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    Wednesday, February 20 2013
    Brooke makes her case, Steffy races to Liam's, and Rick complains to Eric.

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    Posted by moonstone at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:24 AM

    Preview says Hope & Brooke are stunned by the baby news. They should both faint hit their thick skulls and wake up with amnesia and go play and plot in a new sandbox, leaving Steffy and Liam alone.

    Posted by BHOLD at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:25 AM

    Posted by Tabmow at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:09 AM

    BHOLD: Indeed. Brooke says: "Listen up - we're gunna have us a weddin' or we gonna have us a lynchin' - no pressure - it's your choice....''



    Posted by checks1 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:26 AM

    BHOLD..Steffy must be sorry Liam is the dad! I would be! I loved how she said really you going to marry her...and the usual dumb blank stare on doofus face!

    Posted by Forresterlover at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:28 AM

    I am wearing a white dress so Oliver can take a picture of me for my HFTF line. I know what you are thinking. When did I have time to design? Well what I did was copy Thomas’s or Caroline’s line and slapped my name on that. My hair looks like I am getting married too, I hope my fans don’t get confused and think this is a bridal line. Liam isn’t gassing me up and neither is Thomas so I am going to listen to Oliver exaggerated compliments, and giggle. My mom called me and said that she’s at Liam’s. I guess it’s her turn to harass him. I am sure Steffy’s doing the same but every time I go over there she’s not there so maybe she’s keeping her word unlike me and my whole family. What is my mom doing with.. I mean doing at Liam? I’ve seen Liam twice yesterday so instead of telling her I’m not coming I am going to drive over anyways because I will use any excuse to see Liam.
    I am going to stand near Liam and look at him passionately. I want him to remember Italy, but why would I do that when Italy wasn’t that great for me and if he remembers Italy he will remember Steffy and the promises he made to her. Why does Liam look uncomfortable and bloated? We can just push, and push, he’ll give in. I know I am good with pushing. I hope Steffy doesn’t tell on me.

    Posted by checks1 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:29 AM nephew is adopted and he is as much my family asmy niece and other nephew born to my brother and sister in law! Love them all equally! Fair is fair!

    Posted by Angelzbaby at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:29 AM

    Yes,Brooke should mind her own business.I prefer Hope and Liam together, as opposed to Steffy and Liam. Taylor can't talk about Brooke, she has been with all the Forrester men too, so the pot can't call the kettle black. Steffy is a manipulator and that's how she's always gotten her way. Try starting with your own man, that you didn't steal from nobody else. Taylor needs to get some business too.

    Posted by BHOLD at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:30 AM

    Posted by BB fanatic at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:11 AM

    I just want to say my piece. Steffy you are a real piece, get it that Liam will only be with you because of obligation.... you did so many numbers on Hope and you dare to swear that the Logans are on your back..You and your mother shouldnt be so so pathetic...Taylor doing a number on Eric, using her witch charms to tease him, another spineless idiot, ugh.... so so sickening. I am so sick of Steffy and mother saying that they are victims of the Logan family. Get a life... Mother and daughter ain't no saint...


    Never heard them claim to be saints, matter of fact, Steffy just told Lame that very morning she ain't one. So, although no one knows what Lame knows, if he knows anything, he already knows she ain't no saint.

    Posted by sandee1977 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:31 AM

    I don't get how people are saying Steffy is manipulating. So when do people want Steffy to tell Liam. When he is on his honeymoon? Or when the child is heading to college? Or do people want Hope to gether few months in as well only to have it ripped away? I don't get it. If Liam had chose Hope, proposed and was part of the wedding then I will somewhat understand some of ya'll points. But Liam was not in on this wedding. This was something created by Brooke in attempts to get Liam married to Hope so that Steffy would have to respect their relationship because unlike her relationship to Liam Hope and Liam are married. I am so happy that her plans hit this snag. Why is Brooke manipulations the only one allowed. If Bill had done this will it be okay as well? Or Taylor doing the same thing. At least she will be trying to make sure her grandbaby will have a father and not like Brooke trying to pacify her big baby Hope.

    Posted by Shadow8288 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:33 AM

    Posted by checks1 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:23 AM Shadow...I am sitting here with my daughter and she said that IF I did what Brooke tried to pull off basically railroading her to a idiot...she push my happy BUTT right over the cliff! I said to her and I would deserve it! daughters is 26 and horrified by Brooke and Taylor! But they both make me look like SUPER MOM! HEHE

    Posted by LuvsSoaps80 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:33 AM

    I'm trying to figure out what is better. Seeing Liam's face when Steffy told him she was preggars or tomorrow when Hope and Brooke both find out Steffy is preggars..... hmm, I think it will be when Brooke and Hope find out Steffy is pregnant. Man I can't wait until tomorrow.

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