..

    Hopefully this kid has more of her DNA……….

    Posted by coronagal at Thursday, February 21 2013 11:07 AM

    I swear Brooke is losing her mind. She needs to sit down and shut it up. Hope - Liam and Steffy are two grown adults. They don't need you chaperoning their conversation. It is not about you today! Leave them alone so they can talk. Taylor - I love you dearly but don't find into Brooke's trap. She is trying her darnest to get your rattled and then she will use that against you! I told you guys that Hope would still want Liam. He can't fart loud enough without her sniffing behind him trying to catch it like a frisbee!

    Posted by huskergirl at Thursday, February 21 2013 11:07 AM

    Wow Caroline, what a rich brat you are!

    And I have feeling Hope is going to walk away.....

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