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    It's Moving Day.

    Friday, February 01 2013
    Steffy learns of Thomas' promotion, Hope talks to Rick about Liam, and Brooke pressures Liam.

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    Posted by Jwow at Friday, February 01 2013 11:47 PM

    LadyHawke - great posts!
    You know I love Taylor but I think Taylor did sleep with Thorne before she almost married him. When Allie was little, and she ripped up Taylor's wedding gown. I did like Thorne and Taylor together more than Taylor and Ridge. Taylor never slept with Eric.
    Taylor is still 100 times the woman Brooke is. Graceful, classy, beautiful, elegant.

    Posted by Jwow at Friday, February 01 2013 11:49 PM

    Taylor is the woman of substance Pam was talking about Eric needing. Pam thought she was talking about herself, but all those qualities she mentioned, Taylor has. Eric wants Taylor to plant those beautiful, voluptuous lips on him some more, as he goes to her house this week seeking "alone time."

    Posted by Jwow at Friday, February 01 2013 11:53 PM


    next week: Hope and Steffy have an argument in Steffy's office. (Which means Hope goes looking FOR HER.) Hope pushes Steffy into her desk. I hope she doesn't miscarry. Hope is becoming really violent when she is angry. Graffiti, golf club, assault. What's next?

    Posted by da_kid at Saturday, February 02 2013 04:07 AM

    It is such a shame what the writers have done to Liam since he first arrived on the scene. Just a few weeks ago he was living with Steffy, sexing her up every minute, because that's how she keeps a man interested, talking about one day having babies, and today he is looking at kites, remembering his wedding with Hope, and now he wants to ask her to move out to give him space. I don't even like Stefy but I feel sorry for her. I also feel sorry for Hope because Liam is going to make this grand gesture of asking Stefy for space, Hope is going to feel that he has chosen her, and then Taylor will break the news to Liam about the baby, because we know she can't wait to drop that bombshell. This story is so convoluted it makes your head spin.

    I didn't know what Brooke had in mind. We all thought she was either going to move Stefy's things out or move Hope's things in. But her idea of the kites seems to have worked.

    Posted by da_kid at Saturday, February 02 2013 04:35 AM

    I finally figured out how to enjoy this board despite all of the hateful posts. Just wait until there are at least 10 pages of posts, then begin reading at page 11. The REGULARS, and we all know who they are, are always waiting with bated breath to be the first to get their hate on, so the first 10 pages are usuually their posts one after another, post after post of hateful remarks and name calling of Hope and Brooke. By page 11 SOMETIMES they have gotten it all out of their system, and then yu can begin reading what the other posters have to say about the show. Just look at the first 10 pages. It is just post after post of hate from the same few, so just skip those pages, and I guarantee yur pressure will stay down. Try it.

    Posted by kenken1 at Saturday, February 02 2013 05:20 AM

    This is why I stopped watching bb. They really should change the name to IT'S ALL ABOUT US THE LOGANS.Writer's yall have killed half of your viewers long time viewer. This bull crap with Steffy, stupid, and Dummy as run its coarse. Steffy bow out he ain't worth it. Have some pride take your baby and have a wonderful will b better off. OMG THIS CHIT SUCKS ALL THESE STUPID ARSE MITCHS..

    Posted by kenken1 at Saturday, February 02 2013 05:50 AM


    Posted by hotdenise at Saturday, February 02 2013 05:54 AM

    Liam is not the type of man that i though he was how could he do steffy like that
    why would you do that forget hope she still has a whole lot of growing up to do and i don't think she deserves you but take her you don't even deserve Steffy in your life she is too beautiful but if you decide to be with Hope there is really no point to have you two on the show as much because the love story with yall is bs and don't deserve to be told

    Posted by Nuckin Futs at Saturday, February 02 2013 06:02 AM

    If I were Steffy when she came home to tell Liam she was pregnant and he was ALREADY in bed with HOpe Logan, I would've walked in and threw the test at him. I personally woulda kicked the crap out of both of them. Steffy deserves so much better. Who slips someone else's engagement ring on some other womans finger while it's still warm from the ex? Ugh these soaps irritate me. I think Steffy needs to move on and leave the KIDS (HOpe and Liam) together. They're both immature, unrealistic people and are perfect for one another.

    Posted by chuckiewhuckie at Saturday, February 02 2013 06:53 AM

    Steffy is all up in Hope's face. Next week. I hope i done this right.

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