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    She Was Loved.

    Friday, February 15 2013
    Maya comes to see Dayzee, Brooke makes plans, and Steffy and Liam talk.

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    Posted by spinaltap at Sunday, February 17 2013 02:19 PM

    Brooke is so evil. Someone needs to take her down. THis storyline with the priest is disgusting and offensive. Since when are they Catholic. No priest is going to be help trick a man into marrying a girl. Hope is just as evil as her mother Didn't they agree to give him his space but every minute she is in his office rubbing up against him her mother and brother singing her praises Please end this story line. Get rid of Hope. Show Brooke as a evil witch. Maybe an exercism would be good......

    Posted by spinaltap at Sunday, February 17 2013 02:25 PM

    One more thing...
    Does anyone else find Marcus aliitel offensive to adoptive aparents They raised him They are his parents not old rich Eric yet he took his name calls him pops etc ERic is not his blood He raised him for what a year What about his real blood father I think this is hurtful to adoptive parents. Just saying....What does anyone else think? I am new to the show so maybe I missed some of the story.

    Posted by LittleLamb24 at Sunday, February 17 2013 02:58 PM


    Posted by notodo at Sunday, February 17 2013 04:31 PM

    Welcome to the rollercoaster Spinaltap (ouch to your screen name…)

    You haven’t missed anything relating to Marcus’s s/l. Yes, he came into his biological ‘s mother’s life (Donna) as an adult while she was married to Eric. I do find it odd that he changed his name Forrester (though prompted by Eric) after only knowing Eric briefly as opposed to his adoptive parents he’s known all his life. However, Eric did love Donna and he wanted to give her the family she desired with her new found son (adult or not)!

    Posted by notodo at Sunday, February 17 2013 04:32 PM


    Pardon typos

    Posted by soapsalive at Sunday, February 17 2013 04:36 PM

    BHOLD, I'm LOLing at all of your responses. Keep telling the truth lady. FREE STEFFY!

    Posted by soapsalive at Sunday, February 17 2013 04:43 PM

    I think that Hope just likes to play wedding dress up. That's why we're being treated to wedding #5. Oh, the joy! There's always an excuse with Hope as to why a wedding never takes place. This time it's "we were robbed", "we were lied to", "we were manipulated"! EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES! So, what will it be this time? She finds out about Liam tearing up the annulment papers? She's upset over Steffy's pregnancy? This child needs to go! She's annoying and adds nothing to the soap.

    Posted by soapsalive at Sunday, February 17 2013 04:48 PM

    BHOLD, Taylor never planned a surprise wedding for Steffy. That's only believable in "Hope's World".

    Posted by notodo at Sunday, February 17 2013 04:49 PM


    In all fairness, Hope isn't planning this wedding. She's in oblivion! Hope instructed her mother to stay out of it, but Brooke isn't listening!

    Brooke may be a romantic but not a realist at this point. Brooke is going to wish that she slowed her roll once everything or should I say everyone (baby) is disclosed!

    Posted by Forresterlover at Sunday, February 17 2013 04:50 PM

    I don't think this is about Steffy beating the Logans. I think it has to do with a innocent child that's she bringing into this world and she has to look out for. Hope forgot about Liam but looked for a reason to get him back because just as before she overreacted. She learned of the lies and immediately ran to Liam to say: See give me another chance because I was lied to. If she believed Liam and have faith in him she would have signed the marriage papers. Steffy moved on after Italy even when Liam promised to move on with her. She respected their relationship. Liam kept seeking Steffy out.

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