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    One Lucky Man.

    Thursday, January 31 2013
    Marcus' brother hits town, Steffy heads home, and Taylor bickers with Brooke.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, January 31 2013 03:42 PM

    I agree with that.

    Posted by lovebarbados at Thursday, January 31 2013 03:44 PM

    Posted by SoapDork at Thursday, January 31 2013 11:57 AM

    I think what I dislike about Taylor right now is her "do as I say not as I do" attitude. She preaches and preaches about how her family is wronged and has been back burner and deserves better etc. and how wrong Brooke has been all these years and then she turns around and plays a new widow (who happens to be her childrens grandfather) in order to manipulate things for her kids

    exactly.... great post

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, January 31 2013 03:51 PM


    Anyone coming to Louisiana (N.O.) for the Superbowl? French Quarter will be packed more than the usual! New Orleans and the surrounding cities have few, if any, Hotel vacancies remaining!

    And there are Mardi Gras parades going on as well.....

    BTW, Beyonce' says no lip syncing during the Super Bowl half time show (per news broadcast)

    Posted by lovebarbados at Thursday, January 31 2013 03:54 PM

    you what what is really funny

    in an interview a few yers ago Hunter Tylo (Taylor) said that she and KKL (Brooke) enjoy their characters as well as each others' and that during rehearsals and taping they laugh and joke around about the "catty' lines they have to say to each other.

    so my question is (in the voice of the joker on the dark knight)way so serious

    Posted by da_kid at Thursday, January 31 2013 04:02 PM

    Brooke needs to stay out of Hope's business just like Taylor needs to stay out of Stefy's. If everyone would leave those 3 alone, maybe this nauseating triangle will finally come to an end.

    Taylor wasn't whining today. She got what she wanted for her idiot son, she let Eric know she's available, and her pregnant daughter is coming home to break Brooke's daughter's heart. She was really having a banner day. That will end soon if the spoilers are true. Liam is going to ask Steffy for some space and some time. Not a good sign for a pregnant girl.

    Posted by CajunSpices1 at Thursday, January 31 2013 04:02 PM

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, January 31 2013 03:23 PM

    One can tell a lot about an individual’s character by what that person says or does in the absence of significant others (e.g. friends, spouses, fiancées, boy/girl friends etc). In Liam’s case, his fiancée and girlfriend!

    I don’t need to rehash Liam’s behavior in the absence of Hope or Steffy because we all watch the same show though we may have different interpretations.

    I’m disappointed in all four women right now! I was proud of Hope when she told Liam about himself on a few occasions. But now, it’s like she rescinds all valid remarks about the airhead, regardless! Steffy holds her feelings in and puts this fake smile on her face as if nothing happens……never reprimands the guy. TayTay and Brooke debates on whom should have Liam as if his heads (both heads) are made of platinum!

    Liam can’t choose because he’s not ready to be in an exclusive, committed relationship. These ladies erroneously and stooopidly (spell on purpose) assume that this is what Liam wants when the handwriting is legible on the wall! Now, if Liam comes clean and admit this to these women, I will cut him some slack. I surely hope this “new woman” on the plane pursues Liam and succeeds. Maybe it will dilate these ladies pupils because they have been constricted far too lonnnnnnnnnnng!

    Throwing my upper extremities in the air!


    Hoola's my homie

    I agree with alot of what you have posted. I still can't stand a single thing about steffi. and i do hate how writers are once again ruining hope's character...liked it when she was telling liam about himself and standing up to what she believed in. she could have still have fought for liam in a way without comprising herself…leaving Steffi the one to play her lowdown dirty schemes, lies, etc. taylor is hopeless as wellas brooke. Lol……

    (stay warn and smiles, winks, and bear hugs to you)

    Bearhugs to my peeps out there…s

    (smiles n winks)

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, January 31 2013 04:04 PM


    Hello homie and friend! How the heck are you? It's been awhile since we've been on the same time

    Posted by da_kid at Thursday, January 31 2013 04:06 PM

    Did anyone hear Taylor ask Steffy how the baby is? Maybe I missed that. To her, that baby is just a way to finally win against a Logan. It doesn't mater how this pregnancy will affect her daughter. Her head is going to explode if Stefy decides to not tell Liam. She was practically pushing her out of the door to go and tell Liam. She can't wait to be able to go to Hope and say "sorry Hope, but Liam belongs to my daughter." What a sick, disturbed mother she is.

    Posted by CajunSpices1 at Thursday, January 31 2013 04:07 PM

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, January 31 2013 03:27 PM

    Wow....I see several newcomers

    Welcome to the jungle everyone!


    hey homie

    I'm with ya welcoming all the newcomers.


    Posted by notodo at Thursday, January 31 2013 04:07 PM


    I agree...these older adults should stay out of the younger adults affairs!

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